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  1. Hi welcome, Id suggest checking the guild requirement forum there many guilds and many multi national Im sure you'll find a good fit there also on sigs its what you like lol mines never game related
  2. Well depends is the app for theory crafting would it be to check your current skill progression? Used to see how a campaign is going? Sure
  3. Well since your mounts can die it could be pretty viable. But yes its to be seen what else can actually be done/added with this skill line I'm one of maybe a few that never Played SWG although I could have and I heard from many that did that beast-master was a pretty fun Proffesion
  4. For a 20% or say 25% reduction in decay on a item? It doesnt brake any economy It adds value to crafters just as the player who takes the time and patience to level up a combat skill to do X amount of damage or have X amount of protection....read again item still decays but at longer rate. A craftier like this would be a bit more sought after.
  5. There would be a line for each to train etc to lower the decay time never said wipe or eliminate it plus the risk reward is the time spent to level up that skill line. and as yet we don't know the true time to level each tier of any skill as a Crafter this could make your goods 50% more valuable to your guild or said buyers as a Pvp'r this would be a added bonus. don't forget could be a line for your accessories as well.
  6. Hello welcome!! Nice what better reason then to update/get new Rig
  7. Well that's a good idea maybe there could be a skill or skill line set in place that really reduces decay on items or weapons or (fill in blank) that would be a great Idea!
  8. Ok my take on Confessor since most game I actually do a Healer or Healer Hybrid I wanted to try the range type to see how it was: What I see compared to the others that are out for alpha Its movement seems slow not very fluid Its damage well from range ( not sure its full range) you are ok or on par but lack of movement really makes you vulnerable compared to the melee classes by far the confessor super sub par. Is it the cast times on skills or its spendable skill(energy willing) or is its damage out put? Not sure but what I've tested so far on it really feels sub par . It almost feels a liability to play one as away from the group your really really well a Liability and dead.
  9. You still could to go over each one,,,and then delve more in the crafting or explorer as well since most haven't seen that and many interested in the game may like too
  10. They posted a video on mmorpg goes into the Crafting just a little with skill tree progression http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/1214/feature/10563/Unveiling-the-Skill-Trees-with-ArtCraft-Entertainment.html/page/1
  11. Thank you for the Welcome and as for test tonight depending on the travel home from work i hope to get in at least a hour of it
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