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  1. I’m under the impression that farming mobs for gold and disciplines lacks the element of fun. Farming is mindlessly repetitive and without any of the thrill you get from player vs player action. My first suggestion is to replace rare discipline drops and non-player vendors selling disciplines to a new crafting specialization. Instead of farming disciplines from mobs with a low drop rate, you would farm discipline reagents with a varied drop rate with low rank mobs dropping common reagents and higher tier mobs dropping common reagents and blue, green, and purple reagents. You would take those reagents and craft the various disciplines. My second suggestion is to completely remove gold from the game. Bring back the barter system that was part of the original vision of Crowfall. Now that disciplines can be crafted there’s no need to have non-player vendors selling low tier loot. Let player crafters create intermediate items to barter. Instead of having zombies and warbands drop gold, give them a greater chance to drop extra etheric dust. My third suggestion is to introduce a resource called sweat. Sweat is gathered from every activity and is used to upgrade guard posts from low rank guards costing little sweat to high rank guards costing extra sweat. This would give groups a chance to coordinate vital guard locations before the siege window opens. You would be able to add additional skills that boosts harvesting sweat.
  2. I recently logged into the test server with my friend Aerion. We tried a few different aspects of the game and were generally excited to play. Here is a list of some things I liked, and some things I didn’t like. Things I didn’t like: 1. The first time I loaded up Crowfall it took more than half a minute to display something other than a black screen. I believe the industry standard is to have something on the screen, such as a loading icon, before eight seconds. For a moment I wasn’t sure if the game broke. 2. The grid lettering on the map is unconventional, with both lowercase and uppercase lettering. A game that did grid lettering really well is Foxhole. It’s on steam in early access, I would check it out. 3. I understand that development takes time, but I can’t recommend the game to some of my pickier friends until there is textures on the temple. Immersion is a big deal for some people. 4. It took me a while to realize that tooltips for the rune gates didn’t appear because I was in combat mode. I spent a minute trying to figure out which rune gate went where. 5. The harvesting targets are not reliably hittable. 6. The siege timer doesn’t consistently update and gets stuck. The map siege timer works perfectly. 7. My computer’s hardware isn’t being utilized. I was at 20% CPU usage and 39% GPU usage and I was still getting 35FPS max. 8. It was difficult to find animals on this map. We searched for about an hour before finding our second animal den and realized it was easier to camp the animals than scour the map for animals. 9. Where do you get gold in this version? The mobs weren’t dropping any gold. 10. At level 6 with intermediate armor, the plague tree seemed unkillable and overpowered. We ended up just chilling in the keep until the siege window closed. 11. At the end of the siege with only two of us in the area, the FPS dropped hard as it loaded up the siege completion window. The siege window didn’t go away either without manually clicking the button. 12. We didn't find a single mob boss in the 4 hours we played. Things I did like: 1. The new training dummies in the temple are cool. If I may suggest, Everquest 2 has an ability for all classes called the strike of consistency, which deals a consistent flat amount of damage, used for testing the effects of gear and other buffs on the character. 2. I much prefer the different PvP camps to have no guards, or upgradable guard posts, to the old system. 3. I liked the warning tooltip for near destroyed harvesting tools. It lets me focus on hitting the targets. 4. Having the harvested resources appear only to the harvester, or members of the same party, seems like it would help with griefing, although I haven’t encountered that style of griefing. 5. Playing this time around I felt as though there was less hitching and less jerky character movement. Questions: 1. Are we going to get a customizable user interface? I would prefer if every window or aspect of the UI was movable or editable.
  3. When I log out of the campaign and back in I get duplicate chat channels for zone. Also the zone channel doesn't disappear when I've logged out back to lobby. I was in a group, but it wasn't group chat giving me any trouble.
  4. I liked looking at the map, it was very helpful that it loaded quickly. Navigating through the campaign map was also a breeze. I wouldn't mind seeing the campaign map drag and drop moveable across the x axis and y axis similar to the way zone maps are movable. The difference between adventure, siege, freecity, and beachhead zones is unclear. A tutorial video describing how the campaign world works would be helpful. The runegates in Thracia are unclear which zone they take you to. I got a full stack of gold in Thracia from a trade with who I assume was a dev? So I decided to level up to 30. After confirming the sacrifice for experience which results in a level, the window closes even though I wanted to sacrifice more towards the next level. As it stands, I had to exit out of my inventory and re-interact with the sacrifice fire to get back into the sacrifice window. After reaching level 30 I could drag items into the sacrifice window, but was not able to confirm. It would make sense of the sacrifice window was greyed out after reaching level 30. Dragging and dropping an item in the inventory into the spacing between inventory slots asks if I want to destroy my item. I wanted to destroy many items in my inventory, but could only destroy one at a time. The description for the Ranger's Archer promotion shows the hexadecimal color code prefixing "Crushing Damage Bonus Cap." I can't drag and drop items in the action tray into a different slot in the action tray, which is counter-intuitive.
  5. Crowfall 5.8 Test Feedback Early Login I was able to log in an hour early and check out the character creation screen and private eternal kingdom. The campaign didn’t come up until around 8:50EST. Chat and Logs 1. Anytime someone said something longer than one line the bottom line would get cut off. Character Creation and Deletion The user interface for character creation and deletion worked well. I couldn’t delete the character unless the pattern was correct. 1. I could name my character any inappropriate name I could think of, including common profanity and other inappropriate names like “Hitler“. 2. I liked that multiple characters could have the same name and that I could reuse the name of a character I just deleted. Character Customization The character customization looked amazing. I checked out many of the races and there didn’t seem to be any problems. The random button and reset button are nice. 1. There was no zoom feature in the character creator which made it difficult to compare face styles and hair styles. 2. There was no random name feature which would be cool. 3. There’s a section for eye color, but there was no eye color customization for any of the races I looked at. I guess just isn’t implemented in this build. Skills I was able to set the skills to start gathering points for the different skill trees. 1. Without the race and class skill trees the skills feel a bit barren. I hope there’ll be some kind of replacement coming for passive training skills. Videos Some of the videos for new players are out of date with the new features coming in. I only checked a few to see if they were updated. 1. The skills tutorial still shows race and class skill sections. 2. The race and class tutorial reference storing vessels in the crypt which is no longer in game. Eternal Kingdom Harvesting I was able to create and enter into my private eternal kingdom. There were trees, stone, and minerals, but no animals. So I was able to test harvesting everything except the animals. 1. The sound effect for a harvest hit was gone. I would attack with the tool and it would Swoosh instead of chopping the tree or striking the stone and ore. 2. The harvest sometimes didn’t hit on the second swing even though the aim cursor was directly over the resource node. 3. I logged out of the EK with my harvesting axe equiped, then I logged in and found my axe still equipped. The AXE SUMMONED modifier was in effect. However, when I went to strike a tree, my character attack the tree with his fists instead of the harvesting axe. I had to unequip and reequip the harvesting axe to begin chopping down the tree. 4. The wrong tool helper is a good idea. In 5.7 I tried to harvest stone with a pick for like thirty minutes before realizing I needed a hammer. Map Screen I was able to load the map quickly and without problems. Inventory Screen Opening the different in-game menu screens worked well for the inventory, crafting, talent trees, and others. 1. Opening and closing the in-game menus was more frustrating. For instance when I’m done crafting and I close the menu using the escape key, then I open the invetory with the ‘I‘ hot key, I still see the crafting screen even though I thought I exited out of the crafting screen. Edge of the Eternal Kingdom I was able to visit the edge of my Eternal Kindom. 1. I could peer down the chasm and see the edge of the tiles, breaking immersion. 2. I jumped down the chasm and died. The falling animation was awkward and the speed of the fall felt awkwardly slow. 3. I reanimated at my body at the bottom of the chasm after jumping down with my crow. The invisible wall at the edge of the tiles was also immersion breaking. Ability Tray I noticed there was a timer on the recall ability after I used it. 1. The ability timer appeared to be in seconds. Can we get a varient of the timer with hours, minutes, and seconds? Crafting I did some low-level crafting in my eternal kingdom with the resources I harvested. I made a bow and arrows for my ranger. 1. I tried crafting a vial of poison which required four apples. I had looted three common apples and one poor apple. I filled the resource box with my common apples with a right clicked. I then right clicked on my poor apple which ended up consuming it. Perhaps a context menu would be appropriate? Combat Log 1. It appeared that the resources I was harvesting from had placeholder names in the combat log. Campaign, The Battle of the Bugs I played in the campaign for maybe twenty minutes. It was unclear if there was a GM coordinating the test. After choosing order the game loaded up what I assume was the beachhead. Campaign Browser 1. After selecting the campaign world from the campaign broswer, and being presented with faction choice, I could no longer cancel my selection of campaign world. 2. The map button wasn’t functioning. 3. The faction selection and confirmation buttons worked as you would imagine. Map 1. Inside the campaign world the map button functioned and showed me the order entry point. 2. Clicking on campaign map from inside the map menu showed nothing. Fire Damage 1. I jumped in the fire pit and the sacrificial fire and found that neither did any damage. It was unclear if that was just because I was in the beachhead or not. Snow 1. The snow that built up on the character looked great. Runegate 1. I couldn’t interact with the runegate at all. Talents 1. It would be nice if there was a way to check the talent tree of a vessel from the main menu similar to skills. Vessel Shenanigans There were some issues with the vessel and campaign world interaction. 1. Inside the campaign world I had all the items I harvested from the EK still on my vessel. The spirit bank showed 150 export and 150 imports. I didn’t use the spirit bank. 2. I could sacrifice my EK items for experience inside the campaign world 3. After committing my character to the campaign world I could no longer enter my EK, I could only relog into the Battle of the Bugs. 4. Unlocking my character from the campaign worked as expected. 5. Even though unlocking my character from Battle of the Bugs warned me my inventory would wipe, I still all my inventory when I entered my EK.
  6. I've played a few mmo games that didn't have a customizable hud and it was always a disappointment. Glad to see it going to be a feature in crowfall.
  7. I sure the emergent gameplay will come from the players themselves. Any time you have people put together socializing in some way you'll see emergent behaviors.
  8. I wouldn't worry about what others think of your game. Most everyone I know plays a combination of instanced match based games and persistent world games. Crowfall will be the reese's pieces of online gaming.
  9. I saw in one faq that the campaign world's will change seasons from spring to winter. Will we be able to choose a season for our eternal kingdom?
  10. Just signed up as a backer today. This game looks like its going to be amazing. Looking forward to playing.
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