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  1. Yeah, it's been timing for me. I really like to stream Crowfall tests, but I have weekend obligations to my BDO guild and mid-day I'm at work. SP does get a bit... Repetitive. It's partially the setup to the fights I think people get bored with. Might also be interesting to do arena type gameplay. (5v5,3v3, 2v2,1v1) best 2/3 rounds. It might also be more beneficial to combat as it forces close quarter combat which is where flow and "feel" can be better analyzed IMO. (Maybe a fort) Just an idea.
  2. I think this game is perfect for an alliance system. You could even put in a system so that you can set a percentage of your resources to share between the alliance or something of the sort. Maybe a contractual agreement that can be broken at any time (backstabbing is always in politics right?) This would be a tool to combat zergs and allow an alliance to win instead of making it self-destruct at the end for a winner to emerge while being an awesome aspect of political gameplay.
  3. As someone who mostly plays ranger I can say the Melee try is necessary right now. If you're not using it you're simply dying when you get within a few feet of someone. The amount of time it takes to shoot an arrow that does damage makes it so that if you don't switch, you just sit there and maybe hit them once before your entire HP bar is down. With ranger's current mobility it is impossible to make a pure ranged ranger. You simply are not viable in close range and can not escape well enough. I don't think arrows are the problem. I also don't think we should be telling people what a class
  4. rostrax

    Run Speed

    Well the fact of the matter is you will still need to switch. Seeing as you need to stand still in order to shoot an arrow, you still need the melee tray and you will still need to switch. My problem with Tendon Slice is my ability to land it. I can never manage to get the range right. Not sure if there's a collision check but from my experience it doesn't work very well if there is. I'm not saying make the ranger into an uber kiting class. I just want to be a bit more viable vs other classes with better mobility. If I get low on health in cq it's pretty much lay down and die because escap
  5. rostrax

    Run Speed

    Rangers are normally an agile class. Being that, there is usually a run speed buff to help the ranger stay at range. Although being able to switch to a melee spec is useful, I feel the ranger should have the option to spec into a kite class. Especially due to the fact that you need to be standing still in order to shoot an arrow. This gives us a distinct disadvantage with mobility. It seems most classes run faster than the ranger. The confessor has their dash to remain at arms length I feel the ranger either needs a better dodge skill that increases mobility or has the ability to spec into ru
  6. How long does it normally take to get access to the client? Do I need to consume my package?
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