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  1. As a player of many MMOs, one of the things that's determined whether I stuck around and kept playing it for a while or not was how well the NPE handled the necessity of guilds. Certainly, Crowfall has a fairly large focus on them given the nature of its gameplay loop, but there should be some focus given to making sure that players who are not part of a guild and are reticent to join them are not left by the wayside.
  2. Hmm, I approve of the bottom-up development, I just hope that there is enough time to polish the "later" bits of the game before release.
  3. Oh, I absolutely agree. And if there were a way to search for, perhaps, the location of prolific crafters, that would be fine too! However, it needs to be convenient enough that players don't simply create a third party program or website to list their items for sale and reduce it to an auction house any way.
  4. It's been mentioned that Crowfall is not planned to have an auction house. While if done well, this can work out perfectly fine, it is, I think, worth comparing this to another game that I play that does not have an auction house. Path of Exile is a very interesting game as far as its economy and crafting go -- there is no gold, nor an auction house. Trade is done with other players directly, and with currency which is used to craft items. However... because of its nature, third-party indexing tools have become a necessity in order to find the items you need, and to be quite honest, their necessity comes off as somewhat... unprofessional. I worry that if there is no way to search for items in game (even if it's not exactly a click-and-purchase auction house), this will become an unsavory necessity in Crowfall as well. This is a major concern for me to the point that I purchased as supporter pack (admittedly, just the $5 one) just to make this post. I hope that the Crowfall team will take this into consideration when designing their in-game item transfer system.
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