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  1. Templar basic attack change is awful. The motion isn't fluid and it feels clunky. It also bugs out and it will sit there and do the first animation over and over again and therefore you never get a pip. Roll back the change. Even if you fix the bug its still an awful animation. Every templar I've talked to so far (at least 5) hates it.
  2. The implementation of your 2FA is cumbersome. Most MMO's and other entities that use 2FA will only query you for the 2nd factor of authentication IF: 1. You are logging in from an unknown area (ip address/computer) that hasn't performed authentication via 2FA and/or 2. A certain number of days has passed where you require the user to re-authenticate. Until a more modern approach to 2FA is implemented you are going to have people resist using it. Some of us have many accounts and they are going to enter a code each time they log in. Its way too cumbersome. Customer service will be bombarded with complaints that their credentials were stolen because they didn't use 2FA because of its current annoying implementation.
  3. Get Rid of 50% Bonus

    I don't think this discussion is ready to be had until mass production comes online. Blair stated that the bonus system will make more sense once we get factories in game. I cant remember if he said it in a stream of a post in the Dev forum, but it was recent (this year).
  4. This is a nice post but its not a realistic situation. In no universe would you ever have my head. Ever
  5. Murder of Crows AMA

    I collected star wars funko pops for a while until they flooded the market with every single variation you could think of. I also collect retro console games Furthest I ever traveled was from Stranglethorn Vale to the Western Plaguelands.
  6. Murder of Crows AMA

    Oh i see where the mix up is. I sit at the Throne of Champions. Its further down the room, up against the wall and it sits a bit higher than the table. I probably can't see him from all the way over here.
  7. Murder of Crows AMA

    Who is that?
  8. Murder of Crows AMA

    I can assure you I am 6'4 of delicious fatty marbled meat. (1.930400000000000000000 metres for you Euros) I would like to meet @srathor . He seems like an interesting character.
  9. SWG had a slicer mechanic where they improved an item. I think they should probably take a look at getting rid of crafting leadership and replace it with an interesting enchanting mechanic. You could use the same experimentation system they have for crafting and put that on top of enchanting. You could even go crazy if you wanted and enchant the specific sub components and then do it again with the finished product. If having people work together in the crafting game is a goal, I think this is a better way to go about it than having some afk person standing around.
  10. You can design dungeons and put them in your procedural generated world. There are other unity games that do this on a smaller scale (Rust comes to mind). If Unity wants to become a full blown viable engine for MMO's then they will eventually add these capabilities and then companies like ACE can take advantage. This isn't a "dungeon" game so I'm really not too worried about it. If they can get it added later.. great. If they can't then I'm not going to be too upset about it.
  11. Multi-account summerized

    I think a lot of people dont realize how cumbersome it is to run multiple accounts and that its not really an advantage. It might appear that way in pre alpha since the population is pretty low. But you are going to get way more out of teamwork and/or trade than you are going about it yourself.
  12. It might be temporary and they will change names around. It is a good change indeed.
  13. I've been griping in the ace dev for awhile they either need to add a 4th sphere or do something with exploration. This is a nice start even though command doesn't really fit thematically. Moving it out of combat makes VIP choices more interesting for a combat focused player. Do they go crafting? Or do they try to go down the command tree. Its a good change and hopefully a sign of things to come.
  14. 4K TV's v monitors

    Careful when purchasing TV's as a monitor. A lot of them have fake 120hz and they use it as a marketing term and its not true 120hz. https://www.cnet.com/news/fake-refresh-rates-is-your-tv-really-120hz/
  15. I just wanted to give some small feedback about Fae. The glide mechanic is not intuitive. Gliding should be done by holding down the space bar. There can be situations where you are going to be pressing space bar a bunch of times you might or might not want to glide. Holding down the space bar is the best solution and most intuitive for new players. I've discussed this with some others and they also tried holding down the space bar at first.