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  1. From this post, it's not clear whether you are in favor of adding or removing these changes - I don't log in because my GPU is on the fritz and I can't afford to fix or replace it right now, so I'm a bit behind on current versus old builds. But regardless, my proposal enables easy fixes whether you are suggesting adding OR removing that functionality, so while I may have misunderstood what exactly you were referring to, my argument remains valid...
  2. Alright, this may have been addressed already, but I don't feel like reading through the last three pages to check, so if this is redundant, sorry. I both agree and disagree with the highlighted points, but I think your premise is slightly flawed. The combat system needed an immediate revamp because it was still early in the development cycle and redesigning combat was a complete system overhaul - it was changing the entire style for combat from a slow, strategy-oriented root-motion combat system into the much more fluid and mobility-centric system we have today. That was a very significant change that touched every single aspect of the game design from the top down, from the feel of combat in the moment to what skills and disciplines might be able to do in the future. What we're talking about here is adding more unique and diverse skills to the game that can be acquired without the use of disciplines, and I would argue that this is actually much easier to do than a total revamp of one of the core systems. The same tech that is used to implement new disciplines, which Blair and others have described as very powerful and easy to use, allowing new disciplines to be made in a weekend once there's an idea, can also be utilized to add new skills. I don't think this is an issue of incorrect priorities - continuing on the track they're on will enable them to fix this issue very quickly and easily once they make another pass over it. That said, I DO think this is worth discussing, though not because I'm worried that the sky is falling. Discussing this now, while the devs are implementing and improving the systems that will enable them to quickly and easily fix this issue in Combat 3.0 and/or Skills 3.0 will help streamline the actual process for getting those changes hammered out. Personally, I'm convinced that it will be entirely possible to resolve this to most peoples' satisfaction because of Path of Exile's skill maze. For those who haven't played, here's a screenshot of a recent iteration of it... clicky-clicky The majority of those nodes are boring things like "+10 Strength" and such, but interspersed throughout the maze are larger nodes that do more significant things. For example, Acrobatics was a major node that gave you a 30% chance to Dodge attacks at the cost of reducing your Armor and Energy Shield by 50% and reducing your chance to Block spells and attacks by 30%. Additionally, it unlocked Phase Acrobatics, which gave you a 30% chance to Dodge spells. Normally, you couldn't Dodge spells at all. If this seems like gibberish to you, that's fine - the point is that it was a thing you had to work toward for a while to unlock that changed the fundamental way your character interacted with the game. Now, granted, Path of Exile actually gets the majority of its character customization from equipment and gem slots, and it's been fully released for a few years and has been iterating and improving all the while, but the end result is an extremely deep and diverse game ecosystem with an economy defined entirely by the players, and while a great many of the skill options are boring (but necessary to utilize particular build options, since base stats determine what skills you can use etc etc), a lot of them are really interesting, and there are a bunch of viable builds in the game. Basically, you're suggesting adding new passive nodes and/or gear pieces to Path of Exile, since we're basically discussing Crowfall's equivalents. I think that, ultimately, it is correct to focus at present on getting the core systems that will allow these systems to be changed and added to quickly and easily in future, rather than worrying about fun or balance in the immediate sense. Hopefully that made sense, because between trying to find current resources for Path of Exile and my caffeine wearing off, as well as having to fight my dying keyboard every step of the way, I don't care enough to proofread it.
  3. Crowfall viral marketing on Imgur

    Holy hell. Yes, please, more of this thing that I saw forever ago and entirely forgot about. Kinda reminds me of FreakAngels, which had a pretty similar aesthetic and a similarly rabid following.
  4. What We Want

    Based on the content of your previous posts and your general disposition, I think the only correct not to play.
  5. What We Want

  6. Nearly no Players in the campaign.

    If you're tired of waiting for the game, why don't you go make the game to pass the time until the game is made? That way you'll feel like you're doing something productive while you wait for the game you want, and who knows, maybe it will make the game development happen even faster than this comment did!
  7. Speaking of guild crests and turkeys and me, where should we be suggesting potential guild crest assets, like, say, a goose or other delicious bird that I could put on my crest? >.>
  8. ...said the kettle to the pot? If I could get a pre-emptive lock on this thread (@Pann send help), that would be amazing - this thread has served its purpose as of first post, and I don't see how leaving it open to discussion will improve anything...
  9. This is posted with the relevant timestamp just in case anyone asks in future threads. This isn't to foster discussion or start an argument, it's just a quick reference from people who don't care if you try to debate the point, to everyone else.
  10. Could we maybe never leave pre-alpha?

    Yeah, this. Also worth noting that JG doesn't upvote everything in the feedback or bug forums, and I have several posts in each of those, which probably makes up the difference for my post count. But then, my post count also isn't in the thousands... And just to be clear, the comment about underselling JG was tongue firmly in cheek. I know sarcasm doesn't translate well in text, but speaking of freebies, come on, people. xP
  11. Could we maybe never leave pre-alpha?

    The cup filled with his patience, it overflows.
  12. Could we maybe never leave pre-alpha?

    Certain people?! Dude, he probably accounts for half of all likes on this forum, let's not undersell it. And to hear him tell it, he reads every post, too, though I'm skeptical that he goes through every word of some of the essay-length ones filled with technical jargon. But damn, though.
  13. Could we maybe never leave pre-alpha?

    I mean, that does seem fair, but on the other hand, my rep is roughly as far below my post count (proportionately) as VN's. I just don't remember why I decided it was a good idea to un-ignore his posts - he's got over 6k and this sort of poorly made socks is like 5k of those. x.x Meanwhile, I've probably got 100 posts where I try to convince him that words mean things, and you'd think I would learn, but nope.
  14. Could we maybe never leave pre-alpha?

    As long as you couch it in terms of your opinion, you never have to face the fact that there is an objective reality in which you are wrong. I seriously don't know why I've wasted so much time on this - this is what you always do.
  15. Could we maybe never leave pre-alpha?

    Early Access is just a marketing buzzword for a funding model. It doesn't refer to any development stage in particular - it just means the product isn't done yet. There are Early Access games that are in pre-alpha, and some that are in full beta, but Early Access just means it's being funded before it's finished. You are using words wrong. Edit: also, if you had taken 30 seconds to make sure you didn't misuse that word, you would realize that early access DIDN'T change the definitions or the development process - it just made publicizing the sausage making more common than it was before by letting many developers choose to crowdfund instead of relying on private donors/major publishers and NDAs. The actual process is exactly the same. What about that is so difficult to understand?