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  1. Haha during that Shadowbane intro I always laughed seeing that Confessor archer.
  2. Just had a pretty cool forum update; https://reborndominion.com/forum/gc/9-crowfall/ Basically allowing for more autonomy between the different RD divisions.
  3. So as a Gold 2015 I don't have anything redeemable? Also, I have a Gold 2016 consumable? What would that do?
  4. Yes! - and Thanks! It's absolutely a good time to join up with us. Especially if anyone here is interested in taking charge and the division. I haven't put anything set it stone about our direction. I feel it's still a bit early to say definitively how our direction in game will go. Need to see more of the game in action before making that decision. However, if someone here has some ideas and wants to see them come true... Join up: Here and let's see what we can do! Also, we recently added an Overwatch division and we have a decent amount playing Path of Exile. Fun stuff to play while we wait for Crowfall.
  5. Sigh.. the Amber package from KS was outrageous, eh well most of the KS rewards were good imo. They shouldn't have nerfed the rewards for 2015 / 2016 so hard. They lost out on a lot of money imo. $1,000 now gets you half of what $250 got you during KS. I'm sure they could use the extra funding all the way throughout development. Ah well, losses all around I suppose. Backers don't get as good of rewards and the developers don't get as much funding.
  6. Ah, I remember you guys murdering my poor little r3 confessor on Death. Glad you're here in Crowfall
  7. I was brutally honest in a sexual way. But ya, I did the survey. I hope it helps them out.
  8. Welcome to the Crowfall forums
  9. I've missed the last few because the prior five or so have been completely unplayable. I figured I can only post, "Intense FPS loss, intense lagg" so many times. It doesn't allow me to do any additional testing either due to the lagg. It's weird, the lagg/fps drop has actually gotten worse compared to previous tests. Without some serious performance improvements I can't play it currently. I decided I would give it a month or so and check back. Disclaimer, it's not my internet speed (250Mbps) nor my PC.
  10. Oh, I wanted to add that if anyone is interested in any of these games: DotA2, CS:GO, Battlestar Galactica Online, World of Tanks, or Rocket League we have plenty of people playing those.
  11. Love that idea and fully hope something like that is implimented!
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