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  1. Quest Figurine of Power can evidently not be completed with backer mounts.
  2. Other people have made this point for me above this post, but I'm going to summarize anyway. I hate to always hammer on with this point, but the reason for this specific issue is that pre-alpha. We're *so very close* to proper alpha now, to the point where you can see the individual pieces of what will eventually constitute the endgame grind, but you have to remember that at this point in time, you're seeing an incomplete picture. First of all, farming for anything is harder if it isn't spring. Drop rates across the board are just...lower. Second of all, major systems that
  3. Nooooooooooooo I was too busy to check in all month and missed the fancy coffee mugs! This is the saddest of days. One day I will make the Crowfall symbol out of a bunch of gold mugs that I crafted, and it will have to suffice.
  4. You mean like in the vast majority of other MMOs through all of time? Back in Shadowbane, the level cap went as high as 70+ eventually, but it was fast enough that nobody complained. Here, it seems like leveling will be even faster and to a lower cap. You could make a new toon and level cap them in a weekend back when. I don't see this as an issue.
  5. I feel like we're talking past each other with this "cap" discussion. The previous mantra, upon which my position was predicated, was that the cap wasn't reachable. Ever, by anyone. Ergo, there wouldn't ever be more than one way to reach the CAP, but there could potentially be more than one way to reach the closest possible number TO the cap. However, even if every single one of those ways to "the cap" involved a potion, that wouldn't mean there weren't multiple paths to "the cap." That would be like saying that they're removing the concept of multiple paths by requiring the use of o
  6. I want to add on to this, actually. I would posit that potions like these could in fact be the exact opposite of a crutch - they could be one of the ways by which a true master's craft is defined. Remember that the ultimate goal way back when was for the number of pips available to exceed the number of pips it was possible to fill. The way I see it, a true master crafter with all of the available skill points allocated, decked out in top end crafting gear, working at a crafting table in a keep his guild fought to control, after using potions and food that grant him yet more additiona
  7. It's an old holdover from things like MUDs, where dev intervention was a major form of storytelling. But one misconception I picked up from your reply is that it involves dev time. It really doesn't use any - it's literally just a developer sock-puppeting an NPC body with dev commands. All the dev work for those NPCs has been done already - they're just controlling it manually instead of running the AI, and giving it superpowers with a few typed lines in the dev console. So..think of it more as a roleplay experience, used to drive the plot, and not as a dev time sink or a way to influence
  8. Ha. I actually didn't know it was quite so hectic at the launch of SWG; my experience with their marketplace is all secondhand, and after things had chilled out a bit, apparently. But even still, if the market behaves anything like that at launch, it'd probably be considered a resounding success, so stressful or not, fingers crossed? xD
  9. A lot of the discussion in this thread is why I try to focus so heavily on explaining to people what pre-alpha means. A LOT of the issues people are talking about aren't issues with the game - they are issues with the existence of time. There is a reason why things like starter zones aren't in the game in pre-alpha test stages - they are useless in pre-alpha test stages. To be clear, pre-alpha is the period in game development where basic features of the game have not yet been built, let alone added to the game. If the developers wasted time making a new tutorial zone every
  10. Mm..not the takeaway for me. Food should be a factor of the overarching strategy of the game, sure, but in my book, the major determining factor in who wins in pvp - even in a protracted 6v6 fight - shouldn't be the chicken ticker. [Edit: I read more of the posts on the second page after posting this, and like a lot of the ideas. ^^-b] Maybe the answer is reducing the impact of starvation? If the drawback isn't one that is going to single-handedly lose you a fight, then it won't be as severe of an issue in combat, but if it serves to make it more difficult for you to persist in other
  11. I wasn't referring to myself when I pointed out your animosity toward vets. I came in here being a bit of a hooligan because of what I read from you earlier in the thread. Your disrespect and unwillingness to have reasonable discussions was the basis I started from, so I didn't expect any different. But...this also does sort of drive the point home, no? Edit: just to reiterate, I agree with some of what you've said and disagree with some of what you've said, but I disagree with how you've said all of it, and how blatantly unwilling you are to accept anyone who disagrees with any part
  12. I mean, the way I test is by logging in 2-3 times a month to see what's different, because I don't like testing. I've done it for a paycheck, I've done it for free, and ...I don't do it for fun in either case, 'cause I don't..find it...fun. At the end of the day, feedback like yours is good, and more of it is more good, so I don't mean to seem like I'm poorly made socksting on your opinion - I am not. Just saying that pre-alpha often benefits from a shift in mentality that, anywhere else, might be considered detrimental to the gameplay experience. But it isn't my opinion that pre-alpha te
  13. ..and I'm the one not open to productive discussion. Fair enough.
  14. Yes, and as other people have pointed out, the valid parts of your commentary have already got many many many many MANY active threads filled with productive discussion on how to further the game in the future. Why not go read some of those and educate yourself instead of arguing with someone you don't think is open to productive discussion? Edit: also, no, forums are not for bitching. The fact that people go to them to gripe notwithstanding. This isn't your dumpster when you're having a bad day, and if you try to treat it as such, expect some vitriol to come flying back out, because
  15. Trying to sell someone on a game in pre-alpha based on available gameplay features in pre-alpha is like trying to sell someone a table based on a single table leg. Obviously that leg will not have all the features and functionality of a finished table, because it is not a finished table. Stop treating it like it should work as well as a finished table and suddenly, your expectations are being met.
  16. Not set on KEEPING it boring. Set on FINISHING THE BORING STUFF QUICKLY. Pre-alpha is ALWAYS BORING. Pre-alpha testing also does not resemble the finished game. What part of that is unclear?
  17. Some of the changes you suggested are just switching variables around. Some of them are much more significant time investments for the developers. All of them seem to be centered around the idea of making the game more fun, which again, is not the focus of pre-alpha testing. This isn't the game yet; the goal isn't fun yet; the advertising push starts when core functionality is online; etc etc etc. That's what pre-alpha is. It isn't for everybody.
  18. In point of fact, I don't even disagree with the premise of the thread. But at every interval, from the first post onward, you've been extremely combative and unwilling to entertain the thought that A: this is working as intended and B: it will not work this way when the game actually launches. Pre-alpha testing is not supposed to be fun. If you aren't having fun, that is neither a bug nor a feature - it's just..what pre-alpha testing looks like.
  19. You don't get brownie points for making suggestions if you insult every forum veteran who tries to talk to you about your suggestions. Edit: at least, not with me. For all that my opinion matters.
  20. And again, expecting this sort of change to be made during pre-alpha game testing implies a fundamental lack of understanding about what pre-alpha game testing looks like and is for. The issue isn't your word choice, but the premise upon which your suggestions are predicated.
  21. That said, having now read most of the rest of this thread, it sounds like you've already got the "work with other people" thing down, so maybe [half an hour later] ...I had a suggestion for possible fixes to the crafting system, but my housemates got home a day early and now I forgot. Oh well. I'll edit this if I remember what I was typing. Edit: ooh! maybe a thing! So..a thought or two, combining bits and pieces of other peoples' ideas. Moving all the crafting timers to the final combine seems good, even though it kind of destroys the idea of a crafter who specializes in
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