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  1. A Zerg guild is more or less a nuisance / fodder for those with an organised teambased structure. Speaking from experience, on SB en-tranz my guild led a nation against the hordes of CN. Although we were outnumbered they got wiped off the server in systemic fashion due to key strategic battles which we won. By the end, we had become the very zerg we were fighting as they had become demoralised to the point of defeat. (Thurin server if anyone else is from there). This is an example of a game letting the players decide how to solve the zerg problem. Unfortunately the game design didn't have a way for the defeated to get a foothold again, and most ended up quitting. Hoping Crowfall doesnt have the same drawback. Fast forward a few years, Guild Wars 2. We were part of Titan Alliance, on Henge of Denravi. Anyone who played GW2 from the start would know of TA. We were a very well led and structured alliance, with 24/7 coverage by a handful of small to medium sized guilds and a couple of large ones spread across multiple timezones. Our tactical organisation resulted in HOD winning 30 odd in a row in WvW before we disbanded/dispersed to other servers or quit. When we started on HoD, it was underpopulated. By win 30, we had ballooned due to people leaving their servers to join ours for the "glory." This band-waggoning was inevitable in hindsight and the game, for me at least, never recovered from it. The idea was other servers would also form alliances to combat our own, unfortunately the level of competition we were hoping for never materialized. This is a game that had set-in-stone design elements to prevent zerging. However a well organised alliance was able to maintain supremacy 24/7, while adhering to the designed restrictions, which none of the other alliances were able to match. They would have been able to, perhaps if they were able to counter our numbers with a force twice the size... instead of being limited by game design. Perhaps the 30 odd wins in a row would never have happened, and players would never have jumped on the HoD bandwagon. Perhaps. Now to the point. Zergs will exist regardless of what deterrents Artcraft tries to employ. How successful they are depends on the leadership. If they are a true zerg they will be naught but fodder for the organised smaller guilds and nations. If someone has the leadership nous to organise this zerg, then they will be a problem. This should hopefully effect a paradigm shift for the the rest to overcome petty differences and band up to take on this Goliath, and as someone said earlier, this will give rise to some epic stories people tell in the distant future. It is my belief that this "problem" should be left up to the server population to confront, not the developers. The minute such restrictions start being applied, they detract from the organic story of a shard. ProGuid1324 has 20 tier1 elitist pvpers in their guild. Circumstances permit these guys to focus on Crowfall for majority of their waking day. This guild will be far more skillful than those that play as a hobby, the 2-3 hours every couple of days crowd. Unfortunately thats where majority of the market sits. I used to be one of those 16 hours a day kinda guys. Now I have responsibilities, and can no longer commit to being that guy. I agree that I should never get to be as prominent in-game as those guys who will dedicate that time, however i still want to have an enjoyable experience when I play. Ok, so it takes me and 4 of my buddies to beat that 1 guy. That in my opinion is a valid tactic. so when i show up with a 100 guys to take on that guys guild of 20, they should still wipe the floor with 80 of us, but maybe the 20 remaining may turn the tide in our favor. I now own your keep with my rag-tag band of 100. If your 20 had read the situation and POLITIC-ED to have this other ProGuild1633 to come help you guys out during the siege, your keep would still be yours. Fact is the game should give you the tools to combat these mechanics yourself. It should NOT be a rule set in stone from the get-go. That is a way of alienating a vast majority of the interested player base. Btw, my team of 100 may actually be from a guild of 500. Simply due to the casual playstyle, only a 100 of the 500 guys can ever get online at the same time to do something. Organising a herd of 500 is a nightmare and impractical :S TLDR: The game should have tools for you to combat zergs, it SHOULD NOT however be enforced by set-in-stone design decisions to limiting numbers in guilds/nations or by severely disadvantaging the larger guilds and nations.
  2. Thinking they will follow the SB model. Certain archtypes/abilities will only exclude caster. An example would be the Fury class from Shadowbane, who's persistent AOEs would hit party members as well as enemies. Other casters like druids and prelates had ranged AOEs as well, that excluded party members.
  3. The druid combat system here reminds me somewhat of my Archmage from Warhammer Online. Cept that didnt have the "OH CRAP /explode" aspect
  4. How do you measure greatness in this case? Sales? Commercial Success? Longevity? What that guy thinks about it? Shadowbane was my first love (as far as MMOs are concerned). It did many things well, there were some things it did horribly. There were moments i still recall to this day with great fondness. WoW was my second MMO love. I still play both shadowbane (sbemu/magic) and WoW. WoW does all the things shadowbane didnt do well, very well. Marry the two and you have your perfect MMO. Class customization, warfare and politics from Shadowbane or Eve, coupled with the technical nous of what made WoW great. Crisp presentation and response. Netcode needs to be on point. Interrupts / hit registration / etc need to work for a varied range of players from around the world. Engaging content, humor, things to do other than smash other players in the face with a tree trunk. Things which must all alter the persistent world. So many companies have tried to replicate WoW's success, but i believe they are taking the wrong approach. Instead of taking the CONTENT and playstyle from WOW, you need to look at their systems and architecture under the hood.
  5. I don't mind the tray swapping, i believe the current system works quite well. The swap mechanic is to facilitate that global cooldown of 1.5 seconds when swapping between healing and attacking one would think, which is fine provided class balance and testing says as much. However, agree 100% with rebinds, Please allow us to rebind elements as we choose. I quite like using the extra buttons on my mouse for reactive abilities....
  6. You made this mistake with Shadowbane. Please don't repeat it with Crowfall I am in new zealand. i do not wish to be forced to play on segregated servers provided in SEA or Australasia. I'd rather play in a rich, populated world.
  7. next will be regen templates which are unkillable 1v1 due to sitting being a viable tactic . TBH though, sittings good, please implement.
  8. That COE combat system is going to fall flat on its face. Its a system that is focused on duels, not large scale battles. CoE combat system reminds me of Sid Meier's Pirates lol. Tell me, how are you going to use those mechanics in a 10v10 scenario? Everyone picks an opponent and has an unsaid rule that they stick to said opponent? Give me a break. Combat in a game such as crowfall can not have animation locks other than heavy hitting ranged attacks and spells which require channeling. AND you should be able to get out of said lock by just moving. I really really really don't see any value being added to crowfall by adopting that CoE combat model.
  9. What you described in the OP is a class which manipulates natural forces and and bends them to his/her will. Will your key skills be any less of a fit for a druid (nature mystic)? How does that skillset relate to the confessor archtype? Sounds like the confessor likes torturing people with flame Name it Inquisitor / Flame Cleric / Torturer / Hand of God / Potatogun or whatever else, a dot based confessor burning and draining its opponent makes more sense than one shooting lightning bolts :x As a side note, take a look at http://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php/Confessor and http://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php/Druid This game has a fair degree of inspiration from Shadowbane. What you described would be right at home under the Druid archetype. /2cents PS: Change that lightning damage to Holy damage, and you may have a case!
  10. Inquisitor sounds like someone who would use slow painful things to torture opponents. Perhaps a DoT (burn/drain) based skillset. Health Burn/drain, Mana Burn/drain, Energy / Stamina Burn or Drain. Couple this will utility in the way of offensive CCs like Silence, stun, daze/snare. They would retain their nukes from the confessor base skillset, but get additional DoTs or modify some of the nukes with DoT components.
  11. i would love to have a sundancer inspired class/proff/disc in this game.
  12. as long as it has WOTS as a skill, im playing one
  13. Stealing from player inventory needs to be in this game! Thieves in SB were very fun to play.
  14. Insai


    Specialised nuker / melee burst damage. Expecting utility to mark targets, prevent heals, CC and do burst damage quickly whilst being rather squishy. Going to shadowbane, assassin's would do things like Stun, Blind (attack rating and defense rating cut), shadowmantle (stops all heals), DoT with snare, poison weapon (applies chance to cast poison DD on attack), powerblocks (prevents use of abilities and powers, usually dependant on weapon powers associated with various weapon types), stealth, etc. Assassins were my favorite to play in SB, im hoping for good things!
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