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  1. You are correct that bad player behavior is addressed through game design. That is something we can agree on.
  2. I would like to take a moment to say that steel does not sharpen steel. This is an old saying from some bronze age book that was incorrect.
  3. Champs were supposed to be glass cannons. They went completely away from that design and I don't know if it was an actual design choice. They didn't balance much while building this game and now we have a broken class.
  4. Remlap and Coolwaters knew each other personally and were friends. Cool thought very highly of Rem and vice versa. The individuals now trying to spin it on Remlap didn't even meet Cool. So lets chill, you clearly dont know any of the backstory.
  5. I like how @gracen came in with a positive message and didn't put down anybody. Then @Gradishar came in here and trashed him and changed his post to say something negative. Pretty disgraceful.
  6. Madishar is mad today. Let me tell you @gracen when he gets like this he starts going on a rampage.
  7. Remember all those times you had to log off because your guild leader was afraid of losing and someone was going to make a video of it? Pepperidge farm remembers.
  8. Winterblades y HoA el cupo eacho othero mako bado campaigno
  9. I wonder why JTC thinks attacking it from the rewards side will fix the problem? I'm a bit skeptical and it only punishes teams. I also wonder whether he was speaking specifically for factions, or if he was lumping dregs into that as well.
  10. It is easy to try to use our history as a crutch instead of looking at it objectively.
  11. Largest faction with gear and experience. They weren't mutually exclusive. Learn to read.
  12. Have you done an actual count in your video of people participating in combat?
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