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  1. Relics, Secrets and Puzzles in Campaigns

    I think it's also worth remembering that, early on in the development cycle, the devs alluded to some plans not unlike this. There were references to the older MMO world firsts where you got permanent and unique stuff like how I am told people sometimes did in Everquest and SWG. They even made one of the original Kickstarter rewards something along those lines - a reskin for swords, if memory serves? I'm not sure if that survived into today, though. But the idea of variants of recipes or cool trophies that you have to earn by world firsts or being a BAMF or winning a particular campaign isn't really a stretch.
  2. How do i change my guild's crest?

    I did the entire process from my desktop in Google Chrome, and I spent a good five minutes looking for a guild crest UI interface that I could interact with before deciding it wasn't on that page. I want to say I missed something, but...I'm 100% sure I did not just overlook it. Maybe my ad blocker ate it? Maybe it just never loaded on my guild creation page? The world may never know. Edit: either way, I'm going to have to remake it later, so I don't really care too much. But it does seem to be a common thing.
  3. Tomes P2W Model

    @ClockworkOrange This is probably a bit too late to matter, but I think it's worthwhile to point out anyway - KrakkenSmacken didn't accuse you of supporting your argument with anecdotal evidence; that was just a bad Wikipedia link. The fallacy of misleading vividness is using a small number of dramatic examples to overstate the frequency of an unusual event. Not taking sides or trying to derail this debate - it's been insightful and interesting to read. Just wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page, even if I'm 5 days late to the party.
  4. Tomes P2W Model

  5. Tomes P2W Model

    Clear and concise. Because people are people, no amount of succinct explanations will stop *everyone* from complaining about this - some people are still claiming that the ability to buy the farmable cosmetic engrams in Destiny 2 is pay to win - but this is still an excellent summary.
  6. Purpose of the EVE skill system?

    I thought you were just being caustic, not that you actually didn't understand my point. It's so painfully simple. But since you clearly have no interest in understanding my point - source, this entire thread - I won't explain it. Just quit while you're behind.
  7. Purpose of the EVE skill system?

    I bet it would help if the person talking was also a unicorn. That's some real credibility!
  8. Purpose of the EVE skill system?

    The fact that you see a perfectly common sense quote as an example of something unintelligible says more about you than it does about me, man.
  9. What computer should I buy?

    And look at all the pretty colors. My computer does that, too, but I had to install the LED strip. <.<
  10. Here's what I think is a better suggestion for bringing in new blood: stick to their schedule and get the game running in increasingly functional iterations as quickly as they can while starting a social media campaign to begin getting the game into the public eye in earnest. What's that, you say? The front page lists the next test time as "Live 24/7" and they've added an "Influencers" section to the Community tab on their web site? Well, I guess my work is done here!
  11. Purpose of the EVE skill system?

    Fair enough. This forum DOES have some unusually complicated rules and regs that I, like many others, find very difficult to abide by.
  12. Purpose of the EVE skill system?

    Oh, no, I got you. Guess my reply came off a bit snarkier than intended.
  13. Purpose of the EVE skill system?

    I'm not Crowfall's PR manager - I don't get paid to coddle people who ask stupid questions then defend the premise of the stupid question when someone has the audacity to answer it. This is part of why I only post here every couple weeks now.
  14. Purpose of the EVE skill system?

    No, I didn't say anything of the sort. Someone else said that, and you said "yeah, these claims are all ridiculous so I'm not going to respond to them." I replied that his answer was actually not ridiculous at all, and did not elaborate on why because it wasn't relevant to my point. For the sake of clarity, though, the reason his argument is not ridiculous is that one of the primary reasons to run with a group in this game is precisely that everybody can't do everything, due in part to the game's skill system. For example, due to the limitations imposed by systems including but not limited to the skill system, it will take a group to have an effective tank, healer, scout, and both ranged and melee damage dealers, if that's a composition that appeals to you. Theoretically, you could run around with an unbalanced party - say, five tanks - or even run solo, but you would likely find yourself at a disadvantage against a stealth class if you can't detect stealth, or against a party put together with a modicum of thought for character balance and synergy. If these limitations were not in place, there would be very little stopping a character from being equally good at ranged and melee damage, healing, crowd control, stealth, and stealth detection, and if every individual character could perform each of those functions equally as well as any other character, there would be no build diversity, and while groups of players would still no doubt exist, they would lack any specific function beyond zerg rush tactics. Personally, my point was more specifically about the economic impact of removing the passive skill trees. It has nothing to do with them being passive specifically, but at this point changing them is to entirely rebuild some of the game's core architecture to solve a problem that I'm not convinced exists. There is nothing inherently wrong with passive skill training - it's all a matter of how well it is implemented, and if that's your problem, there are probably a solid dozen constructive threads on the subject that already exist without appearing as intentionally inflammatory as this one, and several that ended up far more inflammatory, though whether or not that was intentional... -shrug- You should probably start with the FAQ, though. I know that might sound like a uncool reply, but the FAQ actually has a lot of information that I know only feels like common sense to me because I've been following this game for nearly three years, and most people actually don't read those things. Last I heard, the devs were also making an effort to keep it up to date as core systems changed, though who knows how true that is right now. If you have more specific questions, people are usually more than willing to answer them, but telling people that their answers are ridiculous isn't usually a good tactic if your goal is to get more elaborate answers. Edit: I did not type the word "uncool" above. -shakes fist at censorbot- CENSORBOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Re-edit: also, for a simpler answer to your question, you should really clarify what you're asking. "Is there any reason for doing things this way other than to create a barrier to entry?" is not only an unbelievably rude question, but a stupid one. There are, obviously, a multitude of reasons that the developers decided to take the approach they decided to take, and equally obviously, intentionally creating a barrier to entry for a product they plan to sell is not any of them. "I don't agree with the position you have taken" is not the same as "why would you ever take that position unless your goal was to irritate me and people like me." That's probably part of why the responses to your query have been maybe less than helpful.
  15. Purpose of the EVE skill system?

    Wow. You make a lot of really wacky assumptions for no reason. No, obviously that is in no way what I am saying because that is ridiculous. What I am saying is that the skill trees are a way for people - regardless of their class - to specialize in different aspects of gameplay, such as combat, harvesting, or crafting. If there were no such system, you would be left with one of two outcomes. Either you would have the problem where everyone could do everything and could be totally self-sufficient, in which case there would be no incentive for people to engage with the player-driven economy this game is trying to generate, OR crafting gear wouldn't be worth the time investment and so nobody would bother, like how it is in WoW these days. Either of these outcomes results in the game bombing. Edit: also, I didn't say a word about "classes." Classes are an entirely separate part of the skill tree, and THAT part of the skill tree is analogous to leveling up. I'm also not going to claim to have intricate details about how the system will work when the game goes live, since it is currently being completely redesigned to accommodate the introduction of classes, which don't actually exist in the skill tree you're complaining about. As for how solo players are supposed to beat groups of players, which is a completely separate question that I am almost impressed that you managed to shoehorn into this conversation... Well, let me posit you a scenario. How does a single soldier defeat an opposing army? Hint: he doesn't. This isn't a solo game.