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  1. ... I tried this method of harvesting yesterday on the TEST environment and spent about half an hour just to have fun with alternate-clicking This was the first time I got a glimpse of the joy someone may feel by being a harvester in this game Just a feedback: for me it seems the weak spot-hits only register, if I put my crosshair EXACTLY on the crosshair of the weak spot - being inside the white circle seems not to work - maybe it's a latency problem as I get high pings, connecting from EU to the TEST environment.
  2. ... it was a great event, guts'n'glory, great fun and great lag was to be had. The discipline in Discord and in game was great over all for so many people meeting up on one place (including randoms like me), I had a very nice experience. Thanks to all participants, organisators and to ACE for providing a fresh server. And special thanks to my teammates Extintor, Destrin and later Yumx and Bawisk for being good sports and carrying a knight in full (basic) plate along with them
  3. ... I am tempted to join, but last time I played and entered the area of big fights, the client just lagged out and crashed (haven't PvP'ed since Big Reveal update due to that). But I think I should give it a try again
  4. ... if you are already on 5.0.1 (which I luckily got downloaded yesterday evening), you can just buypass and launch the game with the crowfall.exe instead.
  5. ... I still hope I can name my vessel for immersion (like in TESO, where character name and account-name are shown).
  6. ... what the OP asks for is actually a very good suggestion IMHO. I would even go further and say: let us pick a skill tree completely per testing weekend for example to actually TEST them and their balance - with ability to reset limited times. I mean, come on, we are doing pre-alpha-test-stuff and don't really PLAY the game, so there is little spoiler danger, and lots of skills haven't been leveled to the fullest yet, so no one has any idea if they bug out or are completely broken (like the Templar skill with healing buff was). At some time we need data regarding the highest skills before launch, but lots of testers won't reach that level on many skill trees...
  7. ... happy delayed April 1st
  8. ... das ist mir schon klar, und ich finde es auch löblich, dass man für ein Testwochenende hier eine Threadankündigung macht, um eben interessierte Spieler für das Wochenende in eine Fraktion zu bekommen... hätten ruhig mehr Gilden/Communities machen können. Es ist nur so, dass Chaos IMMER in JEDEM Spiel überlaufen ist (zumindest nach meiner jahrelangen Erfahrung), und darauf bezog sich meine Bemerkung Ihr habt ja selber gemerkt, dass man dann keine Gegner mehr hat, wenn alle der gleichen (überlaufenen) Fraktion angehören, deswegen spielen dann wieder einige in der FFA-Welt.
  9. ... Spieler einer Chaos-Fraktion zu sein ist soo klischeehaft War schon bei WAR mit dem Main in der Order-Fraktion und liebäugele in CF mit der Balance-Allianz... weil ich den Tooltip dazu mag... xD
  10. ... not sure if it already has been reported or if it is only a problem on my side: If I try to edit my posts, I can only enter the reason, but am not able to see or alter my initial post. Also trying to report my posts won't let me enter a reason for reporting.
  11. *insert Tetris-theme here* ... rotate, match pattern, connect. I am looking forward to puzzle and stitch my own EK together and am interested in the creation other EK-builders come up with. Maybe there could be ways to use some player-built EK as a campaign map - created in some building-competitions and such.
  12. ... In WAR, at least at first the CHAOS was hiring the higher numbers (lots of younger players in there), which made ORDER players getting zerged a lot at the beginning. Then lots of organized players/Guilds started to play ORDER too, while the initial CHAOS players stopped playing (due to low attention span perhaps), so the fights started to get uneven the other way round. I think I will either joining ORDER for this playtest or have the 3rd option WAR didn't provide and go BALANCE - just for lore's sake
  13. ... I come from Guild Wars (the original one, although I played lots fo GW2) with it's reduced/limited skills of 8 (!) on any given time that you have to set before entering your instance -and whenever they added new skills to choose, the balancing got more difficult - it was not as bad as MtG the TCG, where old cards are almost useless after the next uber-edition gets released, but the more skills were available, the more useless skills were available too. I also played lots of other MMOs with abundance of skill bars readily available everytime, but that was not better than the former. So quantity didn't beat quality in that case (as in most cases IMHO). So it is no problem for me having only a few skills for combat (lots of action games have around three: weak/medium/strong attack), because combat dynamics does not originate only from a big skill pool - it mostly gets only messier this way. What I would like would be more options to react to the skills used in combat - or at least that it would matter what I do in a fight apart from spooling rotations till oblivion is dawning
  14. ... I am a fairly new crow, and never played the Hunger Dome- or Siege Perilous-tests, where combat seems to happen more often than I experience it in the Big World-rounds, so my experience in CF combat is actually limited. But I already begin to feel like there is something missing - mostly the choices I have available when fighting: most fights result in "working through rotations" rather than reacting to the combat flow (if anyone plays Assassins Creed or Prince of Persia Warrior Within you may know what I try to express). What I like is that in some cases I actually have choices, how my chain should branch out (using skill 2 again or skill E instead for example). But right now even that is kind of limited due to effectivity. But that is only a balance problem, so hopefully we get more skills to choose from (like building a deck of cards in MtG or similar card games) and being able to use more branched chains instead of only simple effective rotations - so that combat will have to be a game of decisions and counterplay instead of just using muscle memory (regardless of opponent) till we suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome :/
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