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  1. Simple question: is there any news on when will soft launch happens?
  2. How does buying gold effects GW2 BG pvp where gear does not matter? There is literally no power in paying in there. ESO? Vindictus? Wildstar? Tree of savior? Secret wold legends? Blade and soul? Tera? Runescape? None of these (as far as i know) offer unfair advantage for $$$. Do i also have to point out that games dropping subscription model improve greatly? Just look at ESO. And based on your arguments you should be able to buy god mode in here and one-shot anyone who paid less than you. Now actually a better solution, is it? Oh wait, did you just now got an idea that you are allowed to make strawmen and i don't? Also, what do you mean by "are no longer alive"? ESO pulling higher player count that WOW.
  3. So, three games (linegage 2 went free to play years ago): 1. Wow - one of the most popular games 2. SWTOR - the game with population lower than prison population in japan (and this game also offer some F2P options because it is dying) 3. Everquest - game played only by the most hardcore fans ever and population consisting of several thousands (maybe) of them Now, lets look at subscription model feats in recent years 1. Dungeons & Dragons Online - had to go from P2P to F2P or die 2. WildStar - had to go from P2P to F2P or die 3. The Secret World - had to go from P2P to F2P or die 4. The Lord of the Rings Online - had to go from P2P to F2P or die 5. Rift - had to go from P2P to F2P or die 6. Elder Scrolls Online - had to go from P2P to B2P or die 7. Lineage 2 - had to go from P2P to F2P or die Do i need to continue?
  4. Name any game which survived at least several years in this model and didn't change up till now, because i can name tons of games who started as P2P games and only survived by dropping this model to where it belongs - to the garbage bin.
  5. Yeah, i am not a fan of GW2 approach of everyone being everything and doing everything. I am more in the camp of stricter class fantasy and allowing certain classes to fuse/transforms into others through disciplines, items, etc. For example: DPS class could morph into healer, tank or specialist. Good example is druid being hybrid between dps and heal, thus it could ho either the path of healer or path of dps; Tank class could morph into dps or specialist; Healer could morph into dps or specialist; Specialist could morph into dps, tank or healer. The only bad idea would be to let tanks to morph into healer or healers morph into tanks, because that would only create unkillable classes.
  6. Does this game will have holy trinity of rpg games? You know: tank, healer and dps. It seems so. While it is very early to define how each of these will work (well, healer and dps is pretty simple to implement in pvp focused game, but tank will be much harder to define), most of these are being developed. But is that enough? I want to point out to Lineage 2. During major pvp events (castle sieges) all classes are separated into 5 types: DPS - to damage guardians of the castle and enemy players; Tank - to tank castle guardians and isolate enemy players; Healer - heal players; Demolisher - dealing massive damage to enemy structures; Support - buff allied players and debuff enemies. And Crownfall will be mostly like castle sieges were in Lineage 2. So, why can't we have something of similar caliber? You know, expanding holy trinity. So, at least for now holy trinity could be expanded into these: Dps - obvious stuff; Healer - obvious stuff; Tank - we will see how it will play out; Specialist - buffs, debuffs and strategic values like changing battle field, destroying buildings, CC, etc. This would play as something who support friendly players by many various means and weakens enemy players by also many various means.
  7. Short answer: no, this is unique game and any suggestion to change it to feel like any other (crappy) game is a sin and selfish. Now, i get that there is many different things in other game you might like: from the pace of game to actual mechanics. But, those should be implemented naturally in the context of Crowfall and how it progress. And if you played many other games, then you might have seen many different things and mechanics you likes in those games. There might be lots of things from other game who could fit into Crowfall if those stuff get implemented naturally, with care and in context of this game. For example: Guild Wars 2 - questing. Not questing in literal sense, but world events where anyone can participate and everyone who participate get some sort of reward, and there are many ways to complete one specific quest. Wold of Warcraft - crafting benefits (from WOTLK). Having certain benefits in battle from leveling up certain profession, but limiting them only to those certain professions: from several better gems in jewelcrafting to active special effects in engineering. Lineage 2 - weapon augmentation (from C6). Allowing to augment a weapon to gain passive stats or special abilities from other classes, and this require rare special items who have to be farmed in the game world. Rift - rifts. Random world events where players can to participate (and in Crowfall they could compete either to close or keep it open) for bonus rewards/experience. The Secret World - expanded quests. Quest where you need to work with other players, gather information either from game or from the real world, figure out puzzles and delve into lore of many different stories to complete the most difficult quests. Black Desert Online - gathering routes. Having followers who you can sent to gather for you at certain areas (and in Crowfall these followers could be killed by other players to steal gathered materials or protected by players) if you have enough influence. Archeage - naval combat. Fighting in ships with ships. Meh? Ok. AION - combo skills. Certain skills who can be activated under certain conditions or after use of a specific skills. Path of Exile - talent tree. Ability to build your own class to fit your own play style. Essentially creating whatever you want to do whatever you want. League of Legends - balance patches. Constantly readdressing balance of the game trying to managed/nerf the most overpowered characters. While most of these COULD be added along the way, it doesn't mean they SHOULD be added.
  8. Oh, i am so happy to hear that, that fact that they aren't gonna change what they promised and offer NO ADVANTAGES which might affect the balance of players, just like they promised in their kick-starters. P.S. i did not ask for you imaginary life story, ain't anybody cares about you. Keep you (imaginary) life detail to yourself.
  9. Well, that's how discussions work: you present a viewpoint, you present arguments for that viewpoint, then your opposition does the same thing. People observing the discussion determine which viewpoint they want to stick with. Or does nobody in your school taught you how public discussions work? I hope you are old enough to attend school.
  10. Something similar was already discussed, but it was more in a line of players creating scripted battles like raid bosses and so on where other players could try to complete the challenge you have created for them or prevent other players from completing it.
  11. Overwatch? That poorly made socksty boring game for pre-teen kids and brain-dead old perverts who are trying to seduce said kids? Game where any kind of skills, strategy, thoughts and being good at what you do is not required as long as you pick OP nonsense characters? Game who managed to be even worse than the worst online game ever called counter-strike? No thanks. Anything but that.
  12. Yes. If a model no longer sustainable for any game (except two), that should indicate that the model is dead. When was the last time you played one of them, saw any of them featured anywhere or getting any of them praised by anyone except for ESO? I have met and chatted with people who thought that AION and Wildstar actually closed down instead of going F2P. ESO is the only exception and that is because of great improvement it got after going B2P. Everyone who have splayed this game said the same thing: dropping P2P model was the greatest improvement of that game. And during P2P it had only several thousands of active players. Is this your argument for P2P game? Because dropping outdated horrific model and seeing a game improve tenfold is clearly an argument AGAINST P2P.
  13. And isn't that tied with whole concept of Hunger currently?
  14. Wildstar? Elder Scroll Online? Tera? AION? Any game which started with subscription model (except two exceptions of FF and WOW) had to go F2P to survive, because subscription model=death.
  15. When this project started the developers promised that the only cash-shop items will be cosmetic and will not offer any advantages. Did it changed since then? It appear so. Would care to admit that not getting what you were promised to get might be an issue?
  16. As campaign progress, the mobs should get stronger, become more dangerous and even a threat in all-out pvp matches. The known one: Hunger - some shadowy (maybe tied with ice powers or lose of warmth/emotions/care) infestation. But what about more? As far as i know every campaign will turn from bad to worse because campaign world is dying and being infested by dark force turning it more and more hostile until it ends in some cataclysmic event. So, here is my suggestion for more types of evolution (and some lore-crafting) and expansion of the current one. The Hunger (ice+undeath) - as the world comes close to death, the undeath starts infesting and twisting the world. Balance of life and death shifts to the side of death thus living creatures (not blessed by crows) starts turning into undeads. Infected beings lose warmth (literally and figuratively) and sings of life, but hunger for them. They turn to cannibalism and starts hunting for any living flesh to survive and get back some of the warmth they lost. However, nothing will satiate the hunger for life and the more they eat the more warmth they lose. Bigger and stronger undead monstrosities appear and spread breathing out the cold air of the grave and hunting for any signs of life in the dying world. [Opposite of Converge and Rage] The Rage (fire+shadow) - as world lose life and warmth the inhabitants of the world turns to all means to remain the world alive. Living creatures (not blessed by crows) turn to worshiping and spreading hellish flames to breath new life into the world and halt the dying of the world, but as this fire spreads so the shadow of madness clouding the minds of creatures and twisting them with fear and rage. To beings twisted by the shadow everyone is either with them or against them, and as the rage grows in them so the desperate hunger for power and dominance. Delving into dark magic, hellish fire and similar forbidden powers to save themselves and kill anyone who they deem to be a threat. [Opposite of Hunger and Terror] The Convergence (nature+transformation) - as the world is dying the living creatures turn to artificial life to support their dying world. Creating bizarre plants to shine with the light and life onto everyone nearby, but also slowly twisting living beings (not blessed by crows) with madness and transforming them slowly into some sort of plant-animal hybrids. Beings slowly transformed by these new artificial plants slowly joins a hive mind which demands more and more followers thus causing infected beings hunt for anyone who aren't infected. As infected beings and artificial plants spread they siphon more and more life from the world creating even more and more mutated monstrosities to spread infestation to turn the whole world into one single hive and one single living creature. [Opposite of Hunger, Rage and Terror] The Terror (iron+madness) - to beings living in a dying world the only solution to survive came in an idea. Idea that mortals could become immortal and survive the death of the world turning into being similar to stoneborn. Fear of dying push living beings (not blessed by crows) further further to this idea and some eventually start performing bizarre rituals turning living beings into metal creatures (metaltouched) who aren't living or dead. but instead somewhere in between similar to stoneborns. However, beings turned into this type of beings drive them insane. Mad with power, mad with fear, mad in general, these new being are unpredictable, hostile and powerful, and have no moral compass so turning unwilling living creatures into metal creatures against their will looks perfectly acceptable to metaltouched. Creating machines of wars, crafting gates into other worlds to attack them and ravaging anyone not of their kind is perfectly acceptable to them. As times goes by and the world comes close to death the metaltouched creates even more powerful and dangerous machines of war (is steam-punk machines allowed here?). [Opposite of Rage and Convergence] Now, you may ask what does the opposite of X might mean in description of everyone of these four. That should give one of these options: Two opposing evolutions can exists in one world creating power dynamic between players and environment meaning that if players holds greater opposition against X, then Y will grow faster and eventually takes over X. Example: Hunger and Rage infects the world. Players mainly do activities, fighting, gathering, etc in areas affected by hunger. Mobs get farmed and often completely wiped out from certain areas. That would weaken Hunger in the campaign and cause Rage to grow in power causing it to infect larger portion of the campaign, spawn more and stronger enemies, dictate the course of campaign, etc. Two opposing evolutions can't exists in one world. That would mean that if X does not oppose Y, then they both can exists at the same time, creating more combinations and gameplay variations. Example: Rage and Convergence existing in the same campaign could create new type of enemies, create new terrains and provide new type of material to farm from enemies. Also, it could mean that the campaign will deteriorate faster (turn more hostile), but remain active for longer period of time, or the opposite of that.
  17. Well, why do you assume so many things? 1. Why do you assume that only very little amount of people will play? Loads of people donated and bought the game already, lots of massive youtube channels and gaming "news" sites are building hype about this game. This game attracting quite a lot of attention and it will attract even more as time goes on. So, why do you assume that only very little amount of players will play this? 2. Why do you assume that only way for game to survive is to offer game changing cash shop stuff and unfair advantages through monthly subscription? There are many games who survive without that and many games who died because of the same mindset you present. 3. Why do you assume that selling only cosmetics is not a viable business plan? Should i again point at Path of Exile? Or do you think they started with millions of players who paid monthly? 4. Why do you assume that cash shop and VIP will be "very very minor percentage of the total power"? Are you responsible for the game release and already know at what kind of state it will be released?
  18. From purely Role-playing perspective (and maybe even actual usefulness), how much lore could you craft into your EK? Here is few example what could have been done: Books - allow players to write in-game books and other players to read them; Gravestones - allow players to set gravestones and inscribe a message into them; NPC - quest giving? Monologue? Dialogue with options? Specific actions? Etc; Corpses - named/unnamed corpses to inspect and even giving inspecting players specific items like notes, journals, books written by a player for other players to read; Specific items - specific items (armor, weapons, etc) with special description (crafted by players) written by a player for other players to read; Events - scripted events happened at certain times or at certain conditions made by a player for other players to take part int (for example: wave of zombies flooding certain part of your EK attacking players); Doors/locks - created by a player for other players to find and unlock; Puzzles - created by a player for other players to solve and gain specific items and/or information; Monster tribes - tribes a players can place and other players can befriend or attack; Bosses - boss monsters placed by a player for other players to defeat as a party;
  19. 52) Frigid mist - create a mist in area for X sec. Enemies in the mist can't see outside of the mists and are slowed by X%. Enemies outside of the mists can't see inside the mist. 53) Pillar of ice - manifest a pillar ice for X sec. Enemies can destroy this pillar. Enemies who stay close near the pillar are slowed by X%. 54) Chains of ice - shoot chains in every direction. Any enemy hit by one of this chain get bind for X sec. Bound enemies get cooldown of their abilities increased by X%. 55) Frozen field - freeze a ground beneath your feet for X sec. Enemies who enter this field can't stop moving and will move at the same direction they were moving when they entered this field. 56) Crystal claymore - manifest a claymore of ice in your hands for X minutes. While you are holding this icy weapon your can reactive this ability to swing your claymore dealing X damage to all enemies in a cone. 57) Heat sink - release special icy crystal forward. First enemy hit becomes marked for X sec. All your skill-shot abilities will automatically target (but no home on them) marked enemy. 58) Icy carapace - buff nearby allies with ice for X sec. Buffed allies suffer X% less damage. Each attack against affected allies decrease effectiveness of this buff by X% per attack. 59) Ice bomb - create an orb of ice in targeted area for X sec. When this orb expires, it will implode, dealing damage to nearby enemies can knock them inside the center of the implosion. 60) Song of ice - buff nearby allies for X sec. Increase movement of buffed allies by X% while they move in a straight line. 61) Field of thorns - create a field of thorns beneath your feet. Enemies who walk inside of this field suffer damage. Stationary enemies suffer no damage. 62) Spirited Guardian Tree - cause a tree to grow inside a targeted area. After X sec a tree fully grows and remains in there for X minutes. This tree will attack any nearby enemies who come close. Enemies can destroy this tree. 63) Coat of thorns - buff a single ally in front of you with thorns for X sec. Enemies who strike buffer ally will suffer damage. 64) Root lash - release powerful roots in front of you. If this ability hits an object, then you will pull yourself to that object. This ability will push back all enemies hit. 65) Binding of life - bind nearby allies for X sec. Bound allies share X% of damage they take between themselves. 66) Ashen fall - jump into targeted area and deal damage to all nearby enemies. You can use this ability while you are already falling and you will suffer no damage. 67) Clone form ash - spawn a clone of ash at targeted area. This clone does not move or attack and lasts for X sec. Reactivating this ability will cause you to switch places with your clone. Enemies can attack this clone and destroy it. 68) Banishment into the ashen world - release shadowy energy in front you and first enemy hit will be sent into different dimension for X sec. While in this dimension they can't interact with anything outside of this dimension. 69) Bolder of lava - cause a bolder to roll forward for up to X units. Enemies hit by this bolder suffer damage and get knocked back. When this bolder collides with a structure it will explode dealing heavy damage to the structure.
  20. Since when +40 € is little/nothing? That's how much games costs. Also, what kind of ignorant person would advocate for death of a game they are looking forward to play? Well, that person is you, but why?
  21. What kind of nonsense reasoning is that? Same thing happened in ARCHEAGE: bunch of people payed for subscription, got unfair advatage all together and dominated every other guild. You must be as smart as socialist to not get the concept that people who pays for better stuff can band together and demolish all other players you aren't paying and/or aren't paying as much. Also, if we go by entitlement mentality, then it can't go further than this "I have money so i deserve better stuff than others". It is disgusting. This is already B2P game, so every players should have equal chance regardless how much they pay. This is one of three most important rules to any MMO out there. I don't want to be a herald for bad news, but if ACE sticks to P2W stuff in cash shop and through VIP, then it will not survive a year, just like every other game which went this route. I don't to see this game die on release, but if there will by any P2W elements in here, then i and many more people will not spend out time in here. After all, why spend time on a game which would be doomed to die instantly? P2W, subscription model, etc - these are death sentence to any game nowadays. Are so many people are actually that blinded with privilege of huge wealth to not care about great game dying because of faulty money transfer models? Why so many of you are so eager to compete with you wallets instead of your skills? Because P2W is useful only to unskilled kids who can't compete on equal grounds with others, so they spend their parents money to get ahead.
  22. 36) Wailing Ghost - release a slow moving ghostly energy slowly homing on most nearby enemy present. If it hits an enemy, then it will target a new enemy and home on him/her. If this energy doesn't hit any enemy in X sec, then it will disappear. 37) Undead Scout - slowly dig yourself underground. While underground you can't be damaged or healed. You can remain underground for X minutes. Competent enemy miner can dig you out. Can't be used in combat. 38) Beastly Scout - slowly climb into a tree. While on a tree you can't be damaged or healed. You can remain in the tree for X minutes. Cutting down that tree will cancel this ability. Can't be used in combat. 39) Black Bone Barrier - create a barrier of bones in front of you for X sec. Enemies and hostile projectiles can't move through this barrier. 40) Manifest Bone Dragon - manifest dragon's head behind you causing it to breath out dark flames in front of you dealing damage to enemies. Enemies directly facing the dragon will also lost control of themselves for X sec (they will tremble in fear). 41) Bone Spear - impale fist enemy in front of you with bone spear dealing X damage and push her/him back a short distance. Damaged enemy will also be slowed by X% for X sec. If this ability push an enemy into a structure, then this ability will deal X% more damage. 42) Unholy Cross - cause a ghostly cross to fall in targeted area and deal X damage to enemies in that area. Enemies in center of this area will also be stunned for X sec. Cross will remain in this area for X sec healing you for X% of damage deal to nearby enemies from all sources. 43) Bone Ward - create a ward in front of you. It will lasts for X sec. If it gets damaged, then it will break and cause all nearby enemies to run away from you in fear for X sec. 44) Gate to the Underworld - create a barrier in front of you for X sec. Enemies who move through this barrier will be slowed by X% for X sec. Allies who move through this barrier will get all slowing effects removed from them. 45) Anger of the Departing - manifest a soul which will follow you for X sec. This soul can't be damaged. When a nearby ally gets damaged, this soul gets enraged and start attacking nearby enemies around yourself for X sec. When a nearby ally dies, then duration of this ability will be refreshed. 46) Keeper of the Souls - killing an enemy will cause you to consume part of their soul. Stacks up to X. When you are about to be killed, release all stored souls healing you for X heal per soul stored. 47) Hell's Music - play a terrifying tune dealing damage to all enemies around yourself while channeling for up to X sec. Enemies being damaged by this ability get their vision blurred. 48) Legion of Undeath - raise several undead minions to follow you and attack nearby enemies for X minutes. If one of these minions kills non-player enemy, then additional minion will be raised as undead minion for X minutes. You can have up to X maximum minions. 49) Hunt for Flesh - gain X% bonus movement speed for X sec while no enemies are nearby. If you come close to an enemy, then this movement boost will morph into X% damage dealing boost. If used when an enemy is nearby, then it will automatically grant X% damage dealing boost. 50) Living Necropolis - become a beacon of necromancy for X sec. When nearby allies get damaged, then you will be healed for X health. When you get damaged, you will heal nearby allies for X health. 51) Rage from the Beyond - buff nearby allies for X sec. When one of these allies get damaged by single-target hitting ability, then the portion of damage they suffer will empower you causing your next single-target hitting ability to deal all stored damage as bonus damage. Bonus damage can stack up to X.
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