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  1. Had this in live / 5.10.
  2. Harvesting potions don t appear to be working. Specifically looking at skinning.. kill mob go to skin see i have 4 points plentiful harvest. Drink potion, do same, still 4 points. Verified logging potions do do anything either.
  3. Dismounting is broken. Can mount, but cannot press "O" to dismount anymore.
  4. Check our Corvus Citadel. Recruitment Post: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/17446-cc-corvus-citadel/
  5. My ticket was updated with "You aren't the only one running into this issue. We're looking into it now. I'll let you know as soon as I have an update." I also see that my other characters cannot get in Axis Mundi - seems like same error. only difference is the other toons can get into ek (after i kill client). The original toon can't do that.
  6. If that is the case why would you also be unable to load into the EK?
  7. I do and have submitted a ticked. Close out of game and other toons work, but the one that DC'd while ore gathering cant get in to either god's reach or EK.
  8. Sent my app in. Look forward to seeing you in game once I get my new PC.
  9. Jackd

    Need new pc

    If ain't ain't broke... but yeah - haha
  10. Jackd

    Need new pc

    To upgrade from 8gb to 16 was $72. Not sure why the SSD upgrade would be like that.
  11. Jackd

    Need new pc

    Thanks Seaspite. For the game files, I was planning on putting them on the SSD too. Any reason to put on HDD? I did order from Digital Storm. I'll update post once I have the machine - assuming their build and ship is better than when you tried (I wouldn't wait 3 weeks with nothing either).
  12. Ahh, that was the piece I wasn't clear on. Thanks
  13. Ok, so buying from the store doesn't move you up in pledge level. Thanks
  14. What all can you do to upgrade? Once you open your package, I thought I read something saying you can no longer upgrade. Does that mean upgrading is buying store items (not pledge upgrade)?
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