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  1. in my opinion, NO, the starting area is the save harbour already, no reason to have a permanent free city, maybe temporarly but not permanent
  2. 3 factions never worked mid-longterm in games, we need more factions i think at least 7+ to get a better balance.
  3. hi, i will give you my personal opinion about the current state of the game: I bought the game (50euro) back in 2015/2016 because i liked the idea/vision of crowfall with the campaignsystem. I see my money still as an investment in a gameidea and was aware that the game needs a lot of time to get done back than. Am i enjoying the game right now?, the answer is NO, do i playtest the game frequently now? the answer is NO. Do i recomment the game to my friends in its current state now? the answer is NO. BUT i still think crowfall can be a good game but it is simply not ready yet (not even close i would say), it will need still a lot of time and effort to get the game where it needs to be for a launch and to be labled as a good game which is functional and playable. If you want to buy in, buy in for the vision and not for the current state of the game, because it is not good game to play at the moment in my opinion. When you are willing to test and give feedback to the devs go ahead, but if you want a good game to play and enjoy right now, i would wait at least 6-12 months because it needs a lot of work and i personally dont enjoy it as a game right now (to many things arent working, so i will wait on the sideline until the work is done, before i get burned out on the game because of endless testing seesions pre release). My release prediction: somewhere in 2020 for a good quality launch because of major and minor issues and content lack, and based on development progress from the past and we are already close to march and we arent even in alpha state (patch 6.0), so time is fliyng already. Just my 2 cents, have a nice day !
  4. +1 This is absolutely needed @jtoddcoleman
  5. ingame voicechat is a nice idea, some survivale games have it and it is a good thing in my opinion. I played Atlas recently, that game is a poorly made socks and i stopped playing it after testing it out but i have to admit that the ingame voicechat there was a nice thing and added much to the game. I think a ingame vc would be a good addition for openworld experience in Crowfall.
  6. Feedback: Ninja-claming of forts & castles at the beginning of a campaign is way to easy and doable by a soloplayer. Guards should be hostile towards all factions on campaign start NPC monsters with weird behavior Fog of war is missing Can't see where my group members are when they aren't on the same mapinstance (no indicator at clustermap) NPC guards seem to have a 100% hit accuracy, maybe they should miss more shots or dodging their shots should be easier (currently only stepping out of line of sight works) Bugs: Flying mushrooms & plants
  7. Kreigon

    Atlas MMORPG

    Looks interesting https://store.steampowered.com/app/834910/ATLAS/
  8. I mean there is still permanent passive skilltraining. The active skill training is only temporary for a vessel so i think it is not an issue. MMORPGs always have some form of grind so i dont understand your criticism why it is bad for the game. Maybe it is bad for you because it doesn't fit in your gaming schedule because of limited time, but than you have to ask yourself is an mmorpg the right game genre for your limited game time, maybe something more shortterm is better for you. No offense but you can't expect to be good in an mmorpg with very few time invested. I as a mid-hardcore player (i as a student have still very much time for gaming if i want to do it) would be very disgruntled if people get to be very advanced in the game by putting a lot less time in the game but getting easy catch up mechanics and free stuff thrown at them ( I think i would quit cf than). In the end cf is campaign based so maybe there is some time (holidays etc.) where you can play a lot and use the active system, and than there is a periode where you suffer from that because you only can play for 30 mins a day. I think the talent game is a good addition to the current game and gives a good feel of progression and if you can't benefit from this system you should try to group up form a team and get support or maybe turn down your own expectations a bit and maybe look for a different game. But i am not a fan to simplify the game for people with less time because this people than should have a disadvantage in gameknowledge/personalskillwise and actual ingame progression because of less time doing something usefull ingame. #nooffense
  9. I would suggest that you highlight the armor and weapon for each class in the character creation too, so that we are able to see how it will look like ingame. Most mmos have this function.
  10. shroud of the avatar seems to be very dead....
  11. i would like to see a barter option for vendors also. I want to trade items for other items via my vendor instead of items for goldcoins
  12. My suggestion is that outposts should be upgradeable POIs, where factions can invest materials to make them bigger and better. That would make them more valuable and drive more activity there. It is a common system in strategy games, like in wc3.
  13. Outposts should become upgradeable POIs, where factions can invest materials to make them bigger and better. That would make them more valuble and drive more activity there.
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