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  1. I was able to meet up with a few people over the weekend but I showed up about three hours late. Since half our family was sick for Christmas, my wife decided we should all go to The Melting Pot restaurant to make up for it. Great dinner, but it takes like two and a half hours to eat! Anyway it was nice to finally meet up with some of you guys!
  2. This looks to be an exiting year for PC gaming. I cant believe 2017 is already here. The holidays fly by quicker every year!
  3. I should be on a decent amount this weekend. I've been missing all of the fun. I had the flu for over a week and it knocked me for a loop.
  4. Yea, I think getting the main game engine working well was a big part of the battle. Filling all of the detail stuff now will take some time, but at least we will see a lot of things change fast, which will keep things interesting.
  5. I am glad to see the extended play times. The old test schedule never seemed to mesh well with my free time.
  6. Thank you! Shadowbane is number three on my list of my all time favorite games. To me, the guild/nation alliances/backstabbing were half of what was so great about the game and your guild having a custom built city that you had to defend on a daily basis or loose entirely made you feel like you were fighting for a greater purpose. Yea, the game ran rough and the graphics were not so hot, but there has not been a game since that was anything close to giving the experience you got from Shadowbane...Until maybe now! Once Crowfall releases and we have played for a while, the people who jus
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