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  1. I'm aware of when the shine comes in, that shine should have started showing up by now. CU has been in Development 5-6 years but also built their own engine. You can disagree all you like, imo they should be further along, it shouldn't be as clunky as it is, and the UI ... lets not even go there, OP was spot on with the UI. It's not meant to be a debate, it's an opinion that I feel is accurate, you are entitled to view it however you like.
  2. More ARK then CF imo. I see very little "copied", CF isn't the first game to have these type of graphics, they're not the first with destructible fortresses, about the only thing that looks like it could have been copied is the tree of life. It's like when Warhammer came out and everyone called it a WoW clone, it was nothing like WoW and had been using those graphics in table tops long before WoW was a twinkle in the MMO communities eye.
  3. What I got out of this and I agree with is, the game is not as polished as it should be, pre-alpha or not, with the amount of time put into this game thus far it really should be more polished. Thats the short and sweet, no need for details, it simply should be further along. It's like the Dev's have A.D. .... oh look a shiny rock.
  4. As would say a fae's plate and we could go a step farther and break it down into mats used, many are not as heavy as the other but just as strong when crafted correctly so his argument is invalid because it would be completely possible to build a plate set out of a different material that weighs close to the same as a leather set. I don't think any should be dependent on Disciplines, but if you're going to force it on Leather classes then it should be forced on the others to the same extent as well. Would a Knight not do more DPS wearing Leather or chain vs plate ? Wheres the trade off for that scenario ? I don't imagine you're going to see a lot of Plate wearing casters to begin with or Leather wearing Heavies but if for whatever reason that's the route they choose to go they are already doing a trade off with offence/defense so adding a discipline to it I just can't agree with. I'm fine with making it a skill you need to learn or some other method so it's not just a freebie as long as it's not Disciplines.
  5. Silly question but are you using the proper Launcher ? When you DL the new one did you replace the old icon on your desktop or wherever ? I Have the Test and Live on the same drive in two different folders and can access both depending on which Launcher I run.
  6. If this were D&D that would be relevant, but we're talking about a world where a Hamster (who clearly wouldn't be as strong as say a Minotaur or Half Giant or Human or Elf or any of the other races for that matter) can wear plate.
  7. It's not so much about twitchy for me, it's more, Kids, Work, Life, even if I wanted to play hardcore it's just not even remotely possible anymore.
  8. Like I said, I don't think it should be tied to a Discipline, make it a skill you need to train or something along those line, it means you have to spend time/points on training it but doesn't take away from an already limited customization feature such as Discipline. I don't think it should just be given without consequence, I just don't agree with the Discipline method.
  9. Maybe it's just me but I feel that is a reversal of how it should be, your backers who have paid say $100+ (the amount doesn't really matter tbh) should be getting the Guild benefits for free, that $40 feels more like a slap in the face to me. We've discussed it in guild and no one is on board with paying more for a basic feature. If anything it has turned away a few members that were on the fence if they should buy in now or just wait for release. It's nice that you guys are willing to give the crowns away to offset but the reality is many people have backed already, we are committed even if we don't always agree with everything, putting a price on something like guild names which in turn is the only way to take advantage of this bonus doesn't say "Thank You for your support" to me.
  10. I think its a bit silly to add it to disciplines, there has got to be better way to do it. I would be fine with classes being locked to their designated armor type in the beginning as long as they had a way to unlock the other types fairly early on that didn't require the use of a discipline that like stated above, really only affects leather wearers. Not sure I can get on board with this wasting Disciplines on gear stuff.
  11. It's $70 (69.00) for the play now version, that's the cheapest package that get you in now. So here's the thing the game will cost $50, you get a free month VIP (essentially a sub) $10-$15 dollar value seeing as most monthly subs are 15 we'll say 15, so now were at $65, so you're paying $4 for the digital art book, digital soundtrack, a frame for the forums, ect ect. Basically you're not losing out on anything, game price + sub price + extra little stuff worth more then $4. I guess it comes down to, if you want to test the game now pay the $69, if you don't care to test then don't buy it. Simple enough.
  12. I'm not sure how I feel about this, the whole thing just doesn't sit right. I wish I could put my finger on what it is that's making me twitch while reading it, there's something just wrong with it.
  13. Guard was a good skill, I believe DAoC was the first to do this, it was just greatly improved come Warhammer. Tanks should be almost a support, they should provide much needed buffs to their allies around them, which forces people to take out the tank to normalize the rest of the allies. There's other ways to make them a priority target but if don't correctly putting them in more of a support role makes them more meaningful and active (provided the buffs/debuffs have proper CD's that require them to constantly be using them). But yes, Guard ... so much fun was had with this ability alone, it literally could win matches if used correctly. I would love to see a glyph with an active Guard ability.
  14. I don't "think" there is plans for another Race at the moment, maybe further down the road. However, that doesn't mean ACE won't change it's mind.
  15. People enjoy different aspects, skill can be measured in different ratio's. The so called best players usually do not excel in other areas, many high ranked 3's often got their sh!t pushed in when they went to 5's and so on. I've watched the best 8 mans in DAoC completely fail at siege and yet in open field they would dominate 10X their numbers. The debate is moot because different aspects require a different set of skills which are no less or more skillful than another area except in your own head. It come down to what X player enjoys, if thats sieging then they strive to be the best at those tactics which are usually completely different then tactics used in an arena or open field environment which in turn are also a different set of skills from one another. Debating such a thing is 100% pointless because it's all based on perspective and not reality.
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