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  1. Outposts should become upgradeable POIs, where factions can invest materials to make them bigger and better. That would make them more valuble and drive more activity there.
  2. i would expect late 2019 maybe 2020 depends on how things go the next months, there is still a lot of content missing for SL.
  3. yes, an upgrade system for outposts would be nice and interesting
  4. agree, at some point Crowfall needs an ingame tutorial or new players will drop out at the beginning because they dont understand the game
  5. a repair system would destroy the economyloop and harvesting/crafting would lose their importance.
  6. A "barter" option for vendors, as secondary payment instead of gold !!! That would be cool and counter the goldcoininflation a lot.
  7. ^^ never ever, can they make it in 2018 in a good quality which is needed. Edit: for CU i have the same feeling as you, the core design seems to be wrong to me, RvRvR (without reset) never worked mid/long term in mmorpgs which i played.
  8. Naa unity isn't trash wtf^^, if you know what you are doing, but maybe not the best engine to make a large scale pvp mmorpg. The only mmorpg that was made with unity is albion online afaik. I am curious if ACE really can make it, i think in 2019 we will know the result, i hope they can make it.
  9. Yeah, performence is the keypoint for the game. I don't think 1000 player battles are fun or tactical organizable in general ( so ultra large battle are no selling point to me, because i think they won't we fun mid/longterm, becasue of randomness and otherstuff which comes with to much players) , but i hope that we can have battles of 50-100 players in crowfall that would be fun and still organizable without losing the overview of the battlefield.
  10. Open Beta has started now, the game is F2P ! Check it out, it is super fun ! https://playdauntless.com/
  11. A map like this would be cool: The current map is so "blocky" and doesn't look good. I like the approach to have a compass and a normal map set to "M-key" instead of a minimap, because if you have a minimap it always draws attention to it and you are always staring at the top right corner where the minimap is instead of your actual surrounding (thats my experience of minimaps).
  12. i know you dont need to tell me that. I only mean that it is pointless to argue about "will it be boring", " will harvesting be exploited" if the mechanics are not or only partially in the game. And i don't see Crowfall for a softlaunch under 1 year.
  13. idk the game is still 1+ year away from release, it is useless to speculate on topics like that when nothing is set in stone yet. Even the campaignrulesets are not ready, so i will start to talk and speculate about this things, when i see a softlaunchdate and more contentdetails, right now it is pointless.
  14. Ich denke es ist immernoch zu früh um Leute auf das Spiel zu hypen, ich werd noch etwas warten bevor ich meinen Freunden den Vorschlag machen sich CF anzugucken
  15. gutes Video !! Beim Releasedatum bin ich auch sehr skeptisch, 2018 wird das denk ich nichts mehr (zumindest nicht in einer marktreifen Qualität). Wahrscheinlich wirds Mitte/Ende 2019 werden bis zum Softlaunch, wobei ich auch beim Softlaunch die Problematik sehe, dass viele Spieler zu viel Vorsprung haben werden wenn später der "offizielle" Launch erfolgt und alle Neulinge checken, dass sie unaufholbar Monate hintendran sind mit dem Skilltraining. Ich würde einen Hardlaunch favorisieren, auch wenn er erst was später wäre.
  16. Looks very good, nice progress !!! Can you show a town or a city next time and explain the functions of different areas/districts there ?
  17. The current 3 faction system with the balance faction auto- allie-ing all the time, just doesn't work for multiple reasons and is not fun, in my opinion. I think a classic 3 faction system with equile win conditions, will work a lot better. But i guess the auto-allie balance faction was worth a try (sounds good in theory), but simply failed in practice testing.
  18. i dislike the current 3 faction system with balance switching sites all the time, i won't play this ruleset. A classic 3 faction king of the hill ruleset is what i would play.
  19. yeah, i really think they should consider a secondary payment option for vendors, where the owner of the vendor can decide which recources (and amount of recources) he is willing to accept as payment too(if any). For me personally i would prefer in some cases to get some other items for my sold item than goldcoins. (f.e. i sell an armor but i except 100 goldcoins as payment or 1 rare sword with some minimum stats) That would be very nice and a unique trading options for mmos afaik, and the goldcoin inflation isn't such a problem than, because items decay but goldcoins not, afaik.
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