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  1. i think the balance-faction could be a bit boring to play, because you are in fact a 24/7 sell-sword and you win baisically by not having any castles or forts in the end of a campaign, that wouldn't excite me for playing the balancefaction.
  2. BDO is a better single player game than mmorpg i would say.
  3. No, friendly fire plz ( it doesn't work in faster combat paced games for many reasons and it will support trolls and griefers so much). Friendly fire should only be an optional setting for some rulesets. If friendy fire is forced in every campaign/ruleset i gtfo of crowfall.
  4. a class/race lock removel would make the vessel/crow system useless because there would be no real need for it, so i doubt this will happen ( i prefer the class/race lock with vesselsystem)
  5. a win/lose mechanic with full world reset is needed otherwise the game will stuck in an uncle bob's state(big guilds controlling everything = 0 fun) in the long run. CF is the only upcoming game with this reset concept as far as I know and seems to have a good working gameplay idea.
  6. *Roman update is released maybe you want to check it out, the game is f2p and worth to take a look * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1XNqzeoFZ8
  7. would like to see lower number's than 50k for the start it is to inflationary, combat numbers in the lower hundrets are cool and more clearly
  8. Just wanted to draw attention on this, it's a medieval-action game on steam. My friends and I had decent amount of fun in this game so far maybe you like it too. http://store.steampowered.com/app/534500/ http://tk-en.oasgames.com I am playing on the EU server there with playername "Kreigon" you can add me there if you need members for a match
  9. Hi, i found "Forsaken legends" randomly on the internet (it is an indie mmo like cf) and this game sounds interesting to me, did anybody checked the alpha out and can tell me something about it (developtment progress, gameplay) ?? Maybe it is a good filler until crowfall is finally out^^ http://www.forsakenlegends.com/prelaunch/
  10. what i have seen so far in yesterdays livestream i think that i will enjoy the craftingsystem very much. There is so much to discover/experiment and you have nearly no limitations to try something out, even when you might don't have the skill level for a certain item you have still a very small chance to produce it. That's a thing what is impossible in other mmo's where you can't produce an item iif you have not the needed amount of skill. Additionally to mention is that your produced items are marked with your name so that everybody who has bought your item (f.e. a sword) knows that you are the creator of that thing. Another thing that i like is that nobody can produce everything ( at least for the first years of the game) so that you need other people / social interaction, this is an aspect which got lost in games like wow etc. for a long time where you can solo everything with success. I can imagine that this new crafting system and the player driven economy will creat a new spirit to the game and can lead in a great success of crowfall.
  11. the crafting livestream was one of the best of your streams so far. I really liked the system and the UI, well done !!! I wanna play this game now
  12. I hope we can get inside every single house (like tavern, forge etc.) that would be great for the immersion of the game. You mentioned in the August Q&A the minimum size for an accesable house. Can you make an ingame screenshot or video of this minimum sized house so we can get an idea, how it will look like and how small it is compared to other buildings like normal wallsegments ?
  13. best spellrotation for your current fight situation and decision making
  14. maybe ultimate abilities like in MOBAs if it's balanced somehow (maybe negativ aftereffects, high risk/high reward)
  15. i played wow and in don't like this bossgrinding for epic loot, it gets boring after a short period of time. Trust me epic loot on bosses in crowfall won't be positiv for crowfall.
  16. that link between taken castles and bosses with nice loot isn't good for the game and will cause much balance problems. In my view pvp and pve shouldn't be linked like this.(PvE shouldn't effect PvP and the other way round) I guess there will be some kind of world/elite bosses like the gryffn or giants etc. but fighting this monsters should only be a "swag move" to show how good/strong you are in the game (maybe you get the head as trophy like in witcher 3 , that you can place in your guildhall) and killing bosses should only give little loot like recipes or materials for crafting. If these bosses would drop epic loot like in wow ( f.e. best armor/sword etc. in game) here in crowfall ,it would crush the crafting and the playerbased economy.
  17. i don't like FF in general because it isn't fun to me and a lot people will abuse it by trolling and destroying your game. But i would accept it in a seperate campaign with FF in the ruleset. Everyone should chose how they want to play by choosing the campaign they like.
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