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  1. Is in gaming spying an exploit?

    If you guys hate what zybak is doing then you aint seen nothing yet
  2. 4 day campaigns

    Spring happening on a friday or saturday would be nice. This game is not really geared towards working folks. I think sieges are a bit too late in the evening. There sometimes is a lot of action to be had after all the siege stuff but its time to go to bed at that point.
  3. Don't fall for the OP's tricks. Chaos guilds are waiting for the first sanctioned campaign and then they will be the zerg. Join Order. I have a feeling HoA will be leaving us at the end of the month and we will need all the people we can get.
  4. RIP chaos NA

    I think they moved to My Little Pony Online.
  5. RIP chaos NA

    We welcome you to order
  6. The UnDeAd Legion

    I just joined as well. I’ve known Dolmar for several years and he is a very down to earth dude. I’m looking forward to building this guild with you guys.
  7. Fix your garbage character lock system. Twice I've lost EK stuff because you can move a character from EK to campaign worlds without actually having to unlock anything. Very frustrating.
  8. Logged off last night in the keep on Bardshofn. Balance took the keep and when i logged in this morning it ported me over to the chaos temple gate and i died from the sanctuary debuff. I play order so shouldn't it have ported me to the order gate? Confirmed that this happened on both of my characters.
  9. What faction are you rolling in 5.8?
  10. Crowfall doesn't really take advantage of SLI yet. I own 4 1080 Ti's and I've played with multiple configurations and nothing really gave me an FPS boost.
  11. Eternal Kingdoms: It is very difficult to place doors and windows on the battlements. The height restrictions you have set in guild mode for these items is too low.
  12. Save the Kittens - [Kittens]

    Solid guild Very friendly people.