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  1. Background

    • What is your Crowfall forum username? * xChiip
    • Do you currently have access to Crowfall? Yes
    • Does anyone else have access to your account? No


    • What is your (in-game) name? * xChiip
    • What is your Discord name? * xChiip
    • What is your age? * 23
    • What timezone do you live in? Uk
    • What are your general play times? Varies due to work hours being so unrealiable
    • Is there anything that would affect your availability? My girlfriend? haha.
    • What is your past experience with MMO's and games? I've been playing MMO's Since vanilla WoW
    • What activities do you like to do outside of Crowfall? I Train MMA Semi-Professionally, Going out with friends typical 23 year old stuff.


    • Why do you want to join this chapter? I've been looking for a good group of people to play a game with for a while.
    • What are your goals in Crowfall? Just enjoy it to be honest
    • What do you expect from us? A really fun environment with good banter.
    • Do you know anyone in our chapter who can personally vouch for you? Unfortunately not.
    • Do you have any final comments that you wish us to consider? Nope :)
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