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  1. Since thread starter hasn't updated how it is resolved. If anyone has this issue. It is about Windows regional settings (language date and time) turn it to USA/UK and you are good to go.
  2. First of all i accept the fact that what im going to do is ethically ambigious, and sorry for that but since all of us already pledged our loyalty to crowfall (btw even ign believes our love of relatively brutal mmos instead of popular carebears gratz!after 20 something years we have a voice) i really want to advertise a kickstarter page and there are no better place i can think of than looking for support to a shamanic, element collecting cartoon series then a place which has tones of fans of the similar genres. I shared the link below check it.if you can pledge, and share in social media if
  3. this is not the right topic and its probably been answered anyway i know, but im really lazy to go check posts/topics. Its in prealpha i know and i have alpha 3 access so when will alpha 2 and 3 will probably be up i may upgrade my package. Thanks in advance.
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