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  1. I mean most players come back when a new season starts and after a while playerbase drops down, you can see how many people come back early august for new season.
  2. Maybe a group finder would be nice like in wow (instead of lfg chat spam) so that solos and small teams can group up better...
  3. I call this bs honestly. Its a numbers game at the end and this is fine, but when your zone only can hold 200 players u need caps. That wouldnt be needed if zones had no player cap. And these shadowbane arguments are insane, that game literally died after a while so i dont see why cf should follow in making same mistakes again...
  4. Yeah, it is just dumb that this can happen, it has nothing to do with skill.
  5. In LO clan cap worked to a degree of course, splitting a guild into alliance is still possible but it makes it harder to organize at least.
  6. Maybe a guild cap should be considerd to make zone capping and zerging harder. Sister guilds could still happen but it would counter big zerging a bit at least....
  7. you can boost to lvl 25, but i think tutorial signs will stay there
  8. hover of your profil on startingsite of webpage --> orderhistory --> Rewards
  9. Kreigon

    Nerf Warden

    the issue are trap creatons by multiple sources (talents, skills etc.) which leads to massive trap spam + adding multiple dmg types to a single trap via deciplines
  10. Kreigon

    Nerf Warden

    this trap spamm is so annoying. Traps placed should be limited it is insanity that this got in this release build
  11. <QUESTION> Will you add VOIP (area voicechat) into the game? A lot of sandbox pvp games already have this feature implemented, it adds a lot of social depth to those games!
  12. i think the game does not offer enough interesting content for pve & pvp to be sustainable. The world map feels dead and boring, maybe there should be some random events on the map to incentivise travelling more.
  13. crowfail is DOA anyway, lost my faith in it years ago
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