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  1. This is all rather confusing to me. I'd rather have a strict 1 account per player limit personally. One of you folks who's great with images make an infographic explaining this IMO.
  2. . This is the idea that bothers me. They need some way to limit players to one account. Pay for VIP or don't, but don't set up a system that's subject to wholesale manipulation, obviously. I have to think the devs have considered this. If you want to see what the alternative looks like, see SB after it went free where every player logged multiple toons for sieges and even mine fights. That just wasn't fun.
  3. Can we not? Whoops. I thought that's why we bothered with a profanity filter ...
  4. For whatever clarification is required, Sugoi has been borderline excellent. We definitely pay attention to where they are in matches.
  5. Blast from the past there. Always good to see old Corruption folks.
  6. That's something the devs should at least consider. That or a skill cap.
  7. The same folks do seem to get lucky over and over now that you mention it.
  8. Truth, in it's baldest form. And that the moderators here actually pay attention to the ridiculous "report" abuse is extremely unfortunate. It has already cost AC substantial money and it will invariably cost them more. That said the game is going to be good enough to overcome the obvious inability of AC as a company to efficiently transition from a game like W101 to the supposedly spiritual successor to something as raw, glorious and grown-up as SB. My .02.
  9. Think about it for a second. The ability to apply all of our stats on every character in Shadowbane was taken for granted it was so basic. This was freedom every player had to exercise over every character they made. It was a full and powerful additional layer of character customization overlaying how many base classes? How many promotion classes? How many disparate and non-exclusive skill lines?How many abilities? How many weapon powers? How many stances? How many disciplines? And then all of the stats on top of that. And then how many types of differentiating equipment? While acknowledging that we have no real idea where character building will end up at in CF, I feel fairly confident at this point that there will be a far more generic feel to builds here than we had in SB. Here's hoping I'm mistaken.
  10. Jah got some video of a fairly large match: http://www.twitch.tv/zenjah/v/45252422 Apologies ifs been posted here already.
  11. Quite literally, I have no idea what you fellas and lastladies are referring to. That said, I'm not a fan of the moderation practices on the CF forums either. Inconsistent enforcement of clear rules that are applied in an even more inconsistent manner, subject to simple manipulation by nefarious posters with hidden (i.e. obvious to anyone with their eyes open) agendas and an utter inability to admit when they are wrong. Our mods on par in my experience. My .02 as Eastre would say. I have no doubt that merely expressing my opinion will earn some "warning," making this point better than I ever could. Back to whatever specific complaint you lads have. -Cool
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