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  1. three comrades from other team play with TS3... team with two support - is too hard enemy.
  2. when in the game will be added to stealth for Archer and Assassin archetype? developers can already unsubscribe somewhere? have any information about that? Sorry, not so good speak English.
  3. I propose to do in the game in the game offline training skills through a browser window (so that you can choose and change a skill to train). Sorry but i not so good speak English.
  4. I understand that to release the combat system will be like in this video? 0:14 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbxMi74MNJI
  5. I meant that perhaps other types of damage will be presented with the choice of subclass. Sorry, not so good speak English
  6. And what about the subclass? Let Confessor selects one of the three subclass, for example, a fire mage, shadow mage and light mage. How do you like this idea? We are waiting for that answer developers. Sorry, but I do not speak very well English
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