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  1. This game is basically Shadowbane 2 So if you are interested in this game you should be playing Shadowbane
  2. A MMORPG where they restart the server every 3 months
  3. There are better ways to deal with stagnation than to end the game every 3 months You could have Islands with rare resources, but it takes months to research and attain the resources to build ships You could have other continents, with new resources and spells, but it will take a year of research to build ships that cross the ocean You could have people start on different continents. It would take many years to explore all of the continents, and much longer to conquer them It will take crafters years to figure out all the things they can make from the resources obtained from new continents mixed with their own resoures With new skills and spells discovered on other continents, your characters can continue to develop for years Feel free to add you own ideas
  4. They said they will take suggestions for new campaigns. So I am suggesting a permanent campaign If not permanent, then what is the longest campaign they would have? 1 year? 2 years? 5 years? A 5 year campaign would basically be the same as a permanent campaign
  5. Some people don't like thsi campign stuff So will they make a permanent campaign that will work like a regular mmo?
  6. Giants Dragons Trolls (of course) Treants
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