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  1. What makes this a "Dodge" tank? or is that part of the Paladin class only? I would like to see some some of activated dodge that renders invuln for 2 sec..
  2. You make groups 5 but allow raids of multiple parties. Make buffs only party wide and that would solve the worries of too much support.
  3. Yeah, I want it to be like a shout Guardian too lol. I hope the dodge is a real doge that can be activated. I also hope the Templar has party wide auras/buffs. A dodge like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_G8J25cffw
  4. Arkhon

    Paladin Class

    I think: The Knight - (tank promo) will be the CC Tank adding more CC to the class The Templar - Paladin will be Support Tank (auras/buffs/protection) The Myrmidon - (Tank Promo) will be a damage tank like the DoK in Warhammer. He will do this will strong single target spike dmg and debuffs like sunder armor Each will be useful in their own way
  5. I saw some folks had some confusion on the squads and figured i would throw my PoV on it from talking to EDM. The squad system works through solidifying a team and making them look inward to improve their group synergy and effectiveness at what their purpose is. I have always seen friendly competition amongst the team is always a good motivator; to think that these squads will not collapse into a central concentration of force at times and follow a MAs(Main Assist(s)) vocally guided direction would break UoC(Unity of Command) which is a central military doctrine and is the point of Officers ranks etc and these individuals will quickly identify they are MA during this engagement and coordinate the squads effectively on the fly. The adaptability to fan out and then collapse into an effective force will be an effective way for skilled players to enjoy RvR. Every significant PvP guild does this to at least some degree. I am not going to break it down in detail because I see many groups that don't understand the systems and I don't wish to educate them lol, and i am sure others who don't do open recruitment reading the forums going no shiz this is how it's done, you know who you are. /edit dat gramma
  6. I have never played a successful PvP game with Keeps as instances/lock out timers. The pvpers always quit because of it.
  7. Guild criteria: Region: US, East Coast Atmosphere: Hardcore but laughs it's a game after all Casual/Hardcore?: I am into running the best comps with the best builds. I enjoy the theorycrafting and being the best Size: I usually like guilds that run around 15-20 with of course off hours epic 5-8 man group roaming to see what we can do. Play-Style: I am usually a tank/controller and usually am the main or secondary assist. I often have many alts and have played DPS/healer/support depending on what the comp was for the night. Commitment: If i am in game I am devoting my time. I don't do anything with one foot in and one foot out Miscellaneous: I like to talk ha, never during fights of course(unless calling CC/targets etc etc) but i am social. I have played with most of the best guilds in online gaming so I have high expectations but at the same time making friends is what keeps me and others logging on. Experience: Warhammer Online: created a successful scenario team with some friends from a DAoC guild Retribution also did small man zerg busting between ques GW2: My alliance won the #1 spot for over a year and a half. Joined/played with many guilds as people came and went from that game I can drive, theorycraft, handle target calls, be an officer etc etc. What i enjoy doing is theorycrafting. I am usually very good at discovering devastating strategies. I also very strongly prefer a fight guild over a guild that only defends keeps. I like to be the guys roaming around the map just to hit and kill bigger groups. Voice-Chat services: Prefer TS(Team Speak) understand whisper lists and all that
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