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  1. this game lacks the one thing to make it successful.. FUN
  2. as a solo player lfg still I have 2 lvl 30s from GR. Logged into Dregs, ported around, killed a few mobs, got killed and PVP, looked at all the confusing data about what is going on - had no idea, no idea what to do or where to go next..and simply logged off- due to ZERO fun. A GAME is supposed to be FUN Please anyone...list 5 fun things to do as a player in Crowfall. 3 things? 1 thing? Right now, sadly I cannot.
  3. thank you - I feel the same way MAKE JOINING A GUILD A REQUIREMENT and easy in -game mechanics to support it or create a game that every solo player can do everything a guild can
  4. /agree 1000% I have been testing 2 years and I quit after each patch and I am reduced as a solo player to doing this...i cannot believe this is what the devs feel is a fun game loop it is the exact opposite and everyday I wish I could get my $ back
  5. FYI - Yes in Fortnite - Save the World - you do harvest, craft and keep EVERYTHING - as a matter of fact the game is full of farmers I have a backpack with 165 slots, a storage banck with 45 slots and my homebase inventory holds 265 items There is weapon crafting, trap crafting, recycling- I have stacks of 5K wood, 4K nuts and bolts etc
  6. ummm...I don't play Battle Royale - and that has nothing to do with the harvesting mechanic - they already implemented the "whack-a-mole" - find the weak point mini harvesting game - Fortnite had that longer than Crowfall. You can implement best fun practices from other genre games, it is done all the time. Doesn't change that harvesting is the opposite of fun thus far.
  7. Games = Fun Zero Fun thus far. Harvesting is horrible, needs to be 10X faster Take a clue from Fortnite
  8. testing RNG in an Alpha with low level items with say 5 or 6 continuous fails on a 3 piece item that has a 67% chance. After a couple hours I logged out frustrated and done. Ridiculous at this stage of testing to be spinning your wheels.
  9. Just want to chime in and say looking forward to rejoining Free Corps to continue the dream that is Campaign's End! Meeting old and new friends and killing them...working together to build cities and destroy yours...the fun never ends...
  10. thanks hades aka Waylander! I was involved in many of those battles as Ellowyn - leader of the Amazons/ Ama'Zeo, city of Manchra with Kestra good times!
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