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  1. yeah it is frustrating, but it is pre-alpha and i see both servers live and test as "test servers". I am waiting for alpha 6.0. to start so i can return to the game, i spend enough time testing the game so far and i am not interested in doing it any longer, so i will wait. TLDR: i think reverting at this development stage is kind of pointless honestly. Just quit the game for some months and come back later when it is done ( that is what i am doing)
  2. Ich hab auch länger nicht mehr getestet, kann also zum Crafting nichts sagen. Am besten fragst du mal hier: https://discord.gg/bSKacw das ist ein deutscher CF discord mit einigen erfahrenen Craftern, die können dir bestimmt helfen
  3. Ich denke, dass ein klassisches instanziertes Level (wie in vielen RPGs und MMORPGS üblich) indem alle Grundfunktionen mal angerissen werden das beste ist. Besonderer Fokus sollte auf folgenden Aspekten liegen: 1. Bewegungs- und Kampfsteuerung 2. Charaktermanagment, Erklärung von aktiven und passiven Skilltree, Ausrüstung von Items und Fähigkeiten 3. Openworld Ziele EDIT: Evtl. wäre ein Tutorial NPC ganz hilfreich der einem am Anfang im Tutorial begleitet und später im Tempel rumsteht und den man später nochmal ansprechen kann für Tipps und Co.
  4. Some other important POIs besides keeps could lead to some PvPer vs PvPer fights, f.e. worldbosses or quarries/sawmill/mines. Current state is very meh...
  5. Maybe they should try a tracking ability like in apex legends :
  6. Honestly, i think this warstory event is happening way to early (it is a nice idea). The game is still in pre-Alpha and there is not much to do or players online to create interesting warstories in my opinion. I think we get more warstories when the game is released, now it is just the same people lurking around etc.
  7. Kreigon


    Mordhau is releasing tomorrow (4/29/2019), looks very nice and interesting for medieval fans. https://store.steampowered.com/app/629760/MORDHAU/
  8. The AI has to be much smarter and is not worth the price currently. It should behave more like a player and be a real threat instead of a dummy, the current AI-Guards dont even move much, they should more act like the AI in Mount&Blade or Tiger Knight, in this games the AI is much more believable and adds immersion to the game. The Devs maybe should get some inspirations of these AI Soldiers. (I especially like the archer movement and behavior at 0:07 here)
  9. Performence isnt good enough in bigger fights for me to consider it "playable" atm. I will return and reevaluate in 5.9.
  10. -1, because it will be abused 100%, more cons than pros in my opinion
  11. Kreigon

    Zone Caps

    yes, we need zonecaps for each faction to prevent zonelocking.
  12. Kreigon


    on 3. i disagreee heavily minimaps are bad for any kind of rpg/mmorpg because in the end you just blindly foolow the minimap because it is most effectiv instead of watching the actual world, i prefer more the current compass solution
  13. Kreigon


    Interesting Hardcore-RPG with coop mode: https://store.steampowered.com/app/794260/Outward/
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