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  1. Cooldowns provide an additional avenue to balance abilities. There's no or less skill in having CDs or not... it all depends on the ability and how people choose to use it.
  2. Camera shake is a huge complain in a ton of games. That and motion blur. A lot of people find a way to edit the files to get rid of it.
  3. I will sit in a forest and murder all who enter it. Who needs to be king anyway?
  4. truth

    Druid Archetype

    I'm roleplaying a treant so I have to play a druid. I hope I can morph into a tree and play as a static object. Then scare the crap out of a lumberjack.
  5. Concept art is cute, but ultimately useless. Unless you're making a GUI-based browser game - which I fully support.
  6. It's more expensive to hire contractors. Why would you need to hire an outside source to do your character creation?
  7. I had my doubts... and I still have several... but this helped. Thank you.
  8. Can't have too complex of a stats system. Just need to give the players a club and a target.
  9. I can't imagine they'd have hard class-counters in the game. If so, the game will be screwed. It'll break into roaming bands of bored players murdering everything in sight. Then again, most sandbox MMOGs are like that, anyway. Speaking of speed... it's incredibly frustrating to play against a class that you physically cannot catch up to. It's the perfect ganking class. So I'm interested in seeing how that's handled. A bit random, but... I need to complain about class-locked races.
  10. I can just imagine hoards of people using Bounty Hunter to murder everyone in sight. Deathmatch game confirmed.
  11. Gender-locked races, and particularly class-locked races bothers me a lot. Really turns me off. Plus it makes us all the same. And we have enough MMOGs like that, that I thought we were trying to get away from.
  12. WoW wasn't played by millions of people because it was a bad game.
  13. PvE can potentially add a ton of content in a variety of ways. It's also a primary source of resources (logical ones, not gold coins).
  14. Define enforce. That doesn't prevent it from being trash.
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