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  1. Hello, Logged in yesterday had all my rewards in my vault and then now I have no mounts and I'm not sure what else. Could this be checked out?
  2. Background What is your Crowfall forum username? * xChiip Do you currently have access to Crowfall? Yes Does anyone else have access to your account? No Personal What is your (in-game) name? * xChiip What is your Discord name? * xChiip What is your age? * 23 What timezone do you live in? Uk What are your general play times? Varies due to work hours being so unrealiable Is there anything that would affect your availability? My girlfriend? haha. What is your past experience with MMO's and games? I've been playing MMO's Since vanilla WoW What activities do you like to do outside of Crowfall? I Train MMA Semi-Professionally, Going out with friends typical 23 year old stuff. Chapter Why do you want to join this chapter? I've been looking for a good group of people to play a game with for a while. What are your goals in Crowfall? Just enjoy it to be honest What do you expect from us? A really fun environment with good banter. Do you know anyone in our chapter who can personally vouch for you? Unfortunately not. Do you have any final comments that you wish us to consider? Nope
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