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  1. The movement definitely needs work. I think a mix of rooted animation for high damage attacks and mobility for lower damage attacks would be the best way to go. My main problem with the combat so far is the lag time between using an ability and seeing the animation. It is also very hard to tell if you are doing any damage. Also I mainly play as the champion in the alpha tests and when I play as that archetype I do not feel like a big powerful warrior. I went 1v1 with a confessor and a couple hits in their life bar had hardly moved at all. Meanwhile the confessor had already taken 1/3 of my health down. In general the combat just does not feel balanced at all, it does feel clunky and slide(y). I know weight and movement are supposed to be used to push other smaller characters, but it just feels off.
  2. Legion is the organization. The building is the Hall of Doom.
  3. A swamp where the Hall of Doom pops out when you walk near it
  4. 1. I loved doing this! Walk by in stealth and sap and watch them come out of stun and run around strafe looking and jumping haha. 2. Are there advanced levels of stealth within the assassins skills? 3. Like someone said in another thread, assassins should be the best at 1v1 and be able to get out quickly after killing. They are called assassins for a reason. In mass PvP they are more suited to taking out casters who sit at the edge and throw damage into the melee. I plan to play assassin in Crowfall. My hope is that we will be able to sneak into an outpost or keep and assassinate important targets or sabotage equipment.
  5. I agree there is a disconnect between using abilities and seeing them play out onscreen. I feel like the combat is still not very solid.
  6. How did you get your first job in the video game industry?
  7. An event contest to build a mobile app for them is a great idea! It would probably need some good incentives though.
  8. So if using the Crusader vessel you get access to the Knight and Crusader trees but not either of the other two at that time? Correct?
  9. Can you get exp in two promotions trees within one archetype and have access to both skills at once. For example say the Knight class can promote to Crusader, or Warrior. Can you go hybrid and get a bit of both. Or can you only have one sub-tree 'active' at a time?
  10. I get that? Doesn't really answer the question.
  11. Influencing the battlefield that is the campaign worlds by building fortresses in strategic locations. Destroying enemy strongholds and looting the place. Characters with PHYSICAL SUBSTANCE! Not being able to run through other characters is a big thing to me in a pvp environment.
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