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    Beaue reacted to preston in Shadowbane -- Deception anyone?   
    Anyone here play on the Deception server? 
    I was in the Kingdom of Eleador and Defenders of Order.  Most notable memories are 1) getting sent a virus by the guild Avatars of Flame; 2) learning that one of the guilds on the server were producers of Darkfall Online (yes, they kicked butt); 3) a guildmate named "Wink" aka "Uhe Sunstalker" stole 10 million gold from the guild and sold it on eBay; 4) .EXE; and 5) the epic battles.   Shadowbane was brutal.

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    Beaue reacted to Angelmar in Shadowbane -- Deception anyone?   
    http://winterblades.net/history/chapter-one/  <--History on Deception Server.
    I may have to steal your map.  I also have the old Deception Reports stashed around.
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