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  1. On 6/15/2019 at 3:49 AM, Nightmarian said:

    I've been lurking for a while ever since quite a few versions ago and the realization that Crowfall would probably never be "the game". As each current crowd-funded MMORPG continues to stray further from their original promises/visions/goals, I don't imagine the MMORPG scene will be looking all that great in 5 years (the lion's share of upcoming MMORPGs that aren't instead curated smaller hybrids like looter shooters/mobas/royales are crowd-funded).

    When they first added the leveling camp hogwash, I complained, and loudly, because I'm not interested in playing a PvP game for joy of instead getting incredibly uninspired PvE just to earn the "right" to PvP. Before that, I complained about how annoying it was to have to depend on crafters or crafting to pretty much do anything (though I understand it was a symptom of the testing environment, I noted this should never exist as a possibility, old craft or die games be damned), and was ridiculed for that (a dev even poked at me). They're ironically addressing that very issue now with randamo loot, which is a good sign, I guess, but I'm not sure about how they're going about it...

    Anyway, what will it take to bring me back? We can start with a game that's actually fun to play... I want to PvP. I don't want to play ghetto Minecraft for 10 hours and then go suck a crafter's schlong for gear just to lose it after one hour of fun. The more steps between me logging in and PvPing, the less likely I am to play. Right now it's pretty bad. The grind may not be the worst I've encountered (I've played EQ and FFXI for years), but it's just as terrible in terms of quality. It's not fun. You have to "take it in rear" to be able to do what you want eventually, which is toxic MMORPG design we should be trying to fix and not encourage.

    I get the problem of nuances and complexity, i.e. economy, meaningful crafting, ect, and know it's not going to be easy to fix, but eh it's simple enough for me. If I have to grind extensively/constantly or spend a lot of time before I actually get to PvP, then I just won't play the game and neither will tons of PvP fans probably. PvErs won't have much reason to fill in the gap because frankly the game's PvE is god awful in every way and pales against pretty much any other game.

    So my friends and I are in the same boat as the OP's friends. We have a ton of terrific games coming out this year and next, and some new COOP games to try and a few upcoming PvP forays, so I've little reason to waste my time on a game that claims to be a PvP game but is dressing itself more and more like a PvE game with side PvP content, even if that PvP content, when it works and is actually present, is much better than most.

    I've pretty much given up on MMORPGs though so my hopefulness here is pretty wistful, and doubt that either Crowfall or Camelot are going to be the ones to offer us a good alternative to symmetrical sports-like PvP games (team/hero shooters, MOBAs). Might just need battle royales to merge with a better take on Mordhau or something, I don't know.

    i agree, the PvP and PvE aspects (excluding crafting) is way below avarage compared to the current gamingmarket. I mean organic world-PvP is never happening to me and i don't want to roam around the world for hours looking around for fights to get rofl-stomped by a group of 5+ players. About the boring openworld-design, i don't need to talk because it speaks for itself and the AI and moveset of NPC-monsters are just very bad and never challenging. If i want good PvP without waiting time i play Mordhau, if i want good PvE i play Monster Hunter World.

  2. On 5/19/2019 at 7:16 PM, NorseLegend said:

    Wow,this game looks intense. Can you confirm if this is actually what the gameplay is like?

    yes. The combat is very good and i had a lot of fun so far. Totally worth 30 euro !!!

  3. pop was higher 6 months ago or so. But it never had 100 players avarage on a server, so yeah on steam such a game would be considerd "dead" but it is still a pre-alpha testbuild, even the live version. Honstly i dont have any idea when people will playtest this game more, maybe at the 6.0 Alpha start but until than i doubt that the pop will rise signifcantly. Low pop is not ideal for a pvp game. I personally think crowfall is boring and unfun atm, a lot of things have to get better til i consider to play it.

  4. On 6/7/2019 at 8:26 PM, Sasuke8253 said:

    Hello, I was wondering what you guys think of this game before I consider buying. I was hoping with more of a PvP review but feel free to comment on PvE aspects as well. Thank you!

    It is not a finished game yet, if u want to support the vision buy it. If u  want a finished pvp game u should wait and try other games until this one is ready to go.

  5. I think more PvE content wouldn't hurt the game because the current gameworld feels very boring/unimmersive besides of PVP (which is rarely happening atm)

    Some intersting things to explore like Caves or Dungeons would be nice and some Worldbosses with smarter AI too (which aren't that hard to make when u know what u are doing)

    But i guess none of these things will happen and the game will face the fact that less players online means less pvp which means less contetn which means less motivation to play which means even more people leaving the game because of nothing interesting to do PVE-wise in PVP downtimes

  6. Honestly the game isn't fun atm and lacks interesting content. PvP and PvE should go hand in hand to create a good openworld mmo experience but neither PvP or PvE is fun currently.


    My suggestions are:

    - reduce grind to become relevant in PvP ( to much powercreep in crafting !!! )

    - add depth in siegemechanics  (sieges are still in an underwhelming basic state for the devtime), i suggest non static siegeweapons such as battlerams, trebuchets, ladders, siegetowers to add much more depth to sieges.( could be griefed but i would risk it, can't be worth than current siege mechanics). Current sieges are boring and a clusterf***.

    - adjust gameworldsize to low playerbase

    - improve performence in larger PvP battles

    - create an organic openworld pvp experience by encouraging players to roam more in the open world for fun/meaningful PvE content (current world feels boring, flat and dead) (Current openworld PvE content is very boring)

    - improve NPC AI and NPC variations

    - create worldbosses with good AI which are challenging to kill ( ca. 5-10 mins to give attack window for enemy players for pvp attacks) even for highgeared players( high skill requirement of movement, dodging, knowledge of patterns, instead of solofacetanking)

    - add interesting PvE content in the openworld such as tresuares, caves, dungeons, hidden bosses, hidden events, events, mines, so that players are more likely to go into the openworld which will lead to more organic world-PVP  (Exploration !!!!!)

    - UI improvements

    - reduce/rework combat FX

    - add water into the world ( i know u hate it but it does so much for game-immersion!!!)

    - stop enlarging the craftingsystem any further, it is already complex enough for timelimited campaigns

    - add faction caps to zones

    - prevent inbalanced factionpopulation by adding campaignentering-queuesystem for balancing the different faction population in none-FFA campaings           ( most players tend to join the most populated faction, you need to prevent that with a queingsystem)


    I think the game needs some of these features to become interesting for me again

  7. Also generell scheint ja die Community oder zumindest ein lauter Teil der Community nicht zufrieden mit dem Spiel und der Richtung des Spiels zu sein, ich finde zwar einige toxische threats im englischen Forum nicht in Ordnung kann aber große Teile der Kritik nachvollziehen.


    Zu meiner Beobachtung und Kritik kann ich folgendes sagen:


    Patch 5.9 genereller Eindruck

    Ich habe mich gestern nochmal auf dem Live-Server zur primetime eingeloggt und geguckt was so abläuft. Auffällig war das auf dem EU Server nur insgesamt 14 Leute online waren, was noch weniger ist als sonst. Zum 5.9 patch kann ich bisher nur sagen, dass es zumindest bei mir keine großen Performencesteigerungen gab (kann aber durchaus an meinem Rechner liegen, wobei der mit I7700K und R9 380x normalerweise ausreichend ist) und der patch hinter den höheren Erwartungen die ich zumindest hatte zurückbleibt. Den neuen Clientcontroller merkt man schon und es fühlt sich beim spielen besser an, dennoch vermisse ich eine gewisse Wertigkeit bei der Bewegungssteuerung (ka wie ich das besser ausdrücken soll^^).


    PvE Grind

    Generell habe ich nichts gegen PvE grind so lange er Spaß macht und gut gestaltet ist, leider ist in Crowfall beides im Moment nicht der Fall. Zwar gibts es neue NPCs zum farmen, leider sind diese von der KI her nicht gut gemacht und ziemlich langweilig und wenig abwechslungsreich gestaltet sodass das Grinden schnell zur qual wird. Auch waren die Bosse soweit ich diese Identifizieren konnte nicht wirklich als solche zu bezeichen, da die KI fast nichts macht und man diese einfach bis zum ende Facetanken kann und 0 Bewegung oder Skill benötigt wird um diese zu besiegen, was somit keinen Spaß macht da es nix besonderes und keine Challenge ist so einen boss zu besiegen. Die Openword wirkt auf mich zudem flach, monoton und tot, außerdem gibt es nichts besonderes zu entdecken, keine schätzte keine minen keine dungeons keine versteckten bosse oder events, einfach nichts was Spieler im spiel halten würde um in der Welt präsent zu sein um PvP zuermöglichen und wenn grad keine Gegner da sind trotzdem interessante PvE Sachen im spiel zu haben bis zum nächsten pvp ereigniss. Das Crafting system ist gut durchdacht und im Moment die einzige stärke des Spiels wobei ich sagen muss dass es z.T schon übertrieben ist und wahrscheinlich zu viel arbeit dort hineingesteckt wurde anstatt in andere Bereiche des Spiels die es nötiger hätten. Guter und abwechslungsreicher PVE Content mit ausnahme des Craftings fehlt komplett.



    Davon abgesehen, dass zu wenig Spieler online sind um in der großen Spielwelt  Gegner zufinden, habe ich den Eindruck dass es kaum möglich ist eine organische PvP begegnung zu haben, da die meisten Spieler nicht lange in der offenen Spielwelt sind, sondern meistens in geschützten Bereichen verbringen und es wenig Gründe gibt diese zu verlassen da die Openworld leer und uninteressant ist. Belagerungen fallen meistens sehr eindeutig aus oder finden gar nicht statt da eine Fraktion einfach wegrennt. Zu dem sind die Belagerung von den Mechaniken her in einem traurig schlechten Zustand für die bisherige Entwicklunszeit da das Gameplay bei Belagerungen keine Tiefe hat, so gibt es ausser den stationären Katapulten keine alternativen Waffen für Belagerer wie Belagerungstürme, Leitern, Rammböcke etc. was Belagerungen wenn sie den stattfinden äußerst monoton werden lässt und für mich keinen Spielspaß bietet. Da muss meiner Meinung noch ordenlich was nachgeliefert werden bis interessante Belagerungen stattfinden können.



    Mitlerweile bin ich recht ernüchtert was das Spiel angeht um habe wenig Hoffnung auf Besserung, da dass Spiel in letzten 6 Monaten kaum interessanten Content geliefert hat und auch die Hauptsysteme (wie Belagerungen, PVP, Performnce) sich aus meiner Sicht nicht richtig entwickeln. Mittlerweile ist ermüdender PVE grind gegen dumme KI nötig um überhaupt wettbewerbsfähig im PVP zu sein um anständig mitspielen zu können, das tue ich mir aber nicht mehr an und werde bis zur Alpha warten bis ich das nächste mal einlogge um zu testen. Kurz zusammengefasst ich bin eher unzufrienden mit dem Entwicklungsstand und richtung des Spiels^^


    beste Grüße



  8. what i would like to see in Crowfall and Dregs:

    1) improved sieges, (they are often very onesided or even avoided), we need siegetowers, battlerams, ladders etc. so the strategy and gameplay in sieges are not so basic and unfun anymore

    2) improved openworldexperience, the current map feels very uninteresting, empty and flat. So we need meaningful things to explore like caves, dungeons, worldbosses with good AI etc. to get players out in the world for an organic world-pvp experience

    3) good Guild/Player Management and improved UI with less screen clutter

    4) in general the game needs more content and depth besides of crafting and skilltraining to keep players interested mid- & longterm or Crowfall will end like other openworld PvP games like Rend or Gloria Victis.

  9. 4 hours ago, OneLeggedMan said:

    My Honest suggestion would be to revert back to the 5.8.6 version on LIVE and have 5.9 on TEST, since the update there has been nothing but bugs after bugs after bugs. I understand this is pre alpha etc.. but isn't the whole point of TEST servers to test the version before releasing it onto LIVE? 1. Infinite Loading Zone... bug    2. Randomly disconnecting from the game and loading back in dead and miles away from where you originally (crashed) logged out.    3. Druid spells (not sure what its called) does not heal when your target walks over it    4. Durability on all your items gets dramatically loss when you revive at a statue.    5. And many many more bugs.

    I am not sure if these bugs were on TEST already but if they were I don't see the point of releasing it onto LIVE in the first place, but if it wasn't on TEST then something bugged to hell when 5.8.6 on LIVE was converted to 5.9 either way I hope these major game breaking bugs can be fixed relatively quickly, I still support the game 100% and there would be no point if I didn't care about it enough to even be writing this post.


    in the middle of editing my EK and then when I completed it I got the infinite Loading Zone... in my EK so I had to close application restart it, and then I come back it tells me your last location was not safe, warping you to a safe place. Put me where the dragon statue is and guess what, I can't resurrect my self because there is no damn Dragon Statue or anything. its my EK. Now all my items are just sitting there... Can't even resurrect... Also another bug is when you die and resurrect at a dragon statue your durability for your armor, weapons, jewelry, saddle, etc... gets dramatically loss

    yeah it is frustrating, but it is pre-alpha and i see both servers live and test as "test servers". I am waiting for alpha 6.0. to start so i can return to the game, i spend enough time testing the game so far and i am not interested in doing it any longer, so i will wait.


    TLDR: i think reverting at this development stage is kind of pointless honestly. Just quit the game for some months and come back later when it is done ( that is what i am doing)

  10. 1 hour ago, Cobratod said:

    Hallo leute

    Kann mir einer mal einen Tipp geben zur Waffenherstellung ? Eine Zutat zum Waffenkopfherstellung heist HEALD MOLD? Was heist das oder was ist das für eine Zutat. Kann damit nichts anfangen. Danke

    Ich hab auch länger nicht mehr getestet, kann also zum Crafting nichts sagen. Am besten fragst du mal hier: https://discord.gg/bSKacw

    das ist ein deutscher CF discord mit einigen erfahrenen Craftern, die können dir bestimmt helfen

  11. Ich denke, dass ein klassisches instanziertes Level (wie in vielen RPGs und MMORPGS üblich) indem alle Grundfunktionen mal angerissen werden das beste ist. Besonderer Fokus sollte auf folgenden Aspekten liegen:

    1. Bewegungs- und Kampfsteuerung

    2. Charaktermanagment, Erklärung von aktiven und passiven Skilltree, Ausrüstung von Items und Fähigkeiten

    3. Openworld Ziele


    EDIT: Evtl. wäre ein Tutorial NPC ganz hilfreich der einem am Anfang im Tutorial begleitet und später im Tempel rumsteht und den man später nochmal ansprechen kann für Tipps und Co.

  12. 30 minutes ago, ShadowwBoi13 said:

    ^ This is the biggest Hurdle/Problem to overcome.

    PvPers gank Harvester cause the Harvesters have the stuff. PvPers never carry anything but the bare minimum to PvP (Full Set of Gear + maybe a couple Buff Foods + maybe a few apples for food bar if you dont wanna waste buff foods early) and unless there is something in the game that forces PvPers to carry stuff OR encourages them to have something valuable on them, then no ruleset other than Full Loot will ever have any worth from PvPer vs PvPer fights, But then with Full loot you run into more uncle bob stuff cause the people losing by large margin are now completely unable to complete, and a guild thats close behind another but has a few bad battles in a row can get knocked completely out of the running.

    Sadly i cant think of anything that would actually encourage PvPer vs PvPer fights other than Seiges, but that just keeps the game in its current loop of (Long in an hour before Siege, Participate in Siege, Log Off)

    Some other important POIs besides keeps could lead to some PvPer vs PvPer fights, f.e. worldbosses or quarries/sawmill/mines. Current state is very meh...

  13. The AI has to be much smarter and is not worth the price currently. It should behave more like a player and be a real threat instead of a dummy, the current AI-Guards dont even move much, they should more act like the AI in Mount&Blade or Tiger Knight, in this games the AI is much more believable and adds immersion to the game.


    The Devs maybe should get some inspirations of these AI Soldiers. (I especially like the archer movement and behavior at 0:07 here)


  14. on 3. i disagreee heavily minimaps are bad for any kind of rpg/mmorpg because in the end you just blindly foolow the minimap because it is most effectiv instead of watching the actual world, i prefer more the current compass solution

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