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    Books, Anime, Gaming, work, also Gaymer here!

    looking for friends, fun, and comradery
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  1. I've played Fighter/mages in DND and would love to see it done well in a game. I just think it is really difficult to balance.
  2. Either way i'm excited to find out! also, Great graphics!
  3. roowho

    GM events

    I'm totally a fan of GM events. I think they generate a lot of excitement! also like the idea of never again items for the events at least something to take away for victory!
  4. I froze this morning! it was negative 7 without wind chill! also really looking forward to see how the strategy mashes up with the hack and slash. hoping groups will be able to accomplish real goals that THEY set and make happen simply because they wanted to. sounds like this will be a friendly immersive experience so far!
  5. So far, I wanna play with your guild! I made sure to friend and follow!
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