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  1. I really think we need the EKs to work properly. By that I mean not as huge factories that ruin the campaigns by flooding them with imported stuff. I always thought they would be a place to build up (adding long term goals and a sense of progression to guilds of any size and probably even hardcore grindy-solo-types). Since only building stuff up is not fit for a true PvP game, I expected some kind of "GvG EK Siege" raid thingy with partial loot and certain rebuilding costs (Not full loot and also not full destruction - EKs should take long to build and also long to tear down). To prevent small guilds from beeing farmed 24/7 some systems would be required to add a cost based on guild size to these raids - but I guess you get the idea. The campaigns are somewhat fine, for as long as people find a reason to fight over the resources beyond the initial build up of the forts/keeps/whatever. I mean they still have a lot of problems, many of which are discussed here. But these are quite small problems compared to the lack of progression/long term goal. I mean you can currently test the game for 14 days and I have at least 2 friends eager to try it out... but I honestly don't know what to show them really. There is no real goal. We could farm gear, but what for? Even if we would be able to win a campaign, why should we care? And please spare me with the "play for fun" - replies. Current player numbers point towards a grave assessment on the fun to be had in CF without any long term progression.
  2. i don't think this is a model for the Dreg's, more the Guild vs Guild thingy that has been talked alot about in 2016 and now everyone seems to have forgotten It would not fit the Dreg's... IMO these worlds are made without any rules - you can join a guild or just roam around freely and only trade with other guilds. This is the vision I understood so far (haven't watched the entire stream tho)
  3. Those who like to experiment with builds will always do so (and can do - white vessels are for free) If it works quite right on a free vessel they will further develop the build with a better one and then puplish it to the puplic. I think it's a good thing to make your choices matter, it's a RPG to some extend and you should feel that. On the other hand it is important for balancing. There are some broken classes at the moment (Pit Fighter and Assa get some dmg buffs they should not recieve, Confessor is played in an unintended way) but not everybody is playing these exact classes. Not only because the current population is here for testing and therefore does not care about beeing "the best", but also it takes some effort to create a new vessel, level and gear it up. When the game goes live most broken things are going to be undone in like 1-3 days. Some will still try to exploit these, but the majority of the population doesn't even know of their existence until it is too late to prepare a new vessel and have a huge gain from it. This game is all about PvP and is very vulnerable to this kind of experience breaking events.
  4. I am strongly looking and Path of Exiles and like the idea But I guess it's something for post-launch
  5. Q1: Are they confident the lag issues can be handled? Q2: What are their plans to give Gold back it's value? It's a big issue - Crafters don't sell their goods to new players, because they want green/blue ressources for it and new players can't acces it, because harvesters don't sell green/blue for Gold. Q3: Do they realy think it's a good idea to give iron a higher value? It's the only mandetory ressource in crafting armour - why? Do they plan to expand the system to other ressources? Why? I don't see a reason to do so... If they answer with realism (armour made out of silver is stupid) i would argue the same for mostly all other recipes. Only jewelry would work then. Q4: Ask them to hand out some numbers regarding the testing - how many unique players (and how long) - what class, race and promotion class did they choose.
  6. Hey, I recently wrote a German Guide on how to get started in Crowfall. ACE noticed and kindly asked me to translate it - and I finally did it The Guide aims to tackle the basics of the game: Character Creation User Interface First Steps Basic Crafting Harvesting Leveling and Progression Passive Skills Intermediate Crafting Capturing So if you encounter new players feel free to forward this guide and help spread some knowledge. Here's a link to the Guide (it should adjust the language to your settings - if not you can change the language at be bottom of the website): https://www.crowfall-community.de/crowfall/guides/alpha/pre-alpha-58-kampagne-quickstart/ If you have any suggestions or find any errors feel free to let me know (either here or by using the comments for the Guide). I am currently planning more detailed Guides on sub-topics of the game (like passive training or crafting) - if you have any suggestions on what to tackle first please let me know. There are some old ones I wrote quite a time ago, but these are mostly outdated. @Mods: If you think this belongs somewhere else, feel free to move it around. It also might be a good idea to pin this topic somewhere usefull. (?) So long
  7. As far as I know everything is serverside in this game, because Todd hates cheaters and is well aware of the devastating effects of ppl cheating. That's also one of the reasons the performance is quite bad.
  8. I don't realy care if vessels or SB get wiped, but never ever dare to touch the passive skill training... there is no reason to do so. Combat skills are giving out a very small bonus... and most fights are uneven to some extend, this is not a MOBA it's an MMO. Dueling should never be the focus of balancing, as it is not the intended way of PvP anyway. Furthermore news players are always asking on how to get better gear and are kinda depressed by the answer: "Get your head around 5 different crafting trees, dozens of base materials spread out in the world and somehow manage to craft some stuff". The crafting has never been intended to be done by new players on their own. But they can't buy stuff if farming resources is a huge pain because no one has any skills to do so. I guess most of them would be pleased with the following answer: "Go to the Free City, there are stores offering advanced common weapons for X Gold." New players are going to be bad at the game, simply because they don't know what they are doing. Thats ok and they will have some fun figuring it out (as everyone else had) As @Jah stated a few times, if the passive skill training is becoming a problem now, the system has some severe flaws. I don't see any of these severe flaws, but I could be wrong, better to find it out now then making some crucial changes to the system post-release. We also have to test a 0 skill scenario, but I guess 6.0 and Alpha is a good time to do this kind of testing. And testing it at the Beta-Phase again. Always keep in mind, that the 0 Skill thing is only going to happen once - at release. IMO the best thing to do would be a very low import without any pre-existing characters. And make every Stonemasonry Item of poor quality - so it can no longer be sacrificed at higher levels. You can fix the sacrifice values later, bringing back shiny colours in the process.
  9. I've been on the "guest list" by three different ways... so it's not that hard to get a ticket I guess If you want to help out at the gamescom simply approach ceolach and ask him if help is needed. He probably will include you into the "booth slave email distribution list" and you get all the information for next year as soon as they know what to do. If you want to show up at the party you can pay a visit to the GC booth and get a ticket there. Or just approach ceolach and ask for tickets for the cities of ravenheart.
  10. I guess this is the point. It's not going to be usefull at the beginning of the game, so it's not going to be a huge problem. Buying EXP for real money by trading VIP ticktes doesn't seem to be a problem to me at all. If u have much more time then others you would be able to harvest more ressources and buy more EXP that way. Buying EXP in general on the other hand is a problem imo. We need a catchup, but it should not be driven by ingame (or money) effort. I would recomend to give every new player free EXP based on the time since release. Like 10% Of the time that has passed since release. This way new players would be able to get some basic stuff to start with, but no one would be able to rush through 50% of the system by using time and/or money. Or a completely other mechanic, that should be driven by the core concept of "high risk - high reward". Like in EvE - Online where you can buy some pretty expensive stuff to shorten the time needed for a new skill level. But if you die the item is also lost. Something like this would better fit to the core concept of Crowfall. So long FearMe
  11. Moin, ich muss sagen, dass ich im Moment ziemlich zufrieden bin und mich hauptsächlich auf die Festungen und die Voxels freue. Auch weil ich die Hoffnung habe, dass im Monat danach das Crafting getestet werden kann <3 Das ist eines der Dinge, auf die ich mich bei Crowfall am Meisten freue Allgemein finde ich den Ansatz für Handwerk und Wirtschaft sehr angenehm. Endlich ist das Crafting nicht nur so eine Sache nebenher, die aus irgendeinem Grund mit im Spiel ist und nicht mal die Entwickler wissen so genau warum eigentlich. Die vielen neuen Ansätze bergen ein enormes Risiko, aber aus irgendeinem Grund habe ich das Vertrauen, das die Jungs von ACE das schaffen. Auf Crowfall bin ich durch meine Multigaming-Community gestoßen und habe mich sofort in das Prinzip verliebt. Dazu gibt es sonst nicht viel zu sagen, außer das ich mich lieber auf der CFC Seite rumtreibe, als im Offi Forum. Fragen haben ich hauptsächlich zum Crafting. Ich würde gerne ein paar Details dazu bekommen, da ich einfach total gespannt bin, wie das Ganze umgesetzt wird. So long FearMe
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