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  1. If Ralcor won’t bend the knee we’ll bend it on his behalf #resublob #nfc
  2. also watup winterblades and SM ppl in general and I hope everyone is doing well irl and in game
  3. also watup angelmar I just want to say ty for ur bm magebard post on ubi for making me a better bard and person in general ty
  4. Watup cools I saw u liked my post and I wanted to say watup and how r u
  5. I'd really like to find a mouse that could map move forward, strafe right, strafe left, and get comfortable using it. One of the things I really liked about SB was having my left hand on the keyboard naturally and controlling all movement with the mouse. WASD and working keybinds around it has bothered me in every game since.
  6. rip ben wood and peddlers but mostly ben wood
  7. this wasn't my theft story cuz i got stolen from but me and madro and drix and mort and biggie and (real)sabotage had a duping town on Mourning wayback in '05 i think. i forgot the specifics of the dupe but it was the one where you'd make two characters, pledge to one of the newb island hamlets, make the trade, drop tags, logout/yank the ethernet cord, and log back in 15 minutes later or something like that. but we'd do that all day in this town and dupe and dupe and dupe. then Whoopin comes to our town and pks drix and takes a full dupe set worth of runes, resources, gold, etc., then he recalls and pks drix at the ruins again. so we pk drix @ the tol, and Whoopin pks drix at the ruins, and this goes back and forth until we break all his gear and that's the story of how Whoopin met the NFC bros edit: i'm pretty sure you didn't have to yank the ethernet cord either so i'd do this and be internet-less for 15 minutes at a time while the rest of NFC bros were probably lollin @ me
  8. '04 or '05, some guy in SDR was trying to transfer a bunch of stuff, including one of the blue wizard anniversary gift hats, to his alt. i don't think the hats were uncommon at that point but i didn't have one and i wanted one. so he's talking in /say to a friend, says "hey hold all this stuff i'll brb on $char_name". i logged out, created as similar of a name as i could, summoned myself to SDR, opened trade with his buddy and took all his stuff. guy logs back in and sees me wearing his blue hat and it was kinda lol
  9. Ganked your avatar, thx

  10. when sooners' (sooners) account was hijacked by an SP guy and we leaked QFT's boards, templates, stole a city, etc. i wish the ubi archives were more extensive
  11. aeroch

    wp/sbg dev ppl

    question for wp/sbg ppl: if you could go back in time and create one final shutdown event for SB to wrap everything up, and you had all the time, budget, staff, etc., required to get it done right, and ignoring any client restrictions that might get in the way of this hypothetical, what would that event entail? what would have happened?
  12. aeroch

    wp/sbg dev ppl

    That was a great read, thanks JTodd. Please share some more if you get bored working one day! I can't really think of any specific questions, Ashen. I'd love to hear more stories and trivia if you fee like posting!
  13. you're more than welcome to turn off images in sigs. highlight any user's signature, click the 'X', select "Ignore all signatures"
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