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ACE Investor & Tester
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    Shadowbane, Darkfall, and Crowfall...growing interest in Camelot Unchained
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    Hobbit Herpes
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  1. I like independent analysis of data! I see the best overall being (based on spreadsheet): Pit Fighter, Inquisitor, and Titan Very fun! The CreepLord hath Spreadsheetedeth PS: Should have included Frontline, Ranged DPS, and Melee DPS for those three.
  2. Full wipe or no wipe - terrible advice to give someone currently being potty trained but definitely good advice if we are talking Crowfall LIVE server. Of those two options I would still vote for no wipe and wait for the 5.110 wipe. The CreepLord hath Providedeth an Opinioneth
  3. Not sure if this is real specific to the latest build as I've not been playing a lot until this one but... I've noticed that there seems to be a lag when switching between user interface and no user interface. For example, I'll be running around, see a chest, run over, open it, loot the contents, and then when I hit ESC or start running again there will be a momentary lag and then game play resumes as normal. Anyone experiencing this effect?
  4. I need an NA crafter to give a brother some TP so I can WIPE my...ORDER.
  5. "Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes."
  6. Yeah that sounds like a bunch of buttt stuffed into your hallway!
  7. Let's get on the ACE! I won't make the mistake of saying this would be easy to implement. It is probably really hard. That said, it would be used by a ton of people (yes, even with the existence of Discord) and would be a very welcomed quality of life improvement.
  8. Sun Tzu said the use of spies is essential to war.
  9. I'm bumping because I'm still asking for chatting while running. I want to be able to autorun from some PVP posers while opening the GUI and telling a prospective buyer that I'm on my way.
  10. Nice. Cool vids also. I'm dying to know how track is going to work. Will it be like in Shadowbane? Will it be similar? Will it be totally different? Will it just be the map making skill they talked about previously. It has huge implicating to balancing stealth and reveal.
  11. I definitely think we need to be able to type/reply in chat while auto running. I'd be fine with the ability to open the map and inventory and stuff while running also. We all run a lot in MMOs. It's nice to be able to do some inventory management and other things while running out somewhere.
  12. I thought I smelled something.... https://twitter.com/BigjerkL/status/1078210778904358912
  13. So in MMORPGs there is a lot of running. We all know this fact. But it does deserve extra mentions....a lot of running. Painfully excessive amounts of running. Like the amount of running that when you die and you start calculating stuff like how much time you spent with family, friends, worship, and sleep you also realize that you spent a ton of time in MMORPGs running. Yep - that much. Sooooooo.....we are all going to create a macro to autorun if the devs don't make it native and if we do then we can't talk/chat/type while running. That sucks. I like to chat. More specific
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