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  1. Downloading right now! What are factions? Thought this game was going pure guild oriented PvP. Do factions mean we are constrainted to whom we can and cannot kill? oh yeah and soooooo excited to get into testing. ~Hendel Dissent
  2. +1 for mentioning Brandon Sanderson And +1 because your scenario is another meaningful way to encourage PvP by fighting over resources. -1 because there was actually no PvE in this scenario. The Crab thingies were in some kind of Chrysalis state and didn't fight back, they were just ripe for the picken.
  3. No Quests. No PVE dungeons. Only PvE should be at most what it was in SB, and because leveling is time based... it would have to serve the purpose of providing resources... Any meaningful PVE should only exist because it's another resource for Players to PvP over.
  4. Guild fights and Sieging player made cities/keeps/castles.
  5. I can live with that if it works and if it does then they have a great purpose.
  6. So, My favorite game of all time was Shadowbane, played from day 1 to the day mmo's died. So you probably get where I'm coming from. I think everyone gets an eternal kingdom and you can make it more pretty and stuff with resources won in campaigns... but what's the point? Can they be sieged? Destroyed? Or is it just a place to admire your pixels and stand around and trade stuff? Any risk in these EKs? Can you rent out land and become a trading city and make money off of taxes? But even if you can do all that, you can only bring so much stuff into a world depending on the rules... would it ever be worth building your EK beyond a certain point? And why does everyone get one? Is it really just a happy pixel palace? I imagine if there are actually advantages to having an EK, your guild will get together and make one, or three so if people patronize your town they don't know they're giving money to Dissent?
  7. Hendel is here, just pledged. Member of Dissent from the beginning - never got into forumbane.
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