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  1. Simple question: is there any news on when will soft launch happens?
  2. How does buying gold effects GW2 BG pvp where gear does not matter? There is literally no power in paying in there. ESO? Vindictus? Wildstar? Tree of savior? Secret wold legends? Blade and soul? Tera? Runescape? None of these (as far as i know) offer unfair advantage for $$$. Do i also have to point out that games dropping subscription model improve greatly? Just look at ESO. And based on your arguments you should be able to buy god mode in here and one-shot anyone who paid less than you. Now actually a better solution, is it? Oh wait, did you just now got an idea that
  3. So, three games (linegage 2 went free to play years ago): 1. Wow - one of the most popular games 2. SWTOR - the game with population lower than prison population in japan (and this game also offer some F2P options because it is dying) 3. Everquest - game played only by the most hardcore fans ever and population consisting of several thousands (maybe) of them Now, lets look at subscription model feats in recent years 1. Dungeons & Dragons Online - had to go from P2P to F2P or die 2. WildStar - had to go from P2P to F2P or die 3. The Secret World - had to go from P2P to F2P or
  4. Name any game which survived at least several years in this model and didn't change up till now, because i can name tons of games who started as P2P games and only survived by dropping this model to where it belongs - to the garbage bin.
  5. Yeah, i am not a fan of GW2 approach of everyone being everything and doing everything. I am more in the camp of stricter class fantasy and allowing certain classes to fuse/transforms into others through disciplines, items, etc. For example: DPS class could morph into healer, tank or specialist. Good example is druid being hybrid between dps and heal, thus it could ho either the path of healer or path of dps; Tank class could morph into dps or specialist; Healer could morph into dps or specialist; Specialist could morph into dps, tank or healer. The only bad ide
  6. Does this game will have holy trinity of rpg games? You know: tank, healer and dps. It seems so. While it is very early to define how each of these will work (well, healer and dps is pretty simple to implement in pvp focused game, but tank will be much harder to define), most of these are being developed. But is that enough? I want to point out to Lineage 2. During major pvp events (castle sieges) all classes are separated into 5 types: DPS - to damage guardians of the castle and enemy players; Tank - to tank castle guardians and isolate enemy players; Healer - heal player
  7. Short answer: no, this is unique game and any suggestion to change it to feel like any other (crappy) game is a sin and selfish. Now, i get that there is many different things in other game you might like: from the pace of game to actual mechanics. But, those should be implemented naturally in the context of Crowfall and how it progress. And if you played many other games, then you might have seen many different things and mechanics you likes in those games. There might be lots of things from other game who could fit into Crowfall if those stuff get implemented naturally, with care and in
  8. Oh, i am so happy to hear that, that fact that they aren't gonna change what they promised and offer NO ADVANTAGES which might affect the balance of players, just like they promised in their kick-starters. P.S. i did not ask for you imaginary life story, ain't anybody cares about you. Keep you (imaginary) life detail to yourself.
  9. Well, that's how discussions work: you present a viewpoint, you present arguments for that viewpoint, then your opposition does the same thing. People observing the discussion determine which viewpoint they want to stick with. Or does nobody in your school taught you how public discussions work? I hope you are old enough to attend school.
  10. Something similar was already discussed, but it was more in a line of players creating scripted battles like raid bosses and so on where other players could try to complete the challenge you have created for them or prevent other players from completing it.
  11. Overwatch? That poorly made socksty boring game for pre-teen kids and brain-dead old perverts who are trying to seduce said kids? Game where any kind of skills, strategy, thoughts and being good at what you do is not required as long as you pick OP nonsense characters? Game who managed to be even worse than the worst online game ever called counter-strike? No thanks. Anything but that.
  12. Yes. If a model no longer sustainable for any game (except two), that should indicate that the model is dead. When was the last time you played one of them, saw any of them featured anywhere or getting any of them praised by anyone except for ESO? I have met and chatted with people who thought that AION and Wildstar actually closed down instead of going F2P. ESO is the only exception and that is because of great improvement it got after going B2P. Everyone who have splayed this game said the same thing: dropping P2P model was the greatest improvement of that game.
  13. And isn't that tied with whole concept of Hunger currently?
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