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  1. Keen guard list a 1000 barrier for both 4 and 5 pips spent. Not scaling to 1400.
  2. I rarely post on the forums. I do not always report bugs, and I haven't showed up to an event in over a year. I am prolly not an ideal tester, I really just want to run around and play whack a mole until I get run off the map. That being said, I like this game, and I want it to succeed. If you ask me, you have a board and pieces atm, two very important parts of a game, but not a game itself. Combat can't carry all the fun, and it's not everyone's flavor. Or quite often numbers are so skewed that pivotal combat is not even possible. At this point, less bold players log off. This is where
  3. Root Maybe his retaliate bugged
  4. Had a few Ek fights in between crashes yesterday. This one happened to be my favorite. I am sure you will be able to guess why. I hope you guys like it. Stay safe and be nice to a grocery store clerk next time you see them. See you in the zone. Scipio
  5. A great fight all around. Balance put up resolute resistance despite fighting multiple fronts. I hope every one had fun, lets do it again soon.
  6. Book is Free this week. Go Download your copy and help out a good friend, or a skilled enemy. However it slices. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QF1MFWG
  7. There is an average of 5 players online no matter where I look, Test campaign, or Gods Reach. Not much you can do in a MMO with 4-5 people in a landmass of Sq. miles. It gives me no reason to log in unless I want to just kill mobs. It is not fun and even if I wanted to play I would just be playing alone. You are locking your player base out of the game and encouraging them to look somewhere else. This is not fun, it is discouraging. It is asking me to forget about the game. P.S Signed up for several video captures only to have them cancelled after I schedule time for it.
  8. Free for 4 more days on Amazon Click your mouse twice and help support a crow! Thanks and hope you enjoy. A war torn Israel is on the verge of collapse. Beset on all sides by the allied forces of Islam, Jerusalem itself risks destruction.As the violence nears the Holy City, ancient soldiers begin to awaken. Demons of Revelations hungry for the freedom that men's downfall will provide them. A war of perverted religions has ushered in Armageddon.Trapped within the chaos, and hunted by Hell's chosen, one young refugee must stop the bloodshed. His name is Jahim Ali, and he is the
  9. Fighting hard when we have the time Another Video. the kills are not as clean as I would prefer. (Hate for yall to suffer) Other then a few spell fizzles I was pleased.
  10. One of my better ganks recently. Hope you all enjoy! Praise Myrkul… PRAISE HIM!
  11. Great fight. Was a pleasure to be apart of. Way to hang in there deathless empire. HoA was good to fight with you again
  12. I'm pretty jealous I don't know how to do this. Really cool camera angles.
  13. I said 10 v 10ish I don't feel I was misleading. I always assume both sides have stealthers I don't see. That list has 10 vets there for us and that is counting Gopher too. (who just logged in mid fight) The rest I don't know. You had 9, and how am I to know if you had a rogue or not? Hardly trying to lie.
  14. I try very hard to avoid it. Forgive me if I dont. Loosing is my fault despite any outside factors and I try to learn from it.
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