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  1. Crowfall doesn't really take advantage of SLI yet. I own 4 1080 Ti's and I've played with multiple configurations and nothing really gave me an FPS boost.
  2. Eternal Kingdoms: It is very difficult to place doors and windows on the battlements. The height restrictions you have set in guild mode for these items is too low.
  3. Typically they will announce it.
  4. Save the Kittens - [Kittens]

    Solid guild Very friendly people.
  5. If you were going to implement the lower time you would probably use the potion right before you experiment.
  6. Honestly I think 5 minutes is way too long. I think 30 to 45 seconds would be better. It would feel like i'm putting something "special" into the item that might have a cost that average joe crafter doesn't want to spend. I'm going to wait and try the 5 minute timer before I give feedback. Regardless this is a very welcome change.
  7. I'm done with Crowfall

    Someone wants some attention... Have a safe trip noob.
  8. Jah is correct. I am not very active in the crafting game at the moment.
  9. Big news for ArtCraft !

    Does this mean i have to donate another grand to become ArtCraft Technologies Partner? Where do i sign up?
  10. Get Rid of 50% Bonus

    I'd like to see a progressive bonus. More bonus for each pip you risk.
  11. So After the wipe

    I remember when this guy claimed i was a cheater and the worst person in the world for having multiple accounts. How times have changed
  12. Higher rank material campaign

    Agree. They really need to work on their rank distribution. Having a rank 10 here or there is not the way to go. We don't always need them in artificially dangerous locations either. Maybe you put rank 9's out in the world and you can shove rank 10's in the adventure parcels. I still think they should put +crafting stats on the tables in the keep. It would encourage crafting in the campaign and help drive conflict.
  13. I currently like how hard it is to obtain good gear on a single character. Its difficult and time consuming to outfit a whole guild right now. But we know that will change when factories come. Crafting in general will change because we will focus a lot more on min/max before we make a blueprint.