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  1. Have you heard about the rorqual changes?
  2. I'm not quite grasping why everyone has a hard-on for action-combat in mmos. I played TERA on release and the giant world pvp on the scale of a bane was a cluster custard. The collision really killed it. You could be setting up a combo on your slayer and a friendly would get in your way and you wouldn't be able to advance towards the person you just knocked down. That or just having ranged classes laying down walls of AoE to prevent an advance, while cool in theory, gets quite frustrating and stale quick. Don't get me wrong, I love action-combat like darksouls which I have many hundreds of hours in but it's not really a combat style for mass pvp (IMO). You can still have quality small gang/solo pvp with the shadowbane style combat. Being able to actively participate in pvp is important to me.
  3. I agree with surbear here. I like having leveling to give you some sort of gradual learning of your character and how it works. "Slowly" leveling and adding disc runes and different skills over time lets you discover your character and how each spell works together. Being given max level overwhelms the player with too much and if you give them too little the instant max character becomes too shallow. I would like leveling to be something like Shadowbane (no quests, just grinding but not TOO long of a grind such as Lineage 2) with a class like druid that helps speed up the process in a group.
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