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  1. Just now, mandalore said:

    Well they plan a 2018 soft release the last we heard...

    ^^ never ever, can they make it in 2018 in a good quality which is needed.

    Edit: for CU i have the same feeling as you, the core design seems to be wrong to me, RvRvR (without reset) never worked mid/long term in mmorpgs which i played.

  2. 3 hours ago, mandalore said:

    Performance wise CF seems custarded and I don't know if we will ever see large lag free fights in CF like was promised.  If we do large scale fights and I'm wrong, that's great but Unity is 100% trash so who knows how that's going to turn out. 

    CU has some serious issues too but their issues are core design issues.  RvRvR is horrible, tab targeting is outdated, no stealth classes at release, no scout classes at release, no shapeshifter classes at release, there's one other archetype for classes that's also missing at release and the balance issues they are going to face with 30 (eventually) classes is going to be incredible.  Their tech runs fine while the CF tech runs like it's being hosted out of that homeless tent city in Seattle.  

    Naa unity isn't trash wtf^^, if you know what you are doing, but maybe not the best engine to make a large scale pvp mmorpg. The only mmorpg that was made with unity is albion online afaik. I am curious if ACE really can make it, i think in 2019 we will know the result, i hope they can make it.

  3. Yeah, performence is the keypoint for the game. I don't think 1000 player battles are fun or tactical organizable in general ( so ultra large battle are no selling point to me, because i think they won't we fun mid/longterm, becasue of randomness and otherstuff which comes with to much players) , but i hope that we can have battles of 50-100 players in crowfall that would be fun and still organizable without losing the overview of the battlefield.

  4. A map like this would be cool: 20170419123400_1.jpg


    The current map is so "blocky" and doesn't look good.


    I like the approach to have a compass and a normal map set to "M-key" instead of a minimap, because if you have a minimap it always draws attention to it and you are always staring at the top right corner where the minimap is instead of your actual surrounding (thats my experience of minimaps).

  5. 40 minutes ago, Frykka said:

    Every timetable still puts soft launch well under a year...   Even if we are into 2019, there will not be any massive shift to a theme park format of quest-mob-boss-gear economics.   Crowfall is not intended to provide the experience, it simply sets the parameters of the sandbox and nothing more... human interaction is the game and a lot of that will be conflict as is our nature.   that conflict will occur over the highest and least available resources and any other points of contact that the parameters set as points of interest.   

    i know you dont need to tell me that. I only mean that it is pointless to argue about "will it be boring", " will harvesting be exploited" if the mechanics are not or only partially in the game. And i don't see Crowfall for a softlaunch under 1 year.

  6. idk the game is still 1+ year away from release, it is useless to speculate on topics like that when nothing is set in stone yet. Even the campaignrulesets are not ready, so i will start to talk and speculate about this things, when i see a softlaunchdate and more contentdetails, right now it is pointless.

  7. 5 hours ago, CFC_Shiro said:

    Freut mich, dass euch das Video zusagt. Wir würden uns freuen, wenn ihr bei den nächsten Hangouts auch vorbei schaut und sich damit auch künftige Videos interessant gestalten lassen.

    Außerdem darf ich euch bitten - sofern das Video halbwegs euren Einschätzungen zum Spiel entsprechen - das Video gerne mit möglichen Neuinteressenten zu teilen. Die deutschsprachige Community muss wieder ein wenig aktiver werden. Neue Gesichter tun hier besonders gut. :)

    Ich denke es ist immernoch zu früh um Leute auf das Spiel zu hypen, ich werd noch etwas warten bevor ich meinen Freunden den Vorschlag machen sich CF anzugucken

  8. On 26.5.2018 at 1:02 PM, CFC_Shiro said:

    Ich denke unser Crowfall Community Hangout ist relativ Einsteigerfreundlich geworden. Daher möchte ich hier das VoD für alle zur Verfügung stellen. Wir haben uns gemeinsam mit @FearMe, @DravoiX und @Kowa die aktuelle Version Pre-Alpha 5.6 mit allen Interfaces, Fertigkeitenbäumen, aktuelle Kampagnen und Ewige Köngreicher inklusive dem platzieren von Parzellen und Burgenbau angesehen.

    Ich musste die ersten Minuten ein der Aufnahme rausschneiden, daher erfolgt der Einstieg relativ rasch:

    Wenn Du für das nächste Community Hangout Vorschläge und Verbesserungstipps hast, gerne hier oder bei uns im Forum posten.

    Wir hoffen, dass Du das nächste mal auch Live im Discord oder Twitch Chat dabei bist.

    gutes Video !!

    Beim Releasedatum bin ich auch sehr skeptisch, 2018 wird das denk ich nichts mehr (zumindest nicht in einer marktreifen Qualität). Wahrscheinlich wirds Mitte/Ende 2019 werden bis zum Softlaunch, wobei ich auch beim Softlaunch die Problematik sehe, dass viele Spieler zu viel Vorsprung haben werden wenn später der "offizielle" Launch erfolgt und alle Neulinge checken, dass sie unaufholbar Monate hintendran sind mit dem Skilltraining. Ich würde einen Hardlaunch favorisieren, auch wenn er erst was später wäre.

  9. The  current 3 faction system with the balance faction auto- allie-ing all the time, just doesn't work for multiple reasons and is not fun, in my opinion. I think a classic 3 faction system with  equile win conditions, will work a lot better. But i guess the auto-allie balance faction was worth a try (sounds good in theory), but simply failed in practice testing.

  10. On 16.3.2018 at 5:41 PM, Nakawe said:

    Well, what new Tech is on the drawing board?  Seems like taking tech away/stalling implementation is happening on a regular basis either via not getting it to work  (voxels) or time constraints (waiting on new tech for Frostweaver).  As time progresses on,  it seems like their "vision" for this game is getting smacked with a dose of reality and everything that was supposed to be unique and special is going by the wayside.  I am afraid the game will lose flavor and not be a special snowflake.  It may end up living, in the heap, with every other flash in the pan.  Granted, I have not been around in a year or so.   I do see some improvements (combat is 1000% better) BUT, those improvements don't bring a unique feel or even a twinge of WoW factor.

    are voxels dead?

  11. 30 minutes ago, iOmi said:

    I like that idea, like if there are someone that is in dire need of a spesific type of material or rare to craft that sweet weapon upgrade they want.
    to sell someone and ask for something with same value, doesnt matter quantity, since more of something can be worth the same amount of 1 thing depends on what people seek.

    so im in on that one ! :)

    When we are on the topic of payment option and methods, are there going to be a monthly playment for the game like WoW and such ?
    Some friends of mine wanted to know that before they want to try and commit to this idea of Crowfall.


    yeah, i really think they should consider a secondary payment option for vendors, where the owner of the vendor can decide which recources (and amount of recources) he is willing to accept as payment too(if any). For me personally i would prefer in some cases to get some other items for my sold item than goldcoins. (f.e. i sell an armor but i except 100 goldcoins as payment or 1 rare sword with some minimum stats) That would be very nice and a unique trading options for mmos afaik, and the goldcoin inflation isn't such a problem than, because items decay but goldcoins not, afaik.

  12. I hope the gold system works. I think inflation will be handled because of campaign resets. But i don't understand which currency we use in EKs if it is gold too, it shoudn't be importable to the campaigns. And gold in eks will hit by inflation over time and there is no reset for ek's and ek stuff.

    A secondary buy/trade option for vendors would be nice if we can choose to pay the vendor instead of goldcoins with other materials f.e. wood, silver, armor, if the seller wants/accepts this materials as payment,too.

  13. Global chat (all faction together crosschat) should be disabled in the launch version, because it is very easy to troll/grief  the own faction if you give informations to the other factions via global chat. There should only be a seperate global chat for each faction which only can be used/seen by own faction members, and no global all faction chat. Yes i know each faction will have spies and traitors but a global chat that connect all different factions and players is very easy to abuse and takes away a lot of spie potential because you can spam "my faction is going to attack point A now etc.". I think that could be a problem in the future, when the game is ready.

  14. 7 hours ago, Spellos said:

    Camelot Unchained, aber da ist das Warten ja auch ganz weit oben, nur haben die angeblich die Performance mittlerweile im Griff.

    "angeblich" :D Aber Spaß beiseite, die Grafikqualität die ich bisher von cu gesehen habe haut mich jetzt auch nicht unbedingt vom Hocker, gut möglich, dass die daher bessere Performence hinbekommen. Bei CU sind mir allerdings einige Gameplayelemente recht unklar oder sagen mir nicht zu: 

    1.tab-targeting mag ich überhaupt nicht in pvp spielen, stört mich richtig und ist schon ein KO. Kriterium für mich

    2. nur 3 Fraktionen PvP


    3. Den Gameloop hab ich überhaupt nicht verstanden wie der langfristig funktionieren soll. Alle 3 Fraktionen kloppen sich aber meistens ist es doch so das bei 3 Fraktionen eine Fraktion immer erdrückende Überlegenheit hat auf dem Server und der Server dann einfach stirbt, weil die anderen Fraktionen so krass unterlegen sind und leaven. Also wie ich das verstanden habe gibt es keine richtige win condition und auch keinen reset für einen Server, sondern die Server in cu bleiben nach meinem jetzigen wissenstand permanent und dass geht langfristig nicht gut, weil das Onkel BOB Phänomen eintreten wird.(das Crowfall ja Gott sei dank umgehen wird)


    4. only abo Modell bei einem indie pvp mmorpg game wird glaub ich mit  99,9% Wahrscheinlichkeit fehlschlagen.

    Keine Ahnung ob ich damit jetzt richtig liege oder cu unrecht tue, evtl. weiß hier ja jemand genaueres wie das mit den Servern langfristig in cu geregelt werden soll.


  15. Ich würde noch warten und jetzt noch nicht ins Spiel einsteigen. (Bin selbst nach ein paar testsessions wieder ausgestiegen) Das Spiel ist einfach noch lange nicht fertig das ist Fakt und auch im Februarwird es meiner Meinung nach zu 100% keinen Softlaunch geben. Also abwarten und Tee trinken ;)(im Herbst 2018 ist es dann wahrscheinlich so weit um als "Spiel"  durchzugehen)

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