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  1. yes the game is awesome for 30$ . I have 100hrs already played and got some chicken dinners already. I think the devs are suprised how fast the game growth and can't really keep up with the issues with occur with a massive playerbase. I think this game is the league of legends of the battle royale shooters now!

  2. hi, i just finished shadow of war (after 35hrs in "normal mode") and i can say that this game is very fun to play and was worth the money (got it for 40 euro). The microtransaction-topic which blow up on reddit turned out to be a non-issue to me because i never felt forced to buy any lootboxes to progress faster or getting gated behind a paywall. All in all a good game, especially for lord of the rings fans ! (the lore deviations which are needed for the game aren't that bad^^) Now i try the "difficult mode"!

    But don't buy the game on steam it is a little overpriced with 60 euro there. I bought my steamkey on kinguin for 40 euro and got it instantly via email.




  3. The current vip version is better than the last one, but still not perfect. (I don't think it will ever be 100% perfect) The question is how can the game get a constant cash flow for surviving and adding new stuff. I don't think a forced subscribtion can deliver that in todays time (it would result in low a playerbase with a lot of consequences for a big scale pvp game), because the player behavior and the gaming market is very different today than 10-15 years ago. But there are some options:


    Option A: we have to accept the current vip system with his flaws ( better progression for vip players etc.)   --> likely to work

    Option B:  only a big Cashshop for cosmetics (no vip), with skins ( for weapons,armor, mounts, castles etc.) which the owner can use on his carried gear. (the downside is you need a big player base to make profit with a cashshop)  --> unlikely to work for a game with less than 500k players

    Option C: Option A and B combined --> likely to work

    Option D: forced subscribtion model --> 99% chance to fail


    So we have to accept there is no "perfect" solution here, Crowfall is an online game which means ongoing costs, which means it needs ongoing income. So people should stop whining because of the unfair vip because it needs to stay to pay the ongoing cost and it will always give some advantages for the buyers because nobody would pay 15$ for nothing !!! Or Crowfall has to go implement a good cosmetic cash shop but people don't like this much either..... So we are doomed forever i guess :D  (I personally would go with cosmetical cash shop + vip to keep the game alive but i don't know what the majority is thinking)



  4. Yes, PvE is lacking a lot. The game is PvP focused, but when no other players are around or you don't want to fight other players atm there is nothing else you can do. The world feels empty and is not very immersive in my point of view. We need some PvE content to fill the world map up and make exploring more fun. Some suggestions for:


    1. low tier single mobs, which are roaming around solo and can easy be defeated by a soloplayers.
    2. low tier horde mobs, which are roaming around in a horde/group (f.e. wolves) and can't be defeated without tactics by a soloplayer or aquire a playerqroup
    3. mid tier single mobs, like golems or trolls, who have special attacks and attack pattern and are strong in general --> elite players or group
    4. hight tier single mobs, like dragons, who can attack from the sky and the ground ---> group of players needed


    1. mercenary camps, a group of npc soldiers which hold a camp or ruin and needed to be defeated by players to commanded them to attack the enemy factions on certain locations f.e. POIs   (like in heroes of the storm)
    2. assasines/ninjas, a single npc which needed to be defeated by a player to command the assasine/ninja to lie in wait for and attack an enemy player (chosen by the player who defeated the assasine/ninja) 

    I think these suggestions would make the game more dynamic and fun because there is some significantly fun PvE stuff which can damage enemy factions a little. Sadly i don't think that any of these things will make it in the actual game. I have a big fear that cf has not enough "content" besides the PvP aspect to bind a lot of players over a longer periode of time. I noticed by testing the game by myself that I get bored after some hours (the combat makes fun but that alone is not enough for me for an mmorpg), i know the game is not finished but even with server and pvp improvements the game won't get me permanent if no world immersion (environment sounds, animals and other PvE stuff) is added.


    I bought CF as an pvp-mmorpg with a dynamic world and not as an pure PvP brawler (which current testing reminds me of). Maybe i misunderstood something here from the beginning. But in my opinion we need in the future more mmorpg aspects than pvp-brawler aspects, because on the market there are better PvP brawler games than CF for me.

    What do you guys think about that PvE topic?

  5. 5 hours ago, Gromschlog said:

    Für die maximale Effizienz wirklich auf die Sekunde genau aktiv sein zu müssen ist einfach Mist.

    Sehe ich genau so. Man ist jetzt ja praktisch gezwungen dauerhaft VIP zu haben, sonst ist man nach ner weile "abgeschlagen".


    Vor langer Zeit spielte ich Ogame, ein browsergame, dessen Hauptmanko war, dass man um effizient zu sein, seine Spielzeit vorausplanen musste. Man musste immer wissen, wann man das nächste mal online kommt, um darauf angepasst Aktionen zu machen. Das war grässlich und führte dazu, dass ich damit aufhörte.

    Habe auch mal ogame gespielt, ich kenne das Problem, man war immer auf die Bauwarteschlange des Kommanders angewiesen. Besonders am Anfang mit den kurzen Bauphasen war das sehr effektiv. Ich hoffe Crowfall macht nicht den gleichen Fehler und überdenkt die Sache nocheinmal.

  6. The question is: why they don't make this game pay to play than? That would solve the problem here. (But i guess maybe the playerbase gets to small than to support so many different campaigns and many other mmos proved that a subscribtion based model besides of WOW and Final fantasy often "fails"  respectively can't move on with a p2p model these days f.e. TESO)

    And from my perspectiv Crowfall is pay2win in the current state ( even if it is slightly and only a little step) because ====> you NEED to HAVE VIP realisticly to become longterm competitiv or atleast have no disadvantage. The only good thing is that multiaccounting is busted with the current changes of the skill queueing system but was this worth it ? I am not sure?


    Suggestion: Maybe give Non-VIP players at least one slot in the queueing system for the following pip of the skill (this would be better and more balanced).  VIP-players can have many more slots in the queueing system.

  7. 10 minutes ago, canvox said:

    Hard disagree.  A passive system is good because it allows me to play on my own schedule without falling behind.  If not falling behind means I have to set a 3am alarm on my phone, it's not doing that job.  I'd rather play more when it's convenient for me than be forced to set up a damn google calendar to track when I need to be online.

    still better than grind your skill activly 24/7h in nolivemode to "not falling behind"


    What happens if:

    Order controls 33%, Chaos controls 33%, Balance controls 33% -------> Balance wins??  (because of no clear winner between ORDER and CHAOS )


    Order controls 50%, Chaos controls 50%, Balance controls 0% ---------> Balance wins?? (because of no clear winner between ORDER and CHAOS )



    Seems very unbalanced from my point of view....... ( if my assumptions are right^^)


    What happens if:

    Order controls 33%, Chaos controls 33%, Balance controls 33% -------> Balance wins??  (because of no clear winner between ORDER and CHAOS )


    Order controls 50%, Chaos controls 50%, Balance controls 0% ---------> Balance wins?? (because of no clear winner between ORDER and CHAOS )



    Seems very unbalanced from my point of view....... ( if my assumptions are right^^)




  10. 8 hours ago, supportdaddy said:

    I don't think they are trying to make progress on any optimization right now... it is more about adding the race/class combo and getting CW1 going. Also this was on a EU server while the guy is in NA so that certainly didnt help. I do agree it is very rubberbandy for the time being so that certainly needs to get fixed before a big chunk of people start playing.

    yes the rubberbanding is a serious issue here

  11. nice video, sadly the frame rate is on 15-25 fps in this fights with only 50 people and some rubberbanding issues are there too. I am a little concerned about the performence of the game in medium and larger fights or sieges with castle walls and siege engines, i really have some doubts that they can handle this like they imagined ( yes, i know it's pre-alpha but i don't see enough progress in terms of fps/rubberbanding optimisation ). I hope they can tune the performence a lot or this game will have a problematic future.... 

  12. don't know the value of this "inspect" idea, could be to op if you can see the fullgear of someone in the far distance ( for a shorter range 50m it would be ok maybe)

    I think a tracking discipline would be cool ( f.e. with the discipline you can see footsteps on the ground which you can follow than) or a falconary discipline where you can see the world in bird's-eye view for a limited amount of time/distance



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