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  1. i played wow and in don't like this bossgrinding for epic loot, it gets boring after a short period of time. Trust me epic loot on bosses in crowfall won't be positiv for crowfall.

  2. that link between taken castles and bosses with nice loot isn't good for the game and will cause much balance problems. In my view pvp and pve shouldn't be linked like this.(PvE shouldn't effect PvP and the other way round) I guess there will be some kind of world/elite bosses like the gryffn or giants etc. but fighting this monsters should only be a "swag move" to show how good/strong you are in the game (maybe you get the head as trophy like in witcher 3 , that you can place in your guildhall) and killing bosses should only give little loot like recipes or materials for crafting. If these bosses would drop epic loot like in wow ( f.e. best armor/sword etc. in game) here in crowfall ,it would crush the crafting and the playerbased economy.

  3. plz no starting cities this is in every current mmo don't need this in this game. I like the surviving aspect a lot and by the way you only will need a short periode of time ( maybe 1-2 hours) at the start to meet up with friends and than you can play together as long as you wish.

  4. mhh zergling festival is always possible, don't know how to avoid that. Maybe some npc mercenaries can help to balance that zerging festival issue but i don't know that this is a doable solution and how it fits in the game. In the end there is no 100% solution for that you will always have this zerging problem but this is a thing you have to expect in a open world PvP game, you only can try to make it less disappointing.

  5. Hi,


    i always like to explore the map/world of games (when i need a break from pvp) and do hunting and searching for special places and stuff like that.(I think a high number of different animals/creatures are good for the immersion of the game). So here is a brainstorming of some animals/creatures what i would like to see during my tracking in the woods. :ph34r:


    Animals (which are to weak to fight):



    birds (Raven, Crow, pigeons, throttle etc.)






    insects bees, butterfly



    fish (fishingtime :D)


    Animals (which are able to fight you);



    saber tooth








    wild pigs





















    and maaaaybe (if it fits to the gamedesign) 1 or 2 dragons per campaign which are flying around and are very rare and strong but give nice materials for crafters.


    Maybe some of this will make it to the final version of the game ;D


    Have a nice day !

  6. CF needs some PvE content for a couple of reasons but PvP should be the focus.


    1. We can't have 24/7 PvP Siege battles and only PvP stuff ,it would be boring after a short periode of time ( just saying, i know it from other games)

    2. Immersion, we only get a "living world" with npc's, animals, monsters etc.

    3. PvE for Loot, Ressources for crafting, PvE for hunting, fishing

    4. Maybe some quests/events/exploration/expedition, maybe open dungeons like large underground caves

    5. Maybe some NPC mercenary which we can pay and than they attack enemy castles, villages, caravans and trading routes


    In my opinion the conclusion is that without a good pve content, only pvp will get boring fast (after 1-2 months) and an immersiv world isn't going to happen.

  7. na, I think u can't say "that everything what we have to play is garbage" thats totally NOT true. What i can say that the MMO niche looks like you said but for other genres there are very good games (singleplayer roleplay,Adventure, Moba,FPS Games). Maybe you don't like/play this games so you look to the gaming industrie from the MMO point of view.


    Seh das nicht als sonderlich schlimm an. Zumindest bis auf Thomas Sitch... das beisst ACE evtl noch in den Arsch, wenn dem seine Tornado Engine nicht so funktioniert wie sie soll. Der wird sich seiner Vampir Totgeburt widmen und ob die Engine jetzt funktioniert oder nicht, wird ihm wohl ziemlich sacke sein.

    Was die anderen angeht... meh... denk so leute gibts wie Sand am Meer.

    Was ist den diese Tornado Engine ?

  9. naja, ich bin zufrieden mit der Kommunikation und den News. Es gibt halt nicht immer was neues zu erzählen und die Entwickler sollten sich auf die entwicklung des Spiels und nicht auf die Bespaßung der Community konzentrieren. Das Motto ist "das Ergebniss zählt",also das fertige Spiel alles andere ist in meinen Augen nicht wirklich relevant. Ausserdem gibts noch genug zu reden wenn das Spiel draußen ist, das Spiel ist halt noch in der Entwicklung, ich denke 2017 wird dann hier wesentlich mehr los sein, da dann der großteil der Spieler erst kommen wird.

  10. Hi,


    i know that the game is pvp focused but is there a way that the game can have a ingame-bestiary like in the witcher 3 ?

    A bestiary is a volume (book) containing information on different creatures, either living or mythical (+maybe enemy players in the case of crowfall), you come across new creatures/enemy players all of the information you know about them is entered into this book. Information about creatures weaknesses can be found out by simply finding and engaging the Monster or by reading certain books (books you can find and read in the world).



  11. Hi,

    first i want to say that i like the game very much but i have a question about the combat powers. Will there be more "active" combat powers (spells/abilities) in the game ? I know that in the pre-alpha test people already start with 8 combat powers or something like that. Is it possible to get a kind of "Powertree"(compared to the skilltree for skills) where we can unlock/explore/evolve/craft more and new powers for the combat and chose our favorite Powers for the Hotbar(keys)? And will there be ultimate abilities/powers like in other games (MOBAs, TESO, Neverwinter Online) which are very strong (but not overpowered), which can be used 1 time per hour or day or only in special campaignes/rulesets? (like massive Meteorstrike/Fireball/Punch/Arrow )





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