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  1. We still got a ton more work to do towards our research department. Thankfully, its been a steady process and we've made good progress towards that. I'll be on most of today and super late tonight as I'm finally able to finish up an RPG with some friends.
  2. Saturday's meeting was fun. Glad to catch up with all of you. I'll be seeing you all online these upcoming weeks! Us gatherers have a lot of further testing to do!
  3. I'm still making preparations for the upcoming Activity Day. Can't wait to see how the new class integrates with parties.
  4. With 5.3 hitting servers, we can probably start to stream every now and again. Can’t wait!
  5. The latest changes to crafting and gathering are a much welcome sight. The current setup for the skill tree is also a tremendous upgrade to the original. The time bank offers flexibility while it prevents buy-to-win scenarios. Very much looking forward to the factory/thrall system.
  6. With the activity night fast approaching, I look forward to hearing for you all! Obviously we'll get some talk in in terms of what has been introduced into 5.3. Hopefully it'll jolt us with some positive energy!
  7. Agreed! 5.3 will see an increase in activity across all fronts. If your looking for something a bit more then a guild, then check us out! We are a gaming community that stretches past just 1 game. Ascendance is just 1 chapter of Legend Gaming, and is full of amazing people who are truly passionate about gaming. Every member is vetted well, in an effort to keep the LG environment competitive and friendly. Feel free to ask questions here or on our forums!
  8. I feel it also helps those who are looking for a guild get a good idea of who we are. Besides with 5.3 around the corner, likely going to see an increase in players!
  9. I definitely see gathering as more of a group mission then a solo activity. It is likely that most (if not all) activities will be in a group environment. With the way players will be specializing, a gatherer will be incapable of fending off an attack, and will likely need some form of support. I can't wait to experience 5.3! Should make gathering farm more enjoyable!
  10. Hopefully we can get a few more people online next weekend. If anyone needs help or a quick catchup course, hit me up!
  11. Looking forward to some testing this weekend with all of you. The latest Q&A has me excited for 5.3. Hopefully we'll be seeing 24/7 servers by then!
  12. Agreed. Would love for the testing group to be increased to include Alpha 3 & Beta 1. Would make for some interesting testing material.
  13. Welcome @PhatPingu! We are all anxious about the approaching campaign system, as it will be one of the key fundamental systems. Naturally at the beginning it'll be rough, and likely to have a few changes. One thing to note, once the campaign system begins to stabilize, it is likely that we will see the start of the Alpha-stage. This will naturally mean that we are ever closer to the actual launch! Can't wait to game with you and everyone in Ascendance!
  14. Hopefully we can get another good testing weekend going soon. Aside from a few people getting to test out a few archetypes, I believe we did manage to test out a few of the disciplines as well. I'm anxiously awaiting the division of the race/archtypes, plus the addition of Stoneborn. With the 24/7 servers hopefully arriving soon, it might give us an opportunity to schedule events on other days as well.
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