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  1. At this stage I wouldn't be at all surprised at large changes in the game, changes in direction can be good they are going with there "gut" and that good.
  2. I was part of that...... Coolwaters-"You and your buds work for months to build a fortress that the Desert Alliance destroys in a few hours … wha? That ain’t fun! At least a lot of players saw it that way and sadly they quit". Sorry hope you guys still let me in WB ,, Well if is was on Chaos server or morning
  3. ya its fixed, yesterday the gold was the highest that showed up on my account badges, Thanks!
  4. I have Amber stat but the fourms only show gold? Forum Badge/Frame - Amber Patron 16' Forum Badge/Frame - Amber Patron 16' 2 No Forum Badge/Frame - Gold Patron 16' Forum Badge/Frame - Gold Patron 16' 1 No
  5. Must have been for some internal testing
  6. They have a OR server up right now there any change is some testing ?
  7. Drunken

    SB lorematers

    Cool, Shadowbane had some good fan storys, the lore also rocked! I still have my so paperback that came with the box lots of good stuff in there.
  8. A Crimson Brotherhood Story: By Drunken The Master The night was cold, raw as steel and flesh. The wind driven snow was settling down now that Conman was deep in the woods. He was out of the high mountains winds, the wind had chilled his body to the bones even thought he wore thick fur lined garments. The moonlight shimmered off the ice-glazed timber. Conman's half numb fingers burned as he pulled the reigns of Kar his giant furry war-pig, turning him southeast toward a pinpoint of light deep in the woods. It was a trying ride, even for such a thick skinned dwarf as Conman. He had lived his whole life in these frozen lands. As hardy and strong as dwarves were knowing how to survive outside of their halls deep in the rock took many years of experience. Experience he had leading countless rescues finding missing clansmen. At a very young age he had earned a reputation as not only a excellent scout, but also a superb warrior. Twice a year he made the trip to the Vale of Harhooth, to check the a handful of sealed caves that were the known crypts of the Demon god Harhooth and his minions. There were always rumors of missing dwarf that had camped too close to a destroyed entrance to the dark ones silent tomb. It was more then a tomb or catacomb, it was a endless system of passageways that went miles in every direction, deep in the earth. The Harhoothian caves were known to be rich in gold and ancient relics. Every so often coin stamped with the dark ones mark would turn up, the coin would slowly madden owner, driving them to cravings of raw flesh and blood. Conman had never found an entrance breach and this trip was no different. As always he found undisturbed huge pile enormous stone a hundred feet high covering the ancient cave entrances. It was time to return home, but first a stop for the night. The light in the woods grew larger as a small settlement came into view . Dundale, lay ahead there would be food and a warm bed for the night. Note to readers: this is a slight rewrite for the original 20k + word story
  9. Drunken

    SB lorematers

    If there are any more Shadowbane loremaster like myself plz post your stories. For those that dont remeber every so offten ont the forums they would grant the title of lormaster to story tellers like myself. I have draft or the longest of my storys maybe 20-35k words long Dwarf story that I will be rewriting and posting over the next few weeks in the creation section.
  10. I was a loremaster for Shadowbane, I should repost my Crimson Brotherhood stories. I have to typpe then all out only on paper now.
  11. heard back from billing, account was put reviewed and and told to wait 72 hour to retry payment lol, wow its messing with my ocd!
  12. I spent some time in your guild on lore server after Conman left, and we lost Funktronrobot. I would like to join up
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