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  1. 1) Great news ACE ! 2) I'm just curious to know (when the time comes) how you'll deal with respawn during sieges/big-scale battles. I leave that in your capable hands 3) Aren't 10 sec a bit too short for people to loot your corpse if they are, say, still in the middle of a big fight ? My group of thugs gank on a group of harvesters and their guards. Being lesser trained in battle, the harvesters (with all the good stuff) die first and the thugs have to then kill the guards to calmly collect the loot but by the time they are done, the loot has vanished (called back to the owner at the Tem
  2. You have to deactivate the HTML5 player and reload
  3. Just a quick plea : For all of us (me included) with insufficient access level to join "big world", please capture as much of it on video -youtube- for all of us to enjoy. Thanks in advance and my most sincere appreciation.
  4. "We have fleshed out the gods" Does it mean we can see them in game ? (I am not a native English speaker) Buildings like that raise a question for me : will they be placed by hand on the world, or randomly like in NoManSky ? In general, will the worlds be fully random Generated or with a bit of help from art team ? I partly agree : I remember someone quoting Todd at Gamescom saying "updates 2.5times a week is hard". While it pains me to say that ('cause I love checking these updates, most of which have both substance AND my interest), I prefer 1.5 updates a week with the Thursday upd
  5. OK so a quick question to either ACE or the Community : From the AMA, no friendly fire by default. That's okay with me, but how will surprise-betrayal work if we don't have friendly fire ? The most efficient (and funniest) way to betray is the betrayal in the midst of battle. Large battle with your "enemy" -> you surprise-switch sides -> former allies get pawned -> you (and new allies) enjoy. But how to do that without FF ? How to switch between teams in a few secs ? Any thoughts on the subject ? ACE any info on that aspect ?
  6. @Coolwaters Did you perhaps catch it on video ? I'm very curious to see that. Wheat fields and I'm all Gladiator-style !
  7. There is a similar idea ACE talked about in the beginning : embargo zones. This is a POI where allies and enemies alike can bring their stuff to "store" until the end of the campaign. Then at the end of the campaign, your rewards are determined based on all the stuff you stored in the zone. This creates choke-points for players who have to escort their stuff to the POI if they don't want their enemies to seize them. I don't know if you had ACE's idea in mind when you thought about yours, but either way your new mechanic is interesting. I just think it should be restricted to the outer-rings (G
  8. Surprised nobody quoted this (http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/23/2387534dad134b37a0e02aa7716e5b358da544bbbcb5dc815de6f53c50b814cb.jpg), aside from that very cool design : couldn't agree more with Gaulwa. Nothing oversexualized, and I love the Female Champion look.
  9. Am I the only one seeing Hyrules' map of Super Smash Bros Melee in Deloria's post or is it something else ? More in favor of a cliff rather than an ocean : ocean out of nowhere is very weird, cliff and fog is very cool !
  10. Plus sailing goods means piracy, and piracy is fun ! So please add sailing !
  11. I think what OP exactly meant is "Is there is a counter that counts the exact amount of time you spent in a CW (ie minutes), with your retribution based on that counter (ie the higher the counter, the higher the reward and vice-versa) ?". Now what Sephyxia said is the only truth we know, and I think ACE will stick with it without adding anything (the counter you spoke of) : I remember a Q&A where they acknowledged players don't have the same amount of time to play, and hence decided to implement the Time-Based Skill leveling to accommodate with all types of players. Adding a time-effective
  12. I remember at one point Todd saying (about voice-chat) something like "Why bother doing something side-applications do better ?". And as you said, most people will probably use discord or whatever. So even if I like the idea of a tactical UI, like voice-chat it will probably have to be done on side-applications by players themselves. You can easily find shared-whiteboards on the net where you create a room for your officers. Upload a map of the area in the whiteboard room, share it, discuss it in discord and decide of your strategy. All we need then is the ability to download the maps explorer
  13. About the forgemasters being sons of gaea and kane, has it been confirmed ? I know the story is very hinted toward adultery and out-of-marriage birth, but I don't remember any confirmation ... Truth is we don't know enough and it is probably better it stays that way : keep the mystery, since if you know to much about the gods, they'll stop being things you can believe in (even in a game). BUT as someone said in an other thread, it would be great to learn a thing or two about the gods in very hidden places in the CW... (see the thread for more information : http://community.crowfall.com/index.p
  14. 1° The CW system (play something new every campaign), 2° Time-based skills (no pexing), 3° PvP and Betrayal (First big reason in fact), 4° EKs (at the time, now I'm not sure I'll really dedicate myself to them), 5° Player-driven economy (Second big reason), 6° Vessels (Don't be limited to 1 character, play all easily). In a nutshell, all the core ideas + vessels
  15. Didn't see any mistake, great job, but wouldn't it be better for the sake of clarity to put Yaga on the right of Valkyn ? (avoids crossing of lines) So many questions about the gods btw : Is d'orion really dead as his backstory implies ? The whole Gaea thing ? Artwork for the Snake and Wyrm ? How will it work out in game ? I love this kind of lore (or simply lore), can't wait for ACE to work on it !
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