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  1. >"PvP or not to PvP" >Crowfall is the first and only online Throne War game. >Join intense PvP battles that demand strategy, survival and a fierce competitive spirit. This game is quite literally built as a PvP game. You're not gonna be turning it off. Best I can suggest is hide in an EK the entire lifetime of the game.
  2. I think that's just a general feature for all ultimates. I can use Invincible Warrior on my champion when it looks like it's only just over half-charged, but I believe that just means you have a second charge. It's intentional.
  3. Meanwhile God King Todd is watching over us peasants arguing about the exact same thing for literal days.
  4. 1. No, it isn't invalid. Why join forces and give others a better chance of being in that faction? Better to stay in your own and let your own guild get to the top. 2. Not necessarily. The dominating faction is not always the one with better access to resources. It's that they have the better numbers, better skill, already have resources, etc. What people do on their own with harvesting and crafting is only slightly influenced with who owns the territory. Regarding alt-acc farming, you could enforce things such as: if an account has the same IP as another, do not give K/D if they kill eac
  5. Todd already did it in his post. 1. Gold medal for the top 20 players in the winning faction 2. Gold medal for the top 20 individual contributors across all factions, in killing/captures/harvest/craft This stops guilds from joining forces and creating a mega alliance because: not everyone in the winning faction gets a gold medal, and/or you don't have to be in the winning faction to get one. It's just an example, but it's not far off from being a good change.
  6. Disagree. The system is literally designed in a way that it is beneficial to do this; it isn't a player problem, it's a design problem. If there's a better or more rewarding way of doing something, that's how it'll be done. That's what we saw this trial, and that's why the design must be changed.
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