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  1. It has been a slow campaign. What is a hamster to do?
  2. I was really impressed with yalls AoE spec, but lets be honest that keep is broken. Its completely unapproachable. Turtling < Taking the field And thanks for joining us Damebix all are welcome here!
  3. Silence is violence, at least we show that we care. Hi Jah, you guys had us freaking out when you showed up.
  4. Nobody's business but the turks... Props to Bzra for chiming, you have always had more back bone than most. Would love to hear some W perspectives, like why they kept deploying in a crescent moon shape.
  5. God that monster keep is a nightmare. Its like sieging Constantinople.
  6. Your frost gaurd is tanky as hell. I barely dented you in the keep. GF
  7. This is going to be a really hard battle to top. I may put it on the recruitment forums.
  8. Druid looks like a lot of fun in a stack fight. Those aoes are boss.
  9. Really good job running in and out Blazzen. Those Neck breakers are really mean. Hard for a stack to stand still with you in there dropping on cool down.
  10. Great job Nerion. Healers really carried the day for us. Long fights like that are all about staying with the healer. Great to see everyone's perspective on this battle. Such an epic win, we put HaX and W through the meat grinder.
  11. The performance was outstanding. Never even thought about the server.
  12. Outstanding job pushing the front line Ghandi. Surely you are on the fast track to be knighted with an effort like that. Good to see you blending your healer instincts with ur flat punchable face. Great job buddy.
  13. What a party it was. Thanks to all who showed, sorry you had to leave so early. Some of us had work in the morning. My intuition told me it was going to be a big fight. I expected W to show in force, a large army difficult to deal with. As we engage them, they gave ground. Fire, and steel pushing them from our keep. Then the alarm sounded, Hax had breached the walls on the opposite side. Big props to all of my allies. You pulled weight last night. A glorious victory for Myrkul.
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