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  1. Wait, i thought you guys just RP alpha/beta games? Good to see you're still around! Happy hunting!!
  2. All I've seen is a lack of sensibility and a desperate attempt to bring in more players. I feel we've either been lied to for the past 4+ years about the type of game that was being made or you really have no freaking idea what you're doing! Need more players? Here's a thought, invite more players! Still need more players? How about advertise? I really do not get why you guys have wasted so much time on building a "open-world" game only to introduce a BR/arena style game! BR/arena kills open-world; It always has and always will! As its been stated many many times, outside of Dregs and Siege, what incentive do I have to play the game? With the answer being "nothing" why not improve on the already existing game rather than try to recreate it original purpose? In short, nothing you are doing is new. Its not refreshing and certainly does not offer anything that isn't already out there. As a pre-alpha backer I so wanted this game to work, but its painfully clear this is another DOA project that needs a huge red sticker reading "Cash Grab!"
  3. With respect. this is ignorance at its best and I'll use Albion/Hell Gates as a example of how small guilds can remain competitive in a large guild game. Dregs could work in a similar way where guild and player caps of 10/20/50 ect are offered while also catering to Dregs that allow for much larger numbers.. Given the many exclusions CF currently already has, limiting content due to guild size is a recipe for disaster and in a market that will soon offer many more options to the genre, id argue the success of CF is very much reliant on being able to appeal to all. You'll be one of the first to be here crying about how dead the game is if current systems are not adjusted!
  4. Hello, So what systems are in place, or will be in place to protect and/or encourage small to mid-sized guilds playing CF? After speaking to a few others on the subject, its strongly believed that CF will cater to zerg vs zerg and smaller guilds either join them or die. And please do not mention alliances as that is a band-aid for a much larger issue. Thank you.
  5. HEY!! Thats awesome, so like 10 people get to test again? Where is the middle finger emo?
  6. https://crowfall.com/en/faq/ Here is a link to the FAQ section. Knock yourself out!
  7. And that's a mindset and response i'd expect from WinterBlades based on what iv seen from you all in a short time. Though to be fair, i'v never run with you guys, so what do i know GG
  8. we did not get one last week, and so far nothing impressive this week - No bug fixes, new content ect. But the day is still young!
  9. I do have to say, i like it when you guys let your actions speak for themselves... At roughly min 21 one of you states, "this is embarrassing for them" No, not really! To be fair, a Templar can 1v5 EASILY. Add a tanky druid against 3 tanks and one VERY new druid and its a recipe for success. Looking forward to our next encounter...
  10. Good stuff, guys. @Xarrayne I see you casting Contain Essence a lot. I tested that for about a hour last night and saw NO change is essence reduction, so why are you casting it? I also tested Slow Growth which also had little to no affect. Thoughts?
  11. Its only arrows - You'd still be crafting bows and daggers. So its not like you're losing your lively-hood. I mean, the whole point of having a disc in this situation is to replace the need of making thousands of arrows.
  12. Our* Keep in mind the idea is that basic arrows would be equal to the standard crafted arrows. Additions in range, dmg ect would come from minors. As we move forward, its well known that "healing" for example will be less of a option, or come at a cost of sacrificing extra dps/skills. I see no reason why archers shouldn't have to choose between having a second more support related disc vs a disc that increases archers arrow stats, even if its just a minor disc.
  13. A suggestion for archers and their arrows - Make arrows endless via a Discipline and add minors for increased range, damage ect. So with the arrow disc, you'd have endless arrows (or you could add it to a weapon disc) via one of said disc and additional spells/skills associated with one of them. Then create minors for increased range, dmg ect. No more crafting of arrows and potentially more archer options via class specific disc's. By the cosmos and all things magical, Destrin was thinking and typing a VERY similar idea at roughly the SAME time i was - So please, credit is to be shared!
  14. Game is currently in pre alpha - Entry for testing is $70. At the moment you are able to play 7 days a week, but in your EK - A place where you can practice pvp, crafting, and harvest basic materials. Typically the weekends, Friday through Sunday, sometimes Thursday Through Monday there will be 3-4 campaigns up. "Soon" there will be a 24/7 campaign world - We are hoping for that this week or the next.
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