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  1. crowfail is DOA anyway, lost my faith in it years ago
  2. it doesn't has anything to do with critical thinking or lazyiness. You can't really compare UI and playerinteraction form 20 years ago to now. Additionally most old games had a simple UI design which was not distracting it just worked. In crowfall sometimes it feels you are battling vs. the UI, in some cases the UI doesn't make much sense to even be there, like the score display at the top of the screen, because it is just an aspect of the battlecards in general now, it doesn't determin a win.
  3. maybe they should scrap the passive skill system in general.(it isnt even explained at the beginning of the tutorial) I don't think it adds anything interesting to the game.
  4. i mean the game shots itself in the foot by making communication and grouping unnecessary hard, because they don't provide friendlists or guildlists ingame. So you have to turn to the homepage or 3rd party programms for communication/grouping, which is really really offputting. why do a beta without friendlist and guildlist feature?? I just do not understand the thoughts behind those decisions......
  5. Most people quit before endgame, because it is not fun. Besides that endgame (big fights, sieges etc.) are busted because of bad FPS.
  6. I prefer low ping for pvp, will wait for a eu campaign
  7. really? We are on day 2 of Beta and established zerg guilds are already griefing new players....
  8. You should open a EU campaign, can't do PvP with 100+ms on NA
  9. no friendlist, this should be a key feature for a beta
  10. plz turn the map so north is at the top. This twisted view is very weird
  11. It could be that i am overly critical here, lets see how the responds of new players is ...
  12. agree. Not that impressed from what i have seen so far tbh
  13. How the list of priorities should be now; 1. fix fps in fights 2. fix fps in fights 3. fix fps in fights After being 1 year absent from CF, its performence is still breathtaking 😕 This game is DOA if performence does not increase significantly. (not sure if this "performence increase" at the end of development will happen here) Will come back in 1 year but i think this is doomed...
  14. i agree, the PvP and PvE aspects (excluding crafting) is way below avarage compared to the current gamingmarket. I mean organic world-PvP is never happening to me and i don't want to roam around the world for hours looking around for fights to get rofl-stomped by a group of 5+ players. About the boring openworld-design, i don't need to talk because it speaks for itself and the AI and moveset of NPC-monsters are just very bad and never challenging. If i want good PvP without waiting time i play Mordhau, if i want good PvE i play Monster Hunter World.
  15. Kreigon


    yes. The combat is very good and i had a lot of fun so far. Totally worth 30 euro !!!
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