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  1. Ahhh, multi-threaded applications. If the original question had been about whether an amd Ryzen Threadripper on 3.4GHz clockspeed at 16 cores sends an i7 8th gen at 6 cores at the same clockspeed packing with regards to performance . . But it wasn't. Still, the days where you could outperform any of the early i7 on a decent Core2Duo with proper cache and 3.2GHz clockspeed are pretty much over as games tend to actually utilize additional cores for processing. If I was to build a database server, I'd sure slot the amd Given that I wasn't planning on that, I appear to have little need for the additional 10 cores and stick to my Intel die. You'd be hard-pressed to find a single-core CPU these days btw.
  2. I read your article with great interest, however, the methods of contacting Caldera seem to be limited. Personally speaking, I'd also put the requirement of a voice chat - whether it be teamspeak, discord or anything else - on the #1 of the requirements. The name is Sven, the place is Galway, Ireland, I'm a fulltime-occupied 08:30-17:00 (conditions apply, this is tech support and the job is done when the job is done, not when the clock ticks 5) working person and single custodian of 4 years/40 kilo German Shepherd dog. Preferences, based on ShadowBane are Aracoix and Vampire Scout close buddy team roaming team on fully trained traveler rune to hit quick & fast, then disappear and/or get group summoners in quickly for rapid, tactical deployment whereby the Ara scout can easily be substituted for Fury to optimize AoE. I've been with the very early tests since the beginning and found my hardware lacking to the extreme, being able to build a new rig that is top=notch on every component except the GPU, I was hoping to find a place where people help me to catch up with the last year or so and then we go rocking.
  3. Well, the rig is ready - minus the graphics card, but I'm not dishing out 600 pieces for 350 worth of hardware due to crazy miners. Intel i7 8700K, base 3.7 modestly clocked into 4.1 (didn't feel like the 5.125 that I could go for), Dual-12cm fan watercooler Asus ROG STRIX z370F 32GB DDR4000 500GB SSD for OS 4X 3TB WD Red SAN Storage in RAID-10 Coolermaster Cosmos II case 1KW PSU And the whole piece of beauty is constantly waiting on that R9 270 4GB graphics card that seems to get rather stressed these days.
  4. Thanks Raven, I like your thinking patterns, especially the part with the starting letters of the names and you provided a really great insight of hierarchies and slot allocation. My core question still stands unanswered an I'm going to re-phrase it What is my personal benefit with upgrading my current "Gold Backer" into the next tier when I have no interest in running a guild and I am actually within an existing, planned guild layout that covers Ruby-Level ? Evidently, a two-tier upgrade of my existing Backer-Plan unlocks an early Alpha, I was wondering about the bit in the middle. Laters, Steyn
  5. Gentlemen, I am thinking of upgrading my current "gold" into something better. Not because I get a personal gain from this, the benefits above gold involve guild related matters and those are already covered in the Northlanders guild community. My questions are of a straightforward, practical nature as in . . . What happens with an Eternal Kingdom that hosts five Gold Level backers ? Can these five people join a guild kingdom and their boni are cumulative ? Can player A decide to build an armour-crafting facility, Player B builds a sword-smith and player C makes a bowyer/fletcher ? How exactly are the mechanics intended to play out (or not) in this potential combination ? I' looking forward to answers as this is a factor that directly impacts an upgrade of my current backer status, we're talking money here. I belive that I have what I want and need on "Gold" - should there be a mutual guild benefit in addition to a group that already has Amber or Ruby members, please let me know.
  6. Well, curiosity made me click on that pledge link and I got presented with upgrades into a lot of things that were named "Kickstarter" This, and my endless optimism lets me conclude that my upgrade, should I decide to do one, would unleash the full load of KickStarter exclusive goodness on top of what I already have now.
  7. EU Server oder nicht . . Prinzipiell würde ich eien Server auf U.S. Zeitzonen vorziehen, besonders an Wochenend-Vormittagen, wenn "stateside" kein Mensch online ist und ich den Server für Bergbauoperationen relativ ungestresst und leer habe . .
  8. Aud den Karton würde ich locker verzichten, der kostet dann vermutlich gleich nochmal 25,- extra wegen Postversand nach Deutschland
  9. Gold Patron, Alpha-2 - ansonsten Beta Group 6 Die teureren Optionen haben zwar den einen oder interessanten Bonus zum Eternal Kingdom, scheinen mir aber eher etwas für Leute zu sein, die eine Gilde leiten wollen. Ansonsten steht da natürlich noch immer der 80 Millionen Jackpot in den Euro-Millions heute und die 100 Millionen am Freitag an
  10. I'm all for a two-tier authentication to protect the account and would certainly install a proprietary CrowFall Token generator App or purchase a hardware "dongle" from ACE. Not too sure if I like the idea of linking into things like a Google ID after I just recently closed down my Google+ account and certainly object to a "log in with facebook" button, unless I can keep the FB publishing under control. Admittedly, linking to FB and then keeping things private is not what ACE might wish for in terms of publicity, but it's my personal approach to privacy.
  11. Little do we know . . . I'd expect an EK to be instanced. Somehow I have this idea from RIFT in my head, where every player has one or more instanced zones to build houses on and place stuff and I'm having difficulties imagining an "outer ring map" where people can run around from one EK into the next, especially as this won't give the owner any control over the EK. An interesting question that I have found no answers to so far is . . While each player certainly can have an EK that he can use or not use - (even if he's only sitting in the basement, shaving his head between Campaigns as someone else wrote . .) there is mentioning of expansions where a player can get other players into his EK. Is this a merge ? Can I maintain my personal EK and also have a plot in someone else's, like a "Guild EK" ? RIFT offers such a model, actually - Guild housing. Do I drop my personal EK (Marvellous kingdom where I'm the kind, the maid, the butler and the horse, should I roll a centaur . .) and merge into the other one, do they co-exist, how many EK can I be present in simultaneously ? What can I place here, there's talk about crafting. So, Jim & Joe decide to live in one EK, Jim crafts bows and spears, Joe crafts leather armours, both are into light skirmishers, which, as an example, makes this this is an ideal housing community. Do resources pool here, would they have their workshops in the same place and share ? How's the bigger picture with potentially huge crafting hubs that players can make ? And how does my idea there fit into the suggestions from the crafting interview where "great crafters would be known throughout the realm" ? This is taken from the interview at mmorpg.com : "No one knows who the crafters in the community are, there is no debate on how to produce masterpieces in the forums" "From a very high altitude, crafters need to be able to: craft unique items, explore new recipes and profit from the results of this exploration, and create customized items for all styles of play. Crafters must have an audience to buy their goods. The loop between crafter and combatant has to exist! And, ideally, crafters need to be able to “mark” their product so that they can build a social reputation and a following." So, is my EK my crafting hub ? Chances are - that means, I could potentially set up rules for access, commerce etc. etc. etc. - and gives the opportunity to join someone's EK for mutual benefit (Smelters/Forges/Anvils/Coin Mint - smelt ore for weapons, armour, shields, money . .)
  12. It's a Centaur Cavalry War Axe, of course - they look a lot like a halberd
  13. Eben, wenn ein Code nur einmal vergeben bzw. angewandt werden kann, ist es wohl eher mein Problem, wenn ich den an jemand weitergebe und den Code dann selbst nicht mehr nutzen kann, weil "der andere" schneller war
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