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  1. Vessel Creation and Skills as i wish it should be. Numbers are just to show the Differences. Im not writing down all possible Numbers like Crit Chances or anything like this. I dont write down all Classes and Races that are ingame actually. Also its just my Wish as i want it to be. I know what is in this game atm. You dont need to reply with.. that is like this or that is already ingame. 1. Choice is the Race. Maybe: Human Base Life 100, Base Stamina 100, Base Mana 100, Free additional Creation Rune (Skill Line for Humans on the Crow) Minotaur Base Life 140, Base Stamina 140, Basa Mana 0, Racial Power Rage , (Skill Line for Minotaur on the Crow) Elf Base Life 70, Base Stamina 100, Base Mana 130, Racial Power Dodge Chance (Skill Line for Elf on the Crow) 2. Choice Racial Creation Runes. (5 Runes) Maybe: Lifepool +10, Staminapool +10, Manapool +10. (Crit, defense, Health Mana Stamina Regen and so on....) 3. Choice Base Class Maybe: Knight (granting Bonus on Sword, Shield and Plate) (Skill Line for Knight on the Crow) Assassin (Granting Bonus on Dagger, Leather and Poison, Sneak) (Skill Line for Assassin on the Crow) Ranger (Granting Bonus on Leather, Chain and Bow, Sneak) (Skill Line for Ranger on the Crow) 4. Choice Class Creation Runes (4-5) Maybe: Grant Power or Grant Skill Bonus. Thats all to create your Vessel. Ingame: 1. Choose a Weapon and Armour You can pick all Armor and all Weapon on each Class. Maybe some Weapons make more sense on a specific Race or Base Class. As for Example. Choose a Bow on a Ranger grants you more power with the Bow. But you can use a Sword on the Ranger too. The Powers you grant are not specific for a Class. They come along with the Weapons or Armor you choose. There should be Skill Lines for every Weapon and every Armor. That gives you the Basic for a Char to fight and Hunt. 2. Find a Promotion Runestune or Craft it. To Specialice your Char you can get a Promotion. This Promotion is permanent. You cant destroy the Promotion Runestone without destroying the Vessel. Maybe: Shadowblade (Needs to be Knight, Ranger, Assassin) (Prohibited on Minotaur, Centaur) Grants you Sneak and some Sneak Attacks. Holy Fire (Needs to be Knight, Confessor, ...) (Prohibited to Ranger, Assassin, Duelist) Grants you Access to Heals and Buffs Firewalker (Needs to be Assassin, Confesser) (Prohibited to Knight) Grants Spellpower and Spells in Fire. 3. Disciplines. Adding additonal Powers and Stats as already ingame. 4. Weopon Mastery. Adding additonal Powers and Stats as already ingame. 5. Minor Adding additonal Powers and Stats as already ingame. All together every choice is depending and there is total Freedom for Char Creation.
  2. I dont think that will happen. Powers and Bonuses and disadvantages from Race. Power and Bonuses and disadvantages from Class. Power and Bonuses and disadvantages from Promotion Class. Power and Bonuses and disadvantages from Discipline 1 Power and Bonuses and disadvantages from Discipline 2 It will stay like it is now. But with the freedom to choose a Promotion Class different from the Base Class it will offer more customisation. Every Choice is important for your Vessel. But i agree it would suck if they are just Token.
  3. Yes, thats the Point. Mage Assassin or anything like this. Ok. Just a small list to hopefully clarify what i want to say. (My English is not the best.) Base Class Promotion Class Knight Knight Promotion 1 Knight Promotion 2 Knight Promotion 3 Confessor Confessor Promotion 1 Confessor Promotion 2 Confessor Promotion 3 Assassin Assassin Promotion 1 Assassin Promotion 2 Assassin Promotion 3 With that you know everytime you see a Knight Promotion Class 1 that this is a Knight Base Class. Or you see a confessor Promotion Class 2 and you know its a Confessor. You will never get stealth on a Knight or Confessor. The Disciplines add some Powers, but no Groundbreaking changes. Like Stealth or anything like this. If you want go stealth you have to choose Ranger, Assa or Duelist. But what if you seperate that. Confessor Base Class with Assassin Promotion Class 1 (Stealth Mage Assa Typ1 More Magic Damage lesse defensive.) Or a Assassin Base Class with Confessor Promotion Class (Stealthy Mage Assa Typ2 More Defensive less magic damage) Or a Knight with Confessor Promotion Class. That will create so much new variations. Rounded up with the Disciplines and you have a ton more Options.
  4. Yes Sure. But now you have a ton of Races and a ton of classes. But the Promotion Classes are still limited to its Base Klasses. It would be cool if you could break up with that. Maybe get the Knight as Basclass. Choose a Promotion Class from the Confessor Tree and mix it up with some nice Discs. That way you loose the Damage from Confessor Base Class, but get some Tank from the Knight Class. The Variations are limitless. (OK. Now there are nearly Limitless combinations too.) Just make the Promotion Classes seperate from the Base Classes. Not all Base Classes can get every Promotion Class, but hell, it would be so cool.
  5. Hi all, i did not found the answer on the forums right now, so i write it down. If it was already a Thread for that Question i would like to get the Links to it. Thx in Advance. So now as Crowfall goes the Way to Seperate the Races from the Classes did we get the old Shadowbane Base Classes by any Chance ? It would be so cool Fighter or Rogue Ranger Mage or Rogue Assassin Mage or Rogue Bard (was in SB now it is a Disc) Healer or Fighter Crusader (was in SB) There would be some awesome ways to create Chars, Every Base Class will get its own Advantages and Disadvantages. Do i want stealth on my Charaker and loose some tank and DPS. Im Sure that ACE spoke already about it internal in Team.. But i would like to know if we see that maybe in future ?
  6. There is no Problem at the Game mechanics in my eyes, so there is no need to solve it with the Idea of the Thread starter. The Point that a "stigma" has to be overcome is a point and there is a solution needed. And EVE has that Problem. I know much people thinking the same. But i dont think that the Game mechanic must be made easier for that. Bringing a 25% skillgain Buff for the first 30 days would be much better than allowing poeple to get the same ammount of skills as passive players in the half of the time by active playing. So back to the TS Idea where is the Endpoint ? What is if i decide to play active from the First day ? So i have the double amount of skill Points in the same time than the passive player.
  7. Hmm.. i dont think that it is a really big Problem in EVE. And it will no Problem in Crowfall. In Eve you can play every way you want and have success even with lower skill numbers. To get most out of a char in a spezial part of the Game you only need ~ 5mill SP in EVE. You can make good PVP with only 2 Mill. ~ 1 Month Training. So the only difference between a new player and a old player is the Ammount of possible Play Options. In Crowfall the New Player without VIP is limited to his First Archetype. The Older Player can choose from more Archetypes and may fight and craft and trade I Think that every Kind of active Training will break the whole balance of the skill system. I dont like the Idea that a new player can skill up so easily. Why should a player ever use the passive Training ? As a normal Player i will use the active Training to, because i can get the double ammount of skill Points in the same time. I am stupid if i just train passive. As Freeze said before... it would just open a bunch of new problems. If the Game is released and the first few month are over.. there is time enough to think about it.
  8. disagree... There are enough variances for Builds. If Disciplines add some powers it is ok. But granting Powers or Power Upgrades by spezial Skill Lines would not bring more variations.. It will limit the Variations. There are maybe a few more useful powers for pvp, so all archetype "MUST" skill the same direction to get access to it. Or they add an enourmus amount of powers to the game... but that will be really impossible. All with own Animations and so on.
  9. I think its a myth that new players cant catch up with older players. You get really fast skills to 100 maybe 2 days per skill. So after that your invest of time is much higher and your reward is much lower. If you invest 10 days in training an additional 5 percent to get 105 a new player will finish 5 skills to 100. That 5 percent are only finetuning but will not make the big difference in a char. At least a new char is playable fast. But it takes long to master all skills. But there is no need to master it all. It depends on the personal Skill and playstile of each player to make the right choices. Bringing an Active System for players to train skills will bring a big unbalance to the game. One Idea may be ok.. Whats about bringing a "SKILL BUFF" System. If you kill a Monster or a player you get a 5 minute Buff for 1 Percent more skillgain. This Buff can stack up to a maximum of 24 Hours. So you need to kill 144 Monsters or players for that buff and can earn 24 Hours faster skill gain. After that it returns to normal. if you continue active playing you have always the buff active. If not it is in normal skill Rate.
  10. No need for that. If i see you on the street, are you bigger than other people ? And if not.. are you not from that qualitiy that i am ? If i attack a person it must be a decission because i want his stuff or i want his place or i just want pvp. And if i attack him in his legendary vessel with my normal knight vessel. I am proud. I have done it. Would you want to leave all people the battlefield because they see a bigger vessel coming in and they dont try to defend her castle.. they just ran away... A legendary Vessel will not make a big factor in my eyes.. but it is not needed that everyone see it. As written before.. We have no Problem, so we dont need a solution
  11. Plz NO. Arena Pvp is Ruining the whole concept in my eys... Allowing it with no Rewards and no Rank System may be ok. But bringing Gold an Skills for fighting one vs one is horrible. The whole Crowfall Skill System is there to bring a ton of options. You cant win every fight. You may get a good point in a situation with the right trained skills and may loose in another situation. a Arena is always the same situation bringing people to train just a few skills just for arenafights. There is no need in my eys to ruin this game with a 1 vs 1 arena. There will much possible 1 vs 1 fights in the campaigns... As said before organized Guilds with EK Arenas will good enough for this kind of fights.. greeting
  12. Hmm I Think there will be a "vessel" Limit. So if you can use one Vessel in your EK and two in two different Campaigns as normal Player.. The 3 + Char Slots will allow that you can use 6 Vessels... So no need for a compensation. I Think the the +1 Vessel will be a Shop Item too.
  13. As far as i remember SB. Some Corrections But great List Vandarr. Shades got only hide and no sneak. And Hide only to a maximum of 20. Mage Based casted stealth allows no moving. Only exception was the Mage Assassin which got normal Sneak and Hide as a mage. Shades could see up to 20 naturally. Back to Topic: What was your favorite stealth moment (in any game)? What are you hopes for stealth and stealth-enabled archetypes in Crowfall? What are your concerns for stealth/assassins in Crowfall? 1. One of the greatest moments was for me as i took out a Full Group soloing with my Huntress. Only one of them was afk. And one came away. First i took out a resting Channeller, after that i hit down the Priest. As they noticed me the Priest was almost down. The Doomsayer was the next one, but he was mage based so no problem.The Prelate was tough, but not enough damge output. Their scout was a bit harder he attacked me really late.... That damn Irekei unarmed Scout. a ton of damage incoming so i sit down to relax a little bit and rest HP. If he had attacked a minute earlier i would not have done the fight. As my HP went up i killed the Scout and the fight was almost over. I had luck and it was close... at the end of the fight the Mage Warlock stands in the Air and i was unable to get him. He cant kill me and i cant get him. It was a typical Shadowbane fight. Luck and the right moments were a factor at every fight. My Char was a Health Regen Spear Dot Huntress. My Health Regen was higher as the incoming dps... So the Doomsayer was not using his health debuff... not trained or he forgot. My Luck. The Unarmed Scout did not backstabbed me with Health Regen Debuff. My Luck. The players dont attack me all together. My Luck, It was a lucky constellation and really a great moment for me 2. I Hope That stealth can become a tactical Component. I Hate one Hit Kills and as ACE said they dont want it too. 3. That they are useless or to overpowered. The middleway is hard to be balanced.
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