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  1. Won the backer bundle thanks sent you a PM as well. Keep up the stream'in ;)

    1. thenebrosity


      wootwooot Supporter Bundle heading your way sord :P

  2. Great stream love watching the prealpha stuff!!! Keep up the streamin.
  3. checking in from Fates Legacy, House of Iscariot, The Rare Breed, and few others over the Mourning ages.
  4. Personally I think if they have any level of zone chat it should be just one zone where all the trading can occur, not each and every zone. This way there can be a zone dedicated to trade and sell via zone chat but please not every zone. I also think it would be AMAZING if Crowfall incorporated VOIP directly related to guilds and alliances (with a max alliances in one guild channel). People don't have to use it but since the vast majority of people use it I feel it needs to start being directly linked in game then having a background program that runs and I am sure they could tie it into
  5. How the character looks as far as customization doesn't matter early-mid-end games because gear ends up cover up everything except maybe the head if you opt to turn off helm option like most MMO's. If they spend time doing anything for customization please make it be in the armor and weapon department with the different unique designs because after the first 5 levels in most games you are covered head to toe in gear. I think it would be cool if you own a forge or are a crafter and based on the rank or level you or the forge are and the type of npc or an individual crafter that you entered
  6. Same here played Shadowbane till it went down, then played WOW on and off for several years but got tired of the grind, grind, grind. Tried several other games while playing wow but it was just like wow from the beginning again so I always went back to WOW during those several years. Then I heard SBEmu was getting closer to a stable SB exp and so I went and check it out, managed to get into it and helped test but on the majority few were actually testing the game and were in it for the old blood feuds. Now I am sort of playing Elder Scrolls Online only because I love the lore of Elder Scrolls
  7. I saw a centaur in one those there picture... CENTAURS are BACK!!! Where's the Minotaur now, we need us some Mino love too!!!
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