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  1. Root Maybe his retaliate bugged
  2. Had a few Ek fights in between crashes yesterday. This one happened to be my favorite. I am sure you will be able to guess why. I hope you guys like it. Stay safe and be nice to a grocery store clerk next time you see them. See you in the zone. Scipio
  3. A great fight all around. Balance put up resolute resistance despite fighting multiple fronts. I hope every one had fun, lets do it again soon.
  4. Book is Free this week. Go Download your copy and help out a good friend, or a skilled enemy. However it slices. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QF1MFWG
  5. There is an average of 5 players online no matter where I look, Test campaign, or Gods Reach. Not much you can do in a MMO with 4-5 people in a landmass of Sq. miles. It gives me no reason to log in unless I want to just kill mobs. It is not fun and even if I wanted to play I would just be playing alone. You are locking your player base out of the game and encouraging them to look somewhere else. This is not fun, it is discouraging. It is asking me to forget about the game. P.S Signed up for several video captures only to have them cancelled after I schedule time for it. This is hardly helping the issue. Especially since this is supposed to be why live is down.
  6. Free for 4 more days on Amazon Click your mouse twice and help support a crow! Thanks and hope you enjoy. A war torn Israel is on the verge of collapse. Beset on all sides by the allied forces of Islam, Jerusalem itself risks destruction.As the violence nears the Holy City, ancient soldiers begin to awaken. Demons of Revelations hungry for the freedom that men's downfall will provide them. A war of perverted religions has ushered in Armageddon.Trapped within the chaos, and hunted by Hell's chosen, one young refugee must stop the bloodshed. His name is Jahim Ali, and he is the prophet of the end of days. Humanity's last chance at redemption On Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QF1MFWG All 5 star reviews. Very proud of my effort. Hope you all enjoy. Been a long road, still a bit further to go. Would be grateful for any support I get.
  7. Fighting hard when we have the time Another Video. the kills are not as clean as I would prefer. (Hate for yall to suffer) Other then a few spell fizzles I was pleased.
  8. One of my better ganks recently. Hope you all enjoy! Praise Myrkul… PRAISE HIM!
  9. Great fight. Was a pleasure to be apart of. Way to hang in there deathless empire. HoA was good to fight with you again
  10. I'm pretty jealous I don't know how to do this. Really cool camera angles.
  11. I said 10 v 10ish I don't feel I was misleading. I always assume both sides have stealthers I don't see. That list has 10 vets there for us and that is counting Gopher too. (who just logged in mid fight) The rest I don't know. You had 9, and how am I to know if you had a rogue or not? Hardly trying to lie.
  12. I try very hard to avoid it. Forgive me if I dont. Loosing is my fault despite any outside factors and I try to learn from it.
  13. OMG so much salt. And here I was trying to start a generic gf post. So as for pugs. 5 new players add up to one good player. We have seen videos time and again of one talented player destroying a group of 5 new ones. So not much to over come tbh. I would of loved for yall to had three extra guys in intermediate for me to flatten. So spare me the tears there. As for guards, perhaps you guys would not have to constantly bring them up if u tried to kill them with range before blindly charging into a fort. Just a tip. God forbid you try to use finesse when taking a fortified location. Lastly, the only thing I really don't like about you guys is that losing is never your fault. You are victims in a world turned against you. If the fight was unwinnable because of numbers (which I very much doubt) then you should have turned the situation until you had an advantage. I do believe this is called tactics. I am not your friend, playmate, or mother so moaning to me about circumstance will only draw my contempt. Do you ever blame yourselves for mistakes? Are you like this in real life? Blaming the world for not getting your way? I AM YOUR OPPONENT. IT IS MY JOB TO MAKE SURE YOU FAIL. So when you blame me for losing I just roll my eyes in disgust. I AM NOT HERE TO HELP YOU! Take your own butt off the matt and learn. You lost because YOU CHOSE to chase a champion in plate into a defended position. You lose because your recon is often lacking and your leaders seem to have poor instinct. You lose because you walk blindly into fights instead of thinking your way through them. Stop pushing your failures onto the game and start holding yourselves accountable. *Looks for worlds smallest violin and cant find it*
  14. Even numbers as far as I could tell. Order took the burden of attack. Props to them. They got a little separated as they moved in which started them off on an awkward footing. Recovered well, but over extended into the fort and left their healers vulnerable. That ended up being the determining factor of the fight. It was much closer then the final casualties would imply. GF to all. See you in the field.
  15. scipio

    PVP Spam

    Any one who played shadowbane misses two things right now. Track and pvp spam, it was like a dinner bell telling you the server was alive. It let you spectate peoples skill like you were reading it in the newspaper. I would love to see a kill spam channel added to crowfall. The test population is often very small and it would encourage people to risk the endless wastes to look for who is fighting. Thus adding content to the server. Please make this happen. I miss seeing ten names fall on the list out of nowhere then forming up my group to go find the fight. Kudos as always to the crowfall staff. In J. Todd we trust.
  16. scipio

    Champion Heal

    Champion does trade things for its self heals. Like chaining CC and Aoe Bleeds. No chain pull or net. Heal block or coordinate CC and they are left vulnerable imho They are just easier to play then other fighters. Yes they are very strong. Are they so strong they make other choices not worth taking? I don't think so. Knight Templar and myrmidon are all still very good in gvg. I see plenty of champions go down fast. I would rather see templar made more viable then see champ nerfed.
  17. Completely unplayable solo. Great in a group or 8-10 not even useful in a 5 v5 setting Enemy players will just avoid and kite the templar. I don't know how to fix but this definitely is a commonly felt problem.
  18. Same fight Diff perspective. P.S. Panzer stole my thread!
  19. Two fights last night vs Order. A good time was had. Your potatoes for Myrkul!
  20. Hey man!   its amun raa   playing chaos with UDL  whats up

  21. Their support staff is amazing. Really hard working
  22. GDit I would be lying if I said you dont know me......
  23. Here to catch all your sweet memories.
  24. Thanks for logging in for the fight guys. Who ever was heal blocking me GJ. Did not expect it.
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