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  1. As a ganker, I'm pretty sure a kill or assist gives you 1 point. Pretty much an insignificant amount of points.
  2. Because we won all three sieges on the first day, completely dominating both other factions. Just because you guys won one fight with 40v60 or whatever really doesn't change the fact that the power level of Balance in this campaign is very disproportionate to the other factions.
  3. Trying to act like Balance isn't completely rolling everyone in the NA campaign is not constructive. I'm on Balance and it's boring as poorly made socks we dominate in every zone with no resistance.
  4. I think the idea of resurrection sickness as a preventative measure is not a very good one, especially with the way respawning works in this game. IMO there should be a timer preventing you from resurrecting for a certain amount of time but once you are back up there are no restrictions on your stats or effectiveness. Currently if you are lucky and have a "graveyard" close to where you die you can be back, ressed and out of sight within 30 seconds. In many cases quicker than the guy who killed you can loot your body (if they have to engage multiple people or fight off mobs after killing you). If your "graveyard" is in a bad place it can lead to a five minute run around the map to get back. I'd suggest a flat two-three minute timer on being able to resurrect after you die, and also changes to the "graveyard" system so corpse-running isn't as tedious as it currently is if the zone layout doesn't favour your crows spawn point.
  5. More efficient? Sure. More enjoyable? Certainly not for me as a player who enjoys PVP. It's not only about what you gain for yourself as much as what you remove from other people. Every time I gank and get loot I'm taking away resources from the other team, and am actually being effective in the campaign environment, one of the only ways an Assassin can be useful in the campaign. That is, if I actually got loot from anyone, which I don't, because everyone spirit banks immediately. Patching in a quick temporary fix such as a few second cooldown on spirit banking items or other suggestions would not break the current state of the game and would make this aspect of the game worthwhile. Currently playing a ganker is very unrewarding.
  6. Sick video reminds me of old-school PVP movies from back in the day. Great tunes and big crits what more can you ask for? Added salt for seasoning yum yum.
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